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Super Ponybeat — Discord [The Original!] by Eurobeat Brony

by Odyssey Eurobeat • 2,678,876 views

Get the song at for free (or name a price)! FUN FACTS ABOUT THIS SONG [Expand the Description to see!] : • This is the...

Hey folks, It's been 3 years and 10 days since the release of +The Living Tombstone 's remix of Discord. Almost every day since then there have been lots of comments like "Oh, Tombstone's is way better!" and "This one's not as good, it's slower..." Even if that kind of evaluation is generally based more on taste/opinion than any factual statements (though I will concede that Tomb's is generally better-polished), there's not much I can do to fight that. I get it, I really do. And there's not much I can do to fix it or change it, now. While Tomb's been one of the very best sports about it, it's been a bit of a drain to have this kind of unsupportive talk about one of my proudest works, on what's been nearly a daily basis. I really do work hard, when I do have time to work on music, to improve and make things sound more polished, more energetic, and more interesting; but there's not much I can do to grow as a musician with "Tombstone's is better" "yours is slower" "yours isn't as good". Speeding up Eurobeat? This song's already 158BPM compared to Tomb's 105BPM... I've released plenty of faster songs since then, upwards of 165BPM. (I also refuse to enter nightcore territory...!) For those of you who intend to post such a comment, please consider the good it may or mayn't do— it doesn't help Tomb, it doesn't help me, it doesn't really help anyone. Although I really need to follow my own advice and brush it off, it still kind of stings, even after this long. However, I don't mean to sound as if I don't see the praise and more insightful comments that have sprung up over the years. To those of you who have encouraged me or pointed out ways that I actually CAN grow— or, in some cases, called me out on some of the less savory responses/things I've said about this song and the remix— I thank you immensely. Regardless of what people think of this version compared to its remixes, I'm still extremely proud of Discord as a song, a big part of which is due to the general reaction people have had to it (that it made their day better, more interesting, or more fun somehow), and the fact that it's had that effect on so many people! Though I do feel I've worked hard on my own, I can't help but feel a little lucky for this much, and your input has helped me grow in the way I have so far. I have some of the very best fans in the world, I really do believe that. I may not have as many as Tombstone or BlackGryphon or Mic the Microphone or Andromulus, but what I do have in you all is quality— so many of you reach out with praise, with positivity and encouragement, even telling me about how the song has helped you in one way or another— that I'm genuinely blessed to have your support, and hope to continue to create works that please and entertain you just as much as this, if not even more so. Sorry for rambling! I needed an 'old man rant' moment there, and I think this more than says my peace on the matter. I harbor no ill will towards Tombstone— hell, we'll be performing at Japan Ponycon later this year, which is gonna be awesome! Please look forward to both of our works as we continue to grow.
I thought TLT was the original one, but i like this one more, i like this one better, it has more variety while TLT was kinda repreating, this one is more upbeat, I like this version better!
I'm not a Pegasister or a fan of the MLP series, but I literally LOVE the fanmade songs (E.g Rainbow Factory, Nightmare Night) Please kill me now. 
Don't try to fight it. Embrace the discord!
I prefer The Living Tombstone's ^ I doubt it really matters, though.
+Starbreaker Productions I didn't mean literally slow, I meant that there are long bits where "nothing really happens".
+Gregious​ true. But the speed helps it
I couldn't give a damn about ponies, but fuck this song is good.
I used to think Living Tombstone's version was bad, but now that I've seen the original, LT's seems infinitely more terrible by comparison.
It seems like NOBODY knows about this remix. Wtf. It's better, imo. Love the beat, and the synth during the chorus really kills it. (That's in a good way) Love that arp going on in the background.
+WoopDooCrafter i look for it wait tlt remix this song when i listgen to song when it bearly came out  3 years later wtf why is tlt have more veiws tht org ....... sigh
I can't be the only one who hates people who thumb up their own comments, but they do it anyways if they're proud of what they wrote?
Have I just lost my mind?
Like my comment now
I've listened to tombstones version 1 time. ive come back to listen to this countless times. I myself like some of the faster remixes and song other artists have put out but in this case i find your's is simply better as it is fast and upbeat while it still has that melancolic tone that those songs from disney sometimes have. And people seem to not even be aware of the fact that back when you made this there wasn't a lot of high quality songs for mlp. now it's a different scene but back in 2011 the entire brony community was very fresh and just getting it's feet wet. Back when this came out i downloaded the album for free as i could not afford it at the time for a sum that would actually show i value your songs. but now i can afford it so the next paycheck i get i will get the albums for at least a decent sum. Hope you keep up the great work as your songs have a style and rythm that no other artist that i have found has.
so guuuuud better than the tombstone i say!
Speed 1.50 is perfect
Eurobeat, I just wanna say that I'm a huge fan of this song. :D And to also point out that the first version of the song I listened to was LT's remix of it. They are both great, in all seriousness. But they are both great in their own way. :D I think this version is amazing. And I just want to say that you did a wonderful job with this song, and you helped to lead to one of my favorite remixes. So thanks for that. :D Keep up the excellent work, please! The interwebs need MLP fan songs that are actually good! :D
Am the only one that likes both both versions equally?
Esta es la verdadera cancion de discord
I H A C K E D T H I S C O M M E N T S O Y O U C A N T L I K E I T .
Let me have my moment OK
This sounds better with headphones :D
YEAH! I listened to it in my beats and I'm like HECK YEAH THIS RCOKS
Both of these songs are fantastic and feel like this version was retro style and the living tomb remix is like the modern song. It fantastic to both bronies, bronies haters and people that don't care mlp. You are a pro
Am I the only person who likes the original more than the remix? I like both, but I honestly, in my opinion, like the original better.
I think this one is better and btw this is meh mums car (account)
Love it too, but I can't decide, they both are magical .
when reading the step on a lego part in my head it sounded sort of like in some tv shows when a character is crazy half of the time and sane the other half. just read the capitalized parts really angrily and you'll see what i mean. "i really want to drink some BLOOD FROM THE BEATING HEARTS OF CHILDREN"
Huh. I originally capitalized it because that's how the brand name is, I think? Eh, that kind of sentiment isn't what I'm gunning for so I've edited it. Thanks for the heads up!
Are you ever angry or upset that The Living Tombstone's remix got more views and hype than this video did? I listen to both versions, have both on my phone, and love them equally, but I've always wondered what you guys thought of it. I know he did give you credit for the original on his description... But he went on to doing live performances with it and was featured on the Brony film.
[WARNING: WALL OF TEXT.] I address it here: But for those who don't care to view that, my thoughts are thus— I'm okay with people liking Tomb's. I'm even okay with people liking his more than mine. Hell, I was THERE for the performance that was in the documentary (the staff of which made it very clear they only wanted the rights to the original so they could use the remix), I was the one that shouted "THE LIVING TOMSTOOOOONE!" at the very end. What I get tired of is people giving Tombstone credit where it's not due. Even Tombstone has to correct people about it, and he's been absolutely vigilant on making sure people know his is a remix— but nobody cares. They don't care. That takes reading, that takes caring, that takes acknowledging that Tombstone didn't create everything himself, which means they have to adjust their rockstar-tinted sunglasses and do some thinking for themselves. People continue to say "Discord by The Living Tombstone", whether they're show staff or other popular figures in the scene or anywhere in between. And for those who DO recognize that this is the original, I've heard "Tomb's is better" for three bloody years. Straight. Almost every day. With little (actual) justification, or ways that I can improve from how his is better without "oh just sound more like Tombstone". What possible good does saying that do for anyone? It doesn't help Tombstone, it doesn't help me, it doesn't help the music community, it doesn't help any of the other users watching. All it does is rub it in that my version will always and forever be held to someone else's standards and found wanting. Saying the reverse doesn't help any— I'm glad some people prefer mine to Tomb's, but that doesn't do anyone any good either. This video gives me 45-55% of my YouTube view traffic every day (with thanks to Tubular Labs for that insight). The next most popular videos are Luna, Diamond Dogs, and Batty, usually bringing 4-7%, SOMETIMES 10%, of that day's traffic if something wonderful happened. And from what I understand, about 80% of that is from annotations, recommended videos, or other 'fringe' traffic from Tomb's remix. This only further cements my position in people's minds as Tombstone's second banana, which is really bloody frustrating. But what can I do to combat that, at all? Would it be to make more Ponybeat, even after it's been a while since I've seen the show? Would it be to stop making the genre I love and just sound like a copycat of him? What the hell will it take to get people to shut the hell up or just take it to Tomb's remix? I have nothing against Tombstone, and he frankly earned his views. But I'm tired of being seen as a byproduct, a second-rate, a lesser musician by his myriad fans who have gone out of their way to suggest as much in their comments day after day, year after year after year. Sadly, because his success puts him in a place where he can continue to produce music whereas I'm still looking for work and a stable income to survive, I won't be able to keep up any time soon unless I... well, either give up on eurobeat and make ONLY genres people listen to en masse, or just crank out pony music— which HASN'T worked in comparison (consider Batty's view count compared to other 'villain' tunes in SPB). Don't get me wrong— again, Tombstone has ABSOLUTELY earned his success here, and his performances and ability to focus on music as a career are absolutely warranted. But when I'm facing my own increasing irrelevance (punctuated by a mass exodus of fans from my YT channel and Facebook page), being pelted with "Tombstone('s) is better" doesn't bloody help. I really want to make more music more often. I really want to keep doing what I love. If I hadn't crashed my car earlier this month, if I didn't have to worry about a steady income because I could focus on music as a career itself, if I could do all the things I'd like to do instead of succumb to the BS 9-5 cubicle life (if I'm lucky I might earn enough to live in the SF Bay Area so I'm close to family!), I'd be one of the happiest people in the world. Hell, I already have some of the best fans a musician could ask for. But the problem is, I'm losing them rapidly because I have to be a depressed twenty-something looking for work but plagued with a short (if successful) track record, and I don't have enough time to actually put into doing what I want, so all I'll be to most people is some guy who fizzled out four years into his peak unless something amazing happens. Which I haven't had time to prepare. TL;DR: Not mad at Tombstone at all, mad at what people mistake the whole remix/original relationship to mean and their constant reminders that so many people (yes, I know, not all of them) think all I am is a second-rate has-been. Worse, lately I've been ill-prepared to prove them wrong, so it's felt a bit like they're right. Give to Tombstone what is Tombstone's, and give to me what is mine. That's all I ask. New things are coming, but I'm waxing pessimistic that people will care anymore— that the people who have been so wonderful to me these last few years will leave and I'll be alone and my existence largely un-notable past one blip on the radar.
If there was an 8-bit-pony-fightning game, this would be the main song. Really amazing :D
Though I found this through the living tombstone, I like both versions to be honest, the other one is clearer and makes me feel badass, but I like the Fantasmical effect this one has, it's amazing.
Hello, forgive me if I do offend anyone for whatever reason as to what I'm about to say as well as the length. I rarely comment on Youtube as I prefer myself to be more of an observer than anything.  After reading through Odyssey Eurobeat's description, I felt it necessary to share my opinion. And to you sir, I truly empathize with you seeing as how you are not receiving credit where it is deserved, but rather having it go to someone else.  Now there are those good fans like myself of your work who truly praise you for bringing us something we can all share and enjoy. I was not into My Little Pony several months ago, but I came across a Vocaloid video that had your song. It piqued my interest and this is how I came to find your channel as well as your featured song. Now thanks to you, I enjoy what the fandom creates as well as the show, so I have you to thank for that. I knew of MLP a while ago, but I never found myself actually liking it. I never hated the show, I just didn't care much for it, but I digress. Ever since I found your song, I've been listening to it for hours without realizing it and just found it so darn catchy. (It's very good to listen to when getting some reading done. ;) ). Although these are words from a random stranger, I just wanted to let you know that I've read your description, I like both your work and The Living Tombstone's respectively and I do hope that you will continue sharing more of your work through the internet. I just hope people take the time to read the description to check on where certain things originated from.
Guys, im probably going to start up a storm. This is for all of the haters. Haters: Okay, we get it. you could insult people about what they like. lets say a girl likes your favorite thing in the world. and its okay. if its okay for a girl to like a boy thing. why is it bad for guys to like a girl thin (I'm a brony at heart so whatever haters, I don't care what you say. This is a song related to a MLP: Friendship is Magic character. I still don't care. I even made my own custom pony so don't judge me because I'm a 10 year old brony. And that's right! Adults aren't the only bronies out there, there's kids too. If you are a brony/pegasister, please, let me know so we can go against the anti-bronies and what-not! Are you with me, or are you going to let your reputation die as a brony or pegasister?! Originally posted by +GameRage
But I do not insult Minecraft. I play it on Xbox one
+Bro Kills I know that. Not about the Xbox One, I mean... That'd just be... creepy... *continues peering through Bro's window*
Okay, this has got to be one of the funnest songs I've listened to for quite a while. I just love it, even though I've listened to it for like... 2-3 hours, if I'm correct.
I haven't cared about MLP for... 2 or 3 years now by my estimate, and this song is still the shit.
Without +Odyssey Eurobeat +The Living Tombstone wouldn't have been able to make the remix so for all you people saying "its too slow" "its not good" then turn up the speed maybe you will like it better stop hating this is the original and the original are always the best in my eyes.
This is great! Especially since it was so hard to find, which makes it satisfying
Okay,  Living Tombstones Remix is nothing compared to this. This even has Discord's laugh, +The Living Tombstone This is way better. Sorry. My opinion.
I do prefer this one, as its changing styles reflect Discord's dislike for order quite nicely. 
You are about the only person I have seen say that. I couldn't agree more with you! Don't think others know that, that was the reason with the use of all of the different types of instruments, was a reflection of Discord as a whole.
To fix this song just put 1.5 faster than normal and you will able to enjoy something very similar like the remix of Living the tombstone :v
I like it better than Tombstone's to be honest because it sounds like a video game
highly enjoyable, Eurobeat for life! also, check my Eurobeat video at the SCP music studio in Italy <3 <3
Holy cow! You visited the SCP studio? I'm kinda jealous ; u ;
I love this song, it's kind of like Discords unofficial theme song. If Fighting is Magic had ever seen the light of day (by the original team) I think this would have made a cool character or stage theme. 
I prefer the music and sound effects of LT's version more than this but the chorus and vocals sound much better in my opinion in the original.
I love this! Even the remix but I find this one the best because of Discord's laugh. Total respect to TheLivingTombstone.
Odyssey Eurobeat don't be discouraged. Just remember that tombstones version of this song originally came from you, your genius voice and mind. If they don't like the original it's a shame but I like both songs because I fell in love with your voice and the amount if though it took to perfect the lyrics. Plus, your original reminds me of initial D music, a show I watch with my older brother and still really like. There's a better connection to this song than the other. Even though I admit the other one gets stuck in my head a little more, I find that it is still your pure talent that this amazing song and it's remake came to be. Keep going!!! \(^o^)/
i like this one too i like them equal
So I saw the living tomb's one and I thought that was it but...This is better!
TLT version is only speed up version of the original. NUFF SAID
atachuly it speed up and back round music change so he did remix it
It's actually slower, no?
LILLIAN JULIA Shared on Google+ · 5 days ago
💑 💑 💑 💑 💑 💑 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘Super Ponybeat — Discord [The Original!] by Eurobeat Brony:
Both are better for different reasons
I actually like this one much more than Thelivingtombstones. There are small things added into the original song that Tombstone didn't use or didn't highlight, and I think those give this song a more silly vibe, like something you would expect from discord. Tombstones remix makes it faster, and I just think this one was better. Great job on this song, I just can't stop listening to it!
To be honest, I like this version better than Tombstone's version. That's just my personal taste though. Good job to both Eurobeat and Tombstone for trying to make a song about the master chaos himself! ^_~
I like this better then Tombstone's. I heard Tombstone's then this one and I really, really, like it! The lyrics are kinda sad and questioning and your video projects that! Tomb's made the man sound like a sarcastic mad maybe uncaring about the whole situation, despite how serious it is. Good job, friend!
I actually don't understand the whole Tombstone/Odessey which song is better thing. Both songs have their good and bad points. Like hearing a cover of a really good song. You may like the original better, or you may like the cover better. But both versions are still great in their own right.
WOW I mean WOW this is AMAZING I've never heard this version before now I don't know witch one to put in my playlist anymore tombstone's version or this there both AMAZING
Am I the only one that would love this on DDR? Love the layering and vocals how it blends together. Keep up the good work man!
I love this song and the Tombstone remix! I don't think one is better than the other. They're different is all :D
 To me, both versions are good in their own way, but this one... I think I like it more. After all, it's the original, but The Living Tombstone's remix is not bad either. So, in short, the remix and the original song are both good. 
Love the rendition of Sabrewulf's snes theme from Killer Instinct that plays throughout this song. It's slowed considerably, but it seems to correlate with the singing perfectly.
I'm no brony but, I like this song ^^. Cool beat.
yea.. the living tombstone's version is way better XD
I quite like this as well as the LTS remix, it reminds me of a 90's video game or something... :)
i liosten to this while killing zombies in zumbiblocks.......... TOTALY KILLING SPREE!!!!!!!!!!!
They're Both Good In Their Own Way. Although I Prefer Tombstones Version Im Still A Huge Fan Of This One. Great Job Odyssey Eurobeat. This Is Awesome Keep Up The Great Work. :)
i like this version better because i actually can understand it (and less headaches from words going to fast)
I love this song... :D  btw.. why are there always 'My Little Pony" pics with this song? I'm honestly just curious and I have no clue. 
+XxJezDex144xX OHhhh... Okay thank you. :D 
Shall I feel bad if I download the song and name a price of 0$?Because I do! :C I'd really like to pay for it but I can't.
teik 10 dollars   [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]   [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
listens to Living Tombstone remix Me: I love this! :D listens to original Me: now i don't know which version I like more... 😑
I love this and Tombstone's remix of it. I'm going to make a personal cover of one of them. But I don't know which one to do! Do you know which one I should do? I mean tell me obviously.
rediscovered ponybeat after all this time, and this one is (unsurprisingly) still my favourite!
This is way better than tombstone's.
the original (this one) has a more chaotic (in a good way) effect on me. :D
I personally like this better than The Living Tombstone's remix. ouo 
Amazing song but I prefer Tomb's still this is amazing and one of the best songs ever
needs to have discord racing around japan in a toyota ae 86 :P
Honestly, I really prefer this one over the Tombstone remix. This has more variety to it.
I love your voice! ~Agent_Di
why remix more popular then original
This sounds awesome! Puts me in a good mood c:
I think I like the remix more. It's more fast paced and more of a thing nod your head to. But this just feels kinda slow. But, then again I could tilted toward the remix because I like that kind of music more.
I think your version is better and I'm not the only one.
Both versions are great, I LOVE both :)
discord im howling at the moon and sleeping in the middle of a summer afternoon
euro, his song relied yours'
I like both the remix and the orignal
Speed 1.25 is great for this song
Im not a fan of puppeteers
ah 0.5 speed perfect
Sounds like a stage out of sonic
"Posting things like "tihs not as gud az teh remicks lolol" or "teh remix is bettur" is scientifically demonstrated at nearly 100% accuracy to reflect vastly reduced intelligence, inability to communciate with others, and a karmic need to step barefoot on a Lego at least once per day." I just laughed so hard! You're absolutely right Odyssey Eurobeat ;)
This one shouldve been more popular then living tombstones im sorry this version is much better
I completely agree I mean I love The Living Tombstone but he just didn't do so good with this song imo
I like the remix better. I just prefer faster vocals. (Easier to sing)
this is the original? i thought the remix was the original. :P
i curse the name the one behind it aaaaaall
I personally love both versions of this awesome song equally! They are both very awesome sounding and very well made. They make cleaning a lot less boring.
The living tombstones remix is better, sorry. This is just too slow
Then you are what Nightcore was created for. You, personally, like the LT version better, but that does not mean it IS better. Their are equally okay. I am not a fan of Nightcore.  Welcome to the world of having opinions that are not confirmed facts.
Actually The LivingStones remix is actually slower tempo wise, the vocals are just sped up.
Alright people, complain that tombstones is better and not as slow. But this is the ORIGINAL song, tombstones song is A REMIX. Get over people, god...
I fell really bad for you, since LT's remix has about 10000000 MORE F**KING VIEWS THAN YOURS. GOD, that has to suck
Actually, this is much better.
i think the orignaland TLT's r both great. Great work making music Eurobeat and TLT.
+Odyssey Eurobeat Your version beats The TLT's version by a longshot.
Just a person who enjoys brony music coming through...
just a person who enjoys brony music and posts something completely unrelated and random coming through
random comment in... 3....2....1 ......... I LIKE CHEESE
That is truly the best laugh I have heard in my life.
Why is this not on the raduo?!
Autocorrect made me say raduo, I meant radio sorry!
make Discord vs plants vs zombies
+Femke Vande Walle Yay :D What about every Draconequis?
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