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Wilford Brimley Claus

by Damn Show • 23,231 views

That's the way to bring in the holidays
ms claus pussy looks like a burnt up 300 year old fruitcake and it smells like a candycane that i shoved up my ass lol
You people want diabeetus for Christmas?
your a retard and your drunk lol xD
Haaaaahahaha. Well, the last line pretty much encompasses the Damn Show. I wasn't ready for that one.
ever suck an elfs dick? that shits funny
4 people are 300-year-old fruitcakes
little fuckin faggots leavin me carrots lol
hahahahahahahahahahah this shit is funny as fuck i about pissed my self watching these videos
Awesome, a new one. Not enough! Give us more Wilford Brimley!
I knew he was black under that fur LOL
ROFL I love how there's a diabeetis testing supplies ad on the side of the page.
really you were offended by a word irving4000 guess what its a comedy skit its supposed to be funny and if you want to watch something politically correct go watch the view
i wouldnt touch that with Rodolph's dick. lol
do i look like the type of fucker that likes to eat carrots
"thats how i knew he was black under that fur" LMAO
You sound just like that fat ass bastard!! haha
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