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May Favorites 2O12

by Nicole Guerriero • 173,166 views

Everything you want to know is right here.... Products Mentioned: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer Milk Chocolate Laura Geller Balance N Bronze Stila 10 n 1 HD Beauty Balm Eve Pearl Anti Shine...

thanks for the post! love how you don't care bout what other people say about you :)
Can you do a video about some really good mascaras for all kinds of lashes
I think your such a doll, but you talked really fast and sound a little ditzy in this video. LoL
11:06 lol, after you pointed out your face I kept pausing the video to look for some haha.
Too funny! I always enjoy your videos! You are a one woman show for sure! Thanks for always making me laugh.
i am like you i don't use foundation because i need to cover up scars or blemishes. i use it so i can count our and use blush. i love blush! i just like the flawless look and the makeup application process. have a good time in vegas and be safe!
I love your eyebrows! You're so beautiful!
I love all your videos!!!! I always smile when I see your videos :D
I completely love your videos! I'm almost mad I haven't found your videos sooner. I actually watch your videos all the way through, you're so pretty, funny and actually talk about things we want to hear and listen to. I also love how you use a mixture between inexpensive/expensive makeup. Because not all of us can afford $50 MAC palettes. So I really appreciate your genuine and honest videos. Keep up the good work :) Also, we would appreciate if you did a video on your work out regimen!
You made me laugh out loud more than once. I liked it. :) BTW, I went out and got that chocolate bronzer (as you had mentioned it in another video) and it has become my holy grail bronzer now. I can't get over how good that stuff smells and is easy to blend.
Have lots of fun in Vegas you lucky girl, soooo jealous.
Love your videos. You are hilarious. Love your brows and paused Too funny!
i paused the video six times and your facial expressions make my dayy haha =]
I freakin love uuu:) u r amazing
I'm glad u got rid of the gum, it was annoying! And also your soooo right that new Jimmy Choo perfume smells sooo good! That's on my list to get next as well! Btw have a great trip!
Can you do a vid on how you care for your hair extensions? Thanks :)
what kind of foundations do you recommend for summer help please!
Luchilowhatever you're a corn ball.. She's a grown ass adult. Anywho, Nicole.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your vids you always have me cracking up.. You have so much inner beauty and you definitely project it through your actions! Keep it up chica!!
loveee youuuu girlll! videoss are always great! keep it uppp xoxox
hey nicole! i was wondering if you could be a summer hair care video? when i'm on my summer holiday i know i'll probably be in the pool/sea everyday and washing your hair every day can be bad for it, but i also want to protect it against the sun/chlorine etcc so a video on the best methods and products would be really helpful please! i love your videos! you always make me smile xx
pen...cil. haha You crack me up!
Omg! Lol thank you for throwing your gum out! You're one of my favs here on YouTube! Super cute!
Do a video on what's on my iPhone tag!!!!!!! -3
How many people paused her video right after she said, she makes crazy faces if you pause; hahaha.
I love your videos...but I cannot take the smacking in this one...please don't chew gum when u film
lol, I always feel that one lengths and one thickens, even if the mascaras don't say it... so I always use 2 and 3 if I add a waterproof on top... I also use 3-5 lipsticks/glosses at once lol
nicole how long have clip in extensions lasted you? i just ordered mine and people are saying they last 6-months to a year. im really hoping they last wayyyy longer. 130 dollars they better. thank you! <3
I like ur personality! We would get along so well!! Lol btw.. You look so much like the main girl from that disney movie " gotta kick it up" :)
What brand of extensions are you wearing?
Just subbed yay!! LUV U GURL !! so far all your tips and cosmetics have been Awesome !!
i love your videos :D i would love to see you do more huals on clothes! :)
hahaha the pause part its soo true hahaha ure halariouse!! x)
i really enjoy your videos you are gorgeous!:-)
I love how you call your makeup products "he" or "guy" hahaha
Absolutely love your videos! Just have one question, is there a specific hair spray that you prefer or like!? I been trying to find the perfect one for long hair! Hope Vegas is incredible! try the Stratosphere :)
i love your eyebrows!!!! i dont see how anyne couldnt like them! i love archs
u r so hilarious. It's not often you run into "pretty" women that are down to earth. I luv ya! Thanks for the videos, I am usually a high-end makeup buyer and have been for years and since watching your video I took a chance and purchased a few items that you've reviewed or liked and it's been drug store brands from that point on. Thank you for saving me hundreds of dollars because like you, I don't have to wear it but I love putting it on. Keep the videos coming!!!
I love love love your videos first of all <3 I really want to try a new foundation and I'm not sure what drugstore foundation will work best for me. I have oily skin like you & I'm looking for something that has medium to full coverage and also does NOT look cakey. Help me please??? P.S... You're soo GORGEOUS!!
love the korres lip butters!!! I just got on for $4 in nyc!! :)
omg, i thought i was the only one to use 3 or more different mascaras!! lol same with my blush. i use 2-3 different colours. hahah :P
i love how u refer to ur product as "he" ! :)
LOOOOL you are soo funny i just subbed u yesterday and i love u already!!
New video please!! And talk about Edc!!!!! Ahhhhhh .. I saw on instagram
I want to let you know i just recently subscribed to your videos and you are amazing. Ive seen a lot of make up tutorials on YouTube, but I have to say your videos are the best. What I'm trying to say is thanks helping me feel and look pretty about my self.
Do you have any tattoos? If not, would you want one?(:
lol i totally do the same thing with my mascara.....i love you ur so funny and beautiful, your my fave to watch love love love u girl <3
Hi :) i like the way you do your hair and i wanted to know if you have extensions or is it your natural hair? Cus i just got extensions and its a little dificult to fix my hair :/
I love yur video yur so beautiful n there's a bunch of hatters on here
I LOVE your personality! you don"t care What people think about say what you want to say with out being scare of it :) Lot of YouTube gurl delete they're page just because they are some haters writing mean things.
I love how you say you are a expressive talker ... I am the same way! The faces you made were hilarious!
Girl, I had to pause the video. You are right about your funny faces lol. :) Awesome video as usual though.
I personally LOVE your brows they are beautiful. I like high arches
Oh thank God you figured it out...that's why I love I can stand to watch the rest of the video now :)
can you show us how to do a cute ponytail pleassseeee?(:
09:12 just my favourite part of this video, you look soooooo Cute. Love it
What's your ethnicity/heritage? I love your accent!
I've got a friend, her parents have a tanning bed at their house, and they are both really tan.. but GOD they have wrinkles everywhere...
got it! Didn't know you tanned lol, :) I always thought people tanned their face also lol
i love you... whatever the hell she wants to call herself.....
Your so funny! Your great! Great insight!
i like your brows :) ps can't believe bh cosmetics primer and skindanavia isn't your fav no more :( just bought them after i saw your other videos
So, I decided to randomly pause your vid to see if you did make totally funny faces, and OMG woman! Every time I paused I laughed so hard, I cried, in a good way! You kick ass! :)
Can you do a video on how you get your teeth to look so white please?
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