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Tracy Morgan's HBO 24/7 NHL Awards skit

by gwyshynski • 154,189 views

From the 2012 NHL Awards

Yeah come to the flyers bro we need ya
Which one of you fuckers used my loofah?!?! Hahahaha gets me every time
That's Yoda's cousin. Yodell.
I have those same Sherwood shoulder pads
Lol gaborik you owe me money
Yodell....He's like the Yoda of hockey.
i can't even imagine the shit Tortorella would've done to him if he ever spoke to him like that
hahaha couldnt agree with u more and im a ranger fan lol
Dont see a locker in a dressing room
honestly how would being a fan of a different team make a difference if this is funny or not?
I wonder what the conversion rate for horrible shit like this is. I mean, how many people actually respond to a random and completely insincere line dropped in the comments section of a totally unrelated video? The subject matter, "a dating site for plus-sized singles, admirers, and friends" is probably as niche as you can get, the lack of punctuation is a glaring red flag, and who the hell is even going to see this shit before it's marked as spam?
Glad it cut off before i had to hear Pierre
stupid. never found morgan to be funny, he just acts like a idiot and that is supposed to be funny? pathetic
imma giv this to my cousin russel
"Please welcome Pierre Mcguire" ... CUT.
1:46 I thought her tits were out
i was surprised to see Torts getting a good laugh out of it! Miss you Rangers!!! <3
Tracy Fucking Powers? la flama negro
weird I was thinkin the same thing then i scrolled down hahaha
Is this were bryzgalov got his mask idea, yoda?
Yup.. It had to be about NY Rangers
I love how they made a joke out of Avery but the real joke is the Franchise.
Get breezy on the phone I'm going to Philadelphia
i dont get this humor. he acts like a total idiot and uses the same vocal tonality all the time. whats funny about a character that has no range?
LOL Not a bad skit. The 24/7 series could make anyone a fan of the sports they show.
has anyone seen my invisible pants
"Get me Breezy, I'm going to Philadpelphia!"
Tracy: coach! i`m on the phone with my wife! Tortorella: why now? why f-ing now?!
solar system is so humongos big lol
LOL, the bucket doesn't even fit on his fat head.
"...and we watch the solar system"
What does everybody have against him? I like mackenzie dreger and duthie better but i dont see why people hat on mcguire
this shit aint even funny... couldnt get through it..
why is it that on every hockey video, everyone feel the need to state what team they are a fan of? not one person gives a fuck.
Gaborik really does owe me money. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY PADS?
Doesn't anybody notice that they are really making fun of Sean Avery? So coincidental!
Who was Torts talking about at 3:48?
tracy morgan i remembered when he debuted in the NHL. he was a good player. he even played with a sprained wrist and scored 25 points. too bad he was fired in the middle of a championship game.after the coach fired him the team didnt do so well after that. they lost. but tracy morgan would soon come back to fight the ref who made the bad call. and the coach skated out of there. btw this isnt true 1 bit
"btw this isnt true 1 bit" .... you don't say!
Thank god the video stopped once Pierre was called out.
Now I know why Bryzgalov has yoda on his mask.
Gaborik you OWE me money so im takin this. Del Zotto you oww me cash.
Glad it cut off before i had to hear Pierre
morgan is mad funny but bryzgalov is funnier. hes a guy id have a few beers with
omg i love this! xD haha go rangers :)
Im taking this, Gaborik, you owe me money anyways...
its funny how he was saying yoda and bryz has yoda on his new mask
I heard the star wars stuff was because the first movie came out either the year or the year after the Flyers joined the NHL.
thank god the video ended before we had to listen to Pierre Mcguire
coming from a flyers fan... I thought this was hilarious
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