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Sonic For Hire - Pokemon

by Machinima • 1,090,364 views Click here to watch Sonic For Hire - Final Fantasy Sonic For Hire - Pokemon Sonic and Thunderhead delve into the dark world of...

I'm not sure if anyone notices this, but Sonic's shields correspond with the EEVEEolutions of the first, "Kanto" generation. Eevee: The classic shield of Sonic 1 and 2 Vaporeon: The bubble shield Jolteon: The magnet shield or as I would like to call it Flareon: the fireball shield Just a nostalgic thought that stayed with me since, like maybe, the mid 90's.
You sir are a genius for that observation.
And THIS is why DuckHunt Dog is in smash 4 XD
That's what I said on the last time duck hunt came, cause it was on Sonic
Duck Hunt Dog confirmed for SSB4
Thumbs up for Bat-Shit Crazy Guacamole Nightmare XD
Got to. Catch them. All👅
"Bad-Shit Crazy Guacamole Nightmare" Hilarious! XD
Lizmarie Pimentel Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this playlist on YouTube:
Google + fuck it's ads
That ending is messed up and I've seen some fucked up shit...
(Ok act cool you'll be fine) squeals f$&@
It took you 4 seasons to use this -.-
Sonic: 0.0 badasses told you about this?! Thunderhead: Did I say badasses? I meant pedophiles. Prison does things to a man. That part made me laugh so much, it hurts.
Prison does things to a man? So that's what he said!
Yep. You are welcome, friend!
Ummmm...that endin man that was disturbing
This series is funny
Fuck doggy style. Go for Gangnam Style!
EpicGaming AED Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
This Video Is For Alex, Hope You Enjoy!
Anoningndog kill him with a pokemon
who the heck is that do
That at the end was porno?
He saw lionhearted two times!
i am about to do you dogy style XD 
HE STANDS KNEE DEEP In the blood of his bastard son
Jesus Alfaro Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
It was doggy stile 
Guys...what the fuck IS wrong with sonic's face???
"Seniqua? We've been calling her batshit crazy guacamole nightmare" lol what the fuck?
Technically its a matter of perspective i personally belive there are no "bad words"
You know that everyone was waiting for this.
Bat Shit Crazy Quacomole Nightmare
I'm about to do you Doggy style!
@WildWhiteFang Nope it's bat sht. It's a well known phrase "bat shit crazy"
x-x-x-x-x==0 x+x+x+x+x +x+x+x+x Guess who brought a tank to a gunfight.
He actually called her Bat shit crazy guacamole nightmare.
Ima about to do you doggy style!!! XD hahahah lol lmao
︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 come at me people
Soniqua, we been calling her Bat-Shit-Crazy-Guamole-Nightmare LMAO
I didn't say it...I wrote it. you can't talk in a youtube comment (I also find it funny when I reply to comments in the stupidest way possible)
XDD this ep is funny. though now whenever i play my pokemon game and go to the route where the song plays. XD I can't take it serious now. lol "did i say badasses? i mean peadofiles."
Why do you hate pokemon that was awesome
XDD I cannot take route 201 seriously anymore! XD i just lost it,. :44
walks in the room GIMME CASH OR ILL SHOOT ︻┳═一 sorry for copying and pasting pr0aura039
holy shit it's cole macgraph my favorite superhero/conduit fuck yeah infamous for the win
i wil help you i am mattias nilsson ︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一 so many guns i have ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一︻┳═一︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一
1:48 so thats what they do to dead beats...
That's so stupid, private school teacher right?
Mother Brain is the mum. Seriously, have you not watched the first 2 series?
I trade your lvl100 shiniua for a lvl 1 shiny mew :3 XD
@Yo Joe AND @The101TailsFan... i clicked on "show comment", and now there is a 2nd top comment, so i am afraid i'm going to have to ask you to stop, that top-comment duplication is making people nervous
Lol Underground fighting tournament HA!
you should of have brought more gun ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一 ︻┳═一
You jealous? You had to break my perfect streak of Likes, haters gonna hate.
so is he doing him with the wine still in there
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