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Simple Dirty Dubstep Beat in FL Studio 9

by TakmanProduckies • 56,121 views

This is a very simple Dubstep Beat made with stock sounds inf Fl Studio 9. One of the best plugins to use to make Dubstep in Fl Studio, would be 3 Osc or Sytrus. This beat is amined mainly at...

My head hurts but its awesome
its not dirthy where are the hard snares? the subbass? maybe a lil percusion, but nice for a beginner!
@Plxnk hey glad you are interest, its now on i made one yesterday.. hope you get something from it peace out :P
heyy wenn ich auf den download link klicke kommen pornos.. -.-
@ShitlersElectro thanks man and yh will give it a go :)
you should use z3ta+ or even better Massive
Hae,could I have a download link for this please??
thats cool dude, would love to see what you can do with it ;P
@tcmtgwa yep even i searched for 2 weeks for a better software to make high depth tones. btw! A friend of mine working with Axwell said this software is the bomb for big beats and crazy effects. get the best one here >>
this shit sounds hella sicc but i think sytrus makes better sounding wobble bass but a that shit sounds hellla sicc
can you plleeaaseee make a tutorial
@TakmanProduckies Thank you, yeah i will, is there anyway to get fl studio ten for free?
TO CHANGE WOBBLE SPEED! - (on 3xosc) - channel settings - ins - cut - find nice sound by fucking aroud with the envelope - below envelope settings is the LFO settings (wobbly line), turn the speed knob to change - *TO CHANGE IN THE SONG* - right click on speed knob - click on "create automation clip" - the clip will appear and you must fuck around witht the line until you find somelthing nice :D (if you still dont understand, look up automation clips on google etc. hope that helped :)
@9ineDown how do i raise the speed and where is the irs channel? Sorry i just started.
@sqweekyknee thanks bro, if you like my music feel free to join my page on fb ;))
Sick dude wish i was good at this :s you should add me on skype if u got it and teach me? :D
Liked it, just to wrong plugin maybe
@xAGRESS0Rx do u yet know how to do that cause i have the same problem
@thelennmeister chears and sounds good I shall be puting up a tutorial :)
look into my youtube channel ;) you want any tutorials? i will make some tutorials ;)
@est1993getme LOL go back to your computer games lil boy
so there's the cool thing about dubstep and your track: the rhythms, finally you see not only triplets but also septuplets or quintuplets and so on in a riff - fresh stuff.
@TakmanProduckies Hypercam FTW last I checked it's free and works, not exactly the highest of quality but it will definitely get what your doing across.
simple and dirty goes as well as your mom, jk ;). But this dubstep sucks, bro...
Tutorial done yet bro? Sounds soo good :) Keen to learn (Y) Keep it up
@KiteehThrowsItDown hey chears :)) yh I used the 30sc
@CoperZ1 hey it isnt fake its a track that i made first then i took a print screen from the project i was using. its not ment to be a playing video :)
i dont think theres enough going on (haha rich coming from me!!) but if you want to make it better all you have to do with any song is not change the melody but add more stuff in..fx and what not.. btw good job mon :)
yesterday i made a quick tutorial on how to make a simple dubstep track, is now on my videos if anyone is interested :)
@TheGrandBrand Hey i dont get what you really mean by seventuplets and quintuplets ? but thanks for the comment :)
@xAGRESS0Rx i use the 3xOsc and when you open it there is a window that opens with all the sound info you will see in the top bar ins click that then go to the cut and the speed is there the cut is right under where the ins thing is if u manage to find that hope any of this helps
@brabad754 hey im sorry i aint got the project file, i was using the demo version at the time :(
@xAGRESS0Rx set you sound you want to wobble to a channel. select channel. add fruity filter. righclick on cut-off button. click on edit events. and then you have it. just mark section on timeline you want to wobble and press alt+o select speed and just try something
if anyone likes my dubstep feel free to like my fb page :') peace
Nothing is actually playing in your screenshot of FL? Fake?
@TakmanProduckies appreciate the invite brotha, but i dont have facebook :)
@KidzSwagga hey sent me your email, and i will sent it to you :P
@2stonedtx Thankyou buddy :D glad you enjoyed it!! and aha maybe you can get into it just watch different tutorials. and could you please join my fb music page called takman if you can
nice video but no tutorial or file =/
@silentbyrd Because there are better plug-ins out there to produce a better sound?
Tutorial done yet bro? Sounds soo good :) Keen to learn (Y) Keep it up
aha true im now using massive, it gives much options and creativity
nice listen to mine and comment please watch?v=zC0NNdi2q5E
@BeatCreator96 hey dude, sent me a message in my inbox
@xAGRESS0Rx Dude just raise the speed in the ins channel
@DJGuitarPlayer632 thats good glad you are. yesterday i made a quick tutorial its now on.. hope you can get something from it :P
@TheNater117 thanks man, appreciate it : D and yh with a synth it would sound sicker!
Maybe try adding a synth lead? Nice job tho I like the basd
@george24rock hey man and umm i think it would take like about 5 minutes as long as you know what you are doing..if you wants to understand it a bit better feel free to check my tutorial or check out this guy called kev willow he's got some good tutorials..:P
@TakmanProduckies could i use this in one of my videos? ill give all the credit for it.
You should really move on from the 3xOSC.
@MCDEVVOMAN chears for the tips dude. i' get you :D
@Rdn321 Yh lol made it in fl, it was a little tune that i made which did not really have structure, but i then print screened it the time i was using it in fl :P wha do you think of it dude?
Are you sure you made this mate? I'm sure you just print screened a random photo and played a tune to it that no1 has really heard of on youtube or something. lol
good work with all the built in plugins. but check my channel for serious fruity wobbles
hey can u use team viewer and remote acsess my cpu so u can show me every time i go on tutorials they help me a bit but not much as remote acsess lol add my youtube or something maybe download xfire cos we can chat on headset for free :) nice work btw man i totally suck on fl
@JStepDubstep Hey, chears, yh made it with stock sounds : D I would show you but i dont know how to make a tutorial
@TimHoffman74 3xOSC is acctually one of the best vst's for dubstep, altho he could have added alot more effects and mods to it. I agree that it felt kind of weak i this track, but never underestimate it ;)
@xFLIPSYDEv2011 yeh kevwillow is good makes gd tutorials
cool track simple but if ur going at beginners probs better of making a tutorial bro
@xAGRESS0Rx chers man, yh i get you lol, sent me a message
@NotMuchDubstep Thanks so much that meas alot, and yh I think your right about finding better programs and vsts. Thanks peace out.
@TakmanProduckies yeah sytrus is super easy to use, just look up some tutorials and youll end up picking it up on your own! thats what i did and i was making drops with it the same day
@stefo1998 hey dude, aha glad you like my tune thanks and just keep practising man you will soon get the handle of it and ok ill drop you amsg
@xAGRESS0Rx theres vids on how to edit the events mate if it helps you.. in the speed knob in sytrus etc..
@eXtremeWhitey haha thats good man, yh will deffo check it out and see what it's really like. and chears for the support :)
@focxed The 3xOSC is versatile, but if you're trying to emulate professional dubstep then you should get a VST which has way more built-in oscillator options and sounds. For example, Native Instrument's Massive.
Can some one send me a list of good plug ins to download like Massive and some good plug ins for techno, Dubstep, Hardstyle, Trance, Electro!!!! and some glitch effects or something thanks =D!!!
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