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Crackers are all thieves !!!!!
Don't you think this went a little far? She was completely freaked and was being made fun of. I get that she was shoplifting, but still...
She got the goods!   
Fucking crackers !!!!!!
Very pleased she was upset, she fully deserved it No sympathy at all
that guy commenting on it is funny
Stupid Cracker Bitch !!!!
I can't decide what is more annoying. The screaming girl or the idiot recording.
sad and funny video at the same time poor girl.... she is obviously terrified "she got the goods" LOL
The guy recording is hilarious 😂
What a fucking cry baby
if I were this girl mama would be the last person I wanna see, she'd beat my ass good with a paddle if I were in that girl's shoes!
I loved how that guy was harassing her. She deserved it :) "I want my mom" "No. You're going to jail" "AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" She used every "trick" in the book except "I have to go to the bathroom" Hahahah
Nah you Goin to jail lmfao
Love the guy taking the video lol
She got DA goods! She got em'! Lol
Stupid bitch why did you steal it then!!? Think bitch THINK!!
I wished he would have broken her arm!
If I was the cop arresting her, I would bang the shit out of her and make her pregnant and take her to jail to teacher a lesson >:)
I can tell you've never had girlfriend..
The rent a cop does not have the authority to tell you to get down on the ground. He needs to learn his place and job duties. As for her, bitch gets what she deserves!
was this girl a juvenile or an adult? If she was a juvenile and had committed a misdemeanor crime wouldn't she have been released to her parents and be given a trial date?
See what happens when The tables turn? It's not a pretty sight now is it?
the thing about shoplifing is that you gotta make sure the coast is clear of cameras,employees etc and dont make that stupid guilty face just quickly slip it in your bag or coat next time be more careful
Just because you don't see cameras doesn't mean there isn't a camera watching. 
poor girl. wrong decision .
Dude can you make a soundboard? I would love to make prank calls using this. 
I understand she stole and there are consequences, but that is no way to treat someone honestly. They could have just told her to calm down,without yelling.
hahahahhhaaaa WTF is wrong with this dumb bitch.
lol i wouldve died LOL
another bitch's day fucked up :D
Don't worry guys, She pretty much deserved a lot of jail time alright! >:)
she's so dumb she should've thought about what she was doing before crying like a little bitch
HAHAHAHA! The guy talking holding the phone HAHAHAHA!! Hes hilarious 
What a bunch of idiots.
lol the black guy just eats this shit up
Why is this ape so exited
So do you but no one's insulting you for it.
What proof do you have?
my ass would be beat by my mama if I were in her shoes!
I got caught too but the last thing I wanted was for them to call my Mom. I was begging them to not call the police or my Mom but their store protocol was to call the police, who got there in 5 minutes flat. Handcuffed all the way outta that mall on a Saturday and they called my Mom, the Ministry of Education (who then informed my school) and I've got 6 months of counselling. Fuck this shit.
What a dumb evil piece of sh** (then again all criminals are). She put herself in this position
0:12 - the guy put it in the wrong hole !
The more you get, the more you want. For some (but not all) enough is NEVER enough.
Did she ever get to call her mom?
"She got da goods nigga" their go da goods man"
WHat is wrong with the police ? He sets on the top of a woman to handicap her ? Do you really need all of this force just to arrest a women ? Why they always have to ask someone to lay on ground before they handicap, specially when it is a weak woman which committed a minor crime ANd for people who say this is ok., Just imagine this was your mother or wife, do you want a pliceman to sit on them ?
I don't know that I'd be screeching my head off
This video would suck without the black commentary.
seen some crazy things in my life
you look like the kind of fucker who bitches about everything
im sry but what would she have stolen that would have made him screem at her GET ON THE GROUND! i mean just keep her there and tell her to calm down
Ask for stuff at the store and if ur mom it dad says No then deal with it • Don't steal.
0:29 Gurl, you caught! You goin' to jail!
The dude recording this was an ass lol but fkin hilarious
nah she s white. That commenting nigga gonna go to jail.
Bad girl bad girl whatcha gonna do when they come for
And you've just shown everyone here you're an evil brainless bigot
Who's the shoplifter, the girl or the mom?
your mom isn't gonna save your ass, bitch.
Makes me wonder how she was raised and brought up?
The poor girl was clearly in distress. They should have been more sympathetic.
The girl went home and committed suicide.
Distress? Should have thought about that before she started to steal.
girl: I'll have sex with you if you let me go. me: Aww hell na
She acts like a skateboarder when they are caught breaking the law
Its only white criminals and thieves people defend
The kind of society with the (relatively, sociologically speaking) greatest level of child poverty in the developed world: America.
LOL If I was there I would be laughing my a** off!
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