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Is Kate Upton Fat?!?

by SourceFed • 438,720 views

A site called skinny gossip is getting scrutiny for calling kate upton fat, mind you the sight is called skinny gossip but it begs the question what is fat and why do people get to scrutinize women...

Notice it's only girls calling Kate Upton fat and not guys?
These less prettier bitches are haters
In reality Kate upton could get any guy she wants... And she out shines the other models who are anorexic and jealous that she is being praised when they starve near passing out... I mean what you expect? Even girls that watch her on tv are jealous!
Even gay guys have admitted Kate is hot as hell.... Only jealous anorexic obsessed bitches are calling her fat... Don't be mad that your not pretty or curvy like her.
All you girls that make fun of her are jealous as hell cause she is a bombshell and your a bunch of haters... Marilyn Monroe had a lot of female haters too
did what the fuck she's one of the hottest people I've ever seen. and, personally, I'm into skinny girls. she's not even slightly over weight. I'm confused ...
I'm sorry I would drag my balls through broken glass to touch her.
The person who posted this had daddy issues 600 pounds overweight always online and is a gay fish stfu faggot Kate uptons hot as fuck
We all know that Kate Upton is not fat. But what has she said or done to classify herself as stupid?
Nothing people are bunch of haters! They see she has what they don't and they are jealous
Yes Kate has gained some wait over 2 years,but that is no reason to call her fat when u are probably bigger than what she is, Kate's weight is perfect for her height so everyone who thinks she is fat back off. She is the sexiest women in the world, I mean it
Her body is fashionable. Not healthy, not toned and it's weak and flabby. She looks like the typical diseased human being which is being portrayed in the media as sexy. Whether you are fat or skinny, unhealthy is unhealthy. Humans are supposed to have a certain level of muscle "tonation" and trying to put women on a pedestal because they are especially skinny is doing more harm to society than worrying too much about their feelings.
Kate Upton is the most delicious looking piece of lady-meat ever.
Yes Kate Upton is what all women strive to look like. PLEASE GOD PLEASE!
yes she is fat and built like a refrigerator. 
Don't be mad cause ur not her
I'm thin and curvy, I'm called gorgeous and told I should model and I look exotic. I'm not jelous of a chunky average looking girl with no curves and huge saggy breasts that will sag to her belly in five years.
Why is the host dressed like a FedEx delivery truck? (Orange, Purple, White combo looks bizarre) She is a baby cow!
Kate Upton is skinny for an average person but fat for a model.
Well I think it's just wrong. I've been teased for being fat my whole o or life. And last year I almost died because of it. Yes I tried to kill myself. People shouldn't try to put you down to make them feel better. What I find works is make a letter to that person who's bullying you. ONLY SAY NICE THINGS because it will make  them feel better about themselves and then maybe they'll stop teasing you. Really helps. Try it if you're one of the kids whose being bullied. Btw I will be starting a channel soon on this topic so plz look it up. 
Beautiful women come in many shapes and sizes, and imo, Upton sure is a beautiful shape.
There is no way Kate Upton is fat.The anonymous person is clearly mentally unstable.
Wtf Kate Upton sexy as fuck , id tap that any day ! lmfao They just jealous Kate always my WCW shes just that special . 
Fuck off nigga She is a mother fucking hot bitch
I don't care she's hot
if kate upton is a cow that around 30% of all women in the U.S of A are freaking blue whales 
Um she is clearly gorgeous. and whoever made the mean blog post is just a jealous and ugly person
This is a Awesome presentation full of reality and Great Commentary... Absolutely Love and Agree...
Dumbasses who don't know what sexy looks like. Having standards is one thing, but calling someone with a near perfect/healthy figure "Fat" is what I would call a warped perspective. One that I kind of thought we had grown out of. Anorexia =/= attractive
is it just me or did lee lose weight?
She has a weird body, but she's definitely still hot. Somehow it works.
Fuck you. Her body is perfect. Yours is weird.
Maybe those people who say bad things about her are just jellin.  If she is a cow, she must some kind of crazy thoroughbred cow.  A damn fine woman, and not afraid to eat.  Skinny as a meth addict isn't a good look either.  There's a fine line, and shes inside the margins. 
Kate upton is fucking super hot ...fukin dumbasses
Oh wait she was talking about kate? I thought she was talking about herself. Long flowing blonde hair, beautiful eyes, gorgeous hips. 
THANK YOU!  kate upton is the perfect version of a HEALTHY model i like how she isn't so skinny that she looks physically ill 
What is wrong with our society today?
White blonde women being the international standard of western beauty? As a viewer of SF and a fan of Lee, I found this video to be somewhat ironic.
you had to mention the fact that you are fat before someone else could... wow, fat bitch you are genius!!!!
fat?? shes hot as hell
Lol "i thought she was dumb but calling her fat is way too far"
anyone who thinks she is fat, is idolizing toothpick with legs.... and yes ther is such a thing as TOO SKINNY!
For me this story isn't so much about Kate Upton. It is about all the girls who think, "Wow. If she is fat then I must be huge." That is unfair to all of us.
Kate is hot, hot, hot. Sweet/sexy face, buxom bod, natural boobs. If she was my gal (in my dreams) I'd be walking around with  stiffy all day.
She definitely isn't overweight I mean if she is a cow than im like what a horse?
Kates body looks fine to me .
God I think this whole preoccupation with body weight is ridiculous! As a girl that has struggled with my weight my whole life it just makes me sad to think of all these girls believing in a myth that is perpetuated by other women! I for one am 5'3 & 156lbs--sure I may be considered fat to some people but I have never felt as sexy in my whole life as I do now. Embrace yourself ladies (and guys) who gives a damn what you look like--it's how you feel. 
Looks like I'd better call up the Jelly School cause someone appears to be super jel.
Lee, in my opinion you are prettier than kate. But thats just my opinion. That being said don't go eating a gross carls jr burger like kate, I found tge commercials kinda nasty. Brains are beauty too.
I dnt care if shes fat
gorgeous perfect woman.
Well no one likes super skinny chicks just saying
Lee, in my opinion you are prettier than kate. But thats just my opinion. That being said don't go eating a gross carls jr burger like kate, I found tge commercials kinda nasty. Brains are beauty too.
She's soft and fat.  You can find a hundred college girls on any campus that blow her away.
Nope been to college and the girls are overrated
If they expect people to be like 90 not everybody's going to be so stick thin
Lee... you are one of the reasons I watch Source fed. You are hot in my book! More so then Kate Upton.
Lee - You're probably not going to see this post, but you're awesome and beautiful!
Id fuck you Lee, dont worry 
anyone eles think lee is 100 times better looking than kate? kate is sexy too....but lee is something eles
Kate Upton is hot as all hell and she is definitely hotter than most other super models. That said, however. Super Models by definition are supposed to be unattainable. Their looks, their body, sex from them. All of it is supposed to be unattainable. So, sure, the guy was being a dick. But he is right to some extent.  
okay. the fact that the blog is called skinny is bad enough. this is the sole reason why girls my age feel the need to starve and purge. they feel the need to be skinny. everyone is perf.okay? you dont need to have your ribs poking out to be deemed beautiful. real beauty is from within 
Kate is delicious :) aswell as trisha, meg and ofcourse lee!!
Every guy in the world would still fuck her
LEE IS THick and THis other girl is THick and I LOVE IT! and if you think otherwise you can fuck off WOOO!
Why is someone using anonymity to not be endlessly harassed by strangers for unpopular thoughts, cowardly?
Of course that and also because they are probably morbidly obese and completely butt fuckin ugly and they know that if people could see what they looked like that nobody would take their words seriously whatsoever. Not that people do but they'd be even more irrelevant in this case than that post already is.
+Rin Bijoux Way to stay in the weeds there.
It was just done for attention. Or the site is run by morons. It's the same toss up we go through whenever PETA makes the news.
And if you have any idea what you are talking about then you would know that health has NOTHING to do with weight. Being skinny DOES NOT mean you are healthy, and being fat does NOT Mean you are unhealthy. You can easily get a heart attack if you are super skinny if you eat McDonalds all day and have a high metabolism.
If Kate uptown is a cow...damn idk wtf I am! And did anyone else think that when lee was talking about Kate's flowing blonde hair, great hips, great thighs etc etc, it was kind of like she was describing herself? Seriously, think about it :)
websites are so silly asking this question. kates waist is about 27 inches
I bet the hater cums in his pants to Kate like stores it
Oh no. Kate got thicker. ALL men HATE thicker girls. That's just naaaaaasty.
you're a beautiful bovine and we all love you lee.
LMAO!!! Are you even aware of how this broad managed to get her modeling "career??" Google "Louis Upton" Google "Rep Fred Upton" Plain old UNDESERVED NEPOTISM! Bitch is no better than the Hilton sisters... And yeah, I guess I AM guilty of "hating" that. Sue me! Moron.
-"ALL women have the right to consider themselves pretty" That "right" still might not make them ACTUALLY pretty. -"I don't believe that any woman or man's good looks is superior to that of another's" Superior good looks is a requirement for being a pro model. And unlike you, I have NO problem with celebrating the best the human species has to offer (in terms of looks). -"Granted, fat itself might be unattractive" Tell that to ALL the women who have the right to consider themselves pretty.
If she's a "cow" than ima go get me a couple of burgers. Enough said
-"YAAY LET'S CELEBRATE MAKING A MAJORITY OF WOMEN FEEL TERRIBLE ENOUGH ABOUT THEMSELVES TO KILL THEMSELVES!!!" Given the current obesity epidemic, I'd rather think of it as encouragement for all the overweight soccer moms out there to get off their fat ass, quit lunching on Big Macs and Krispy Kremes, and go for a jog a couple times a week. ;)
if she is a cow, i am a hippopotamus
Godamnit I love you Lee newton..TELL IT!
No she ia not fat,they're just fucking haters
i would LOVE to see your camel toe. however, "occasional" it is.
You go girl. Tear into them Lee. Keep it up Kate. :)
I love bestiality. & I'll take you any day Lee Newton
This woman's voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
Kate is overweight in the modeling world- but in the rest of the world she's normal. It's actually pretty shocking to a body like that in modeling; if she wasn't so famous there's she wouldn't get away with it
-"When you truly love someone, they will be beautiful no matter what." In the real world, relationships rarely (if ever) work if the mere idea of physical intimacy with the other person makes you want to hurl. -"Why did I have a boyfriend at 12? Because he LOVED me." Then you're a goddamn idiot if you truly believe that! LMAO!!! At that age, the _ONLY_ reason a guy tells a girl that he "loves" her is to get in her pants.
-"Why are you even talking about Katy Perry? She's not a supermodel" I'm sorry. I didn't know we were only supposed to use supermodels as examples. (Fucking retard!) -"I prefer Kate Upton to Candice Swanepoel or Miranda Kerr yes" Both Swanepoel & Kerr weight over 110 lb, and both have _FAR_ better bodies (again, weight being irrelevant). -"You don't Then you like anorexic girls" GOD you're a dumbass! Seriously, you're the dumbest Upton turd I've seen so far (and that's saying a LOT!).
She's skinny fat aka she's skinny but has no muscle definition. I personally would rather be fit than skinny. Then again being skinny fat is better than being anorexic skinny. She's an example of the kind of person born with good genes so they don't feel the need to make an effort.
-"Just because I don't like green peppers, that doesn't make green peppers disgusting." Most people like a chocolate sundae. Those who hate it are an anomaly. Most people hate raw spinach. Those who love it are an anomaly. Exceptions don't make the rule.
Looks like what us Midwest guys are looking for!
-"You think you're sooooo tough and good looking, right Show me a picture, and let's see" Again, sweet cheeks, I'm not passing myself off as a pro model. _UPTON_ IS! -"So you ARE telling me that you're completely okay with people who ignore marriage vows and base relationships entirely on appearance." No, pumpkin pie, I'm telling you it's UNDERSTANDABLE to lose attraction for a person when that person takes no pride in their appearance.
oh god best speech lee <3 <3 i just wanna like it all day!!
-"Get over your superficial narcissistic self" And YOU get off your fucking idealistic, HYPOCRITICAL high horse, Ms. "fat isn't attractive". Humans are a superficial species, AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! -"The VAST majority of people also find this model that you're bashing attractive" Um, no. YOU need to peruse forums outside of YouTube. Most people are of the same opinion as me when it comes to this broad, which is:She doesn't have anywhere near the body to be a pro swimsuit model.
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