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Don't Feed Ashe -- In-Depth Champion Information (League of Legends)

by Ciderhelm • 350,880 views

Check out for my complete 200+ page League of Legends book. I enjoy Ashe a lot. She's a fairly straightforward champion but her gameplay places tons of emphasis on not...

Miss the old layout so much..
worst marksman in game
i like the look of the old ashe much more
no you shut up because i want my daily dosage of virus.
why teleport and flash? i take falsh and ignite
Kid so bad he had to make another youtube name for it , this is why there making something to where toxic players like you are getting even more punished shut up little boy.
can you please tell me the best champion against ashe?
STFU , my delivery of virus has arrived , who dosent wants that
wait... since when was porn a curse? i thought it was a normal word, i don't want to live in a world were everyone is afraid to say things because they might be offensive
I love this ulti just re-spawned saw a low health pantheon down mid running for home popped ulti and caught him on the second turret out
I mean generally he counters her only if played properly.
DotA came out first, but this guy's still a fan boy like moron.
I prefer heal and flash. thats my opinion i tought you guy's would like to know :))
I once fired a shot at a farming idk who and I hit a talon who was walking to the giants :DD
I would say that sniping someone with Acceleration Gate + Shock Blast is much better
You do know that enchanted crystal arrow is global, right?
Seriously fantastic series! You need to do this for ALL characters. Especially the ones that haven't had any love from Riot's champion spotlights recently. Double that for the free champions too :)
Someone hasn't hit many fun CA shots. For example, my team was losing on CR but was able to win a teamfight with a gain of 1 kill and no deaths. I was trying to stop / slow a kat and a lux from escaping as my team chased, but instead my arrow went between them. I thought I wasted it until I got a kill at their base by killing their nunu, who had apparently recalled and had made it onto the heal pad. By the way, we got their kat and lux so not a waste at all.
dota 2 has exactly the same heroes as wc3 u retard
I did something like that but with Ezreal Ultimate, it was pretty fun :D
Almost a pentakill with ashe, but someone ks it. Kinda epic i got My tripple and i saw one runing away fired away ulti, QUDRAKILL!! Got sad when i noticed i got no PENTA
Ashe is,for me,a very good support.
LoL* K, I'm done. You are a troll. Get out of my inbox
noob, i play ashe never die 3 times for match
Ok, so here is what I do everytime I get low mana, I use clarity, simple and easy, and it sort of restores a lot of mana so thats good :D
2:06.... I make bitches dance / chat hahahha :D
thx you just made me a better Ashe player :P
Does the critical chance hit reset even if the auto attack does not crit? For example, suppose I'm at 33% critical chance and I attack a minion, but it doesn't crit. Does it go back to 0?
can you tell me please the best champion for fighting ashe ?
what runes should i buy to be strong in early game? critical hits or AD
i once randomly fired an awrow down mid lane from teh base scored a triplesteal XD
Get free skins /watch?v=r-YjLB4VGx8
I can get quad and pentas with her but no one else lol. She is my main and I always mid with her but bk's always freak out....OMG MID WITH ADC ASHE!
Thank you Sir that was really helpful
funniest* hit* Health* Does that make it any better?
A trolling dumbass that's a disgrace to the DotA community.
why you deleted your replies? because you finally realized how much of a douche you sound like with your ridiculous comments?
are you on about dota from warcraft 3 r dota 2? because if you're on about dota 2 this came long before it ashe has been out since 2009...........
You're on the internet. On Youtube. I don't think you have to worry much about that.
ok but have you achieed a peta?? quadras arent that special :P have a nice day
I never have time to get so much gold. I always get: 2 Doran's blades. (Which I may sell to get other stuff) 1 Berserker's Greaves 1 B.F Sword - 1 Vampiric Scepter (Make those into a Bloodthirster) 1 Pickaxe - 1 B.F Sword and then make that into a Infinity edge, After that I usually (if I can) get 1 Last Whisper. That's my build. It works against most champions in a 1v1
I almost forgot Jesus is going to be 2 years old this Christmas!
No. I'm assuming you're not at a level in which you know what an AD carry is, but they all build the same. Just look up an AD carry guide and you'll know how to build Ashe.
Crystal Arrow is the most fun thing to use in the entire game Once in SR, there was a Katarina in mid with low health and I wanted to finish her off so I ultimated her Thing is, she moved right before the arrow hit her and even tho I thought I just wasted an Ultimate, I hitted a Low Helath Master Yi that was desperately running to his base Most amazing thing I ever saw in this game
Sir, either you're feeding your caps lock button or you need to stop yelling. Compare Drow's and Mirana's kit to the rest of Ashe and you'll be able to see that they're quite different. And let's not forget Mirana's arrow isn't global and doesn't slow. I play both games and the way you act makes you a disgrace to Valve and the DotA community. But, if Ashe's arrows slow, then Vampiric scepter is a rip off of Morbid Mask, even though stealing life by attacking hasn't been done already.
Could you maybe update some of your older vids to take into account the newer patches?
Just got a funny shot last game where the enemy ashe was running to her base, tower was attacking me so I let her go. I thought for a few seconds and remembered this vid, decided to take a chance and fired to the right of their base because I figured she'd go right because it's quicker. Hit her and she was one step away from safety.
There are a few champs which give you the feeling of a God. Ashe is one of them. I love firing my Arrow across the map to kill that escaping jungler. Of course you'll probably miss it, but it sure is even more satisfying than ezreals or lux ult if you kill something with it. Fucking god mode from bot lane while killing on top lane!
Hence forth ashe is my main champ, my back up champ is Sona or Annie.
If you like to listen to something while playing, I made an Ashe playlist /watch?v=rbEOEgk3YsQ
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