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The Dramatic Voice Experiment Reloaded

by Smosh 2nd Channel • 433,375 views

The Dramatic Voice Experiment: At Denny's (Re-edited). Songs by Ian & Anthony. Vocals: Ian. Mad Beats: Anthony.

7:12 I could hear "Hello Goodbye" by The Beatles in the background lolol
I thought I was the only one who noticed! 
Ahhh nostalgia... I wish they could make more random video like this.. This video is Smosh firetruck classic..
WHAT CAR DID ANTHONY have in this video
+Chris Luna  coz he said it in his 'draw my life' lol
+Daniel Larosa shit... I forgot about that part...
When Anthony has panic attacks: 4:17 Ian looks like a heartthrob on 8:12 while he's walking.
... He was playing, dude don't act like you know him just cause he said it on a video.
Wow their waiter was definitely on something
The music they're hearing in the car XD
lol their voices really haven't changed but their faces really did ian even see back then, you can't even tell he has eyes XD
Is it weird that hearing Ian cuss uncensored felt really really dirty and scary Not Anthony, just Ian. 
Ian looks like hes from the rolling stones
My best friend and I used to quote this video like everyday during P.E. in 2006...
lunchtime with smosh in 2006
why did this get removed and revised
Did smosh 2nd channel even exist in 2006? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?!
it used to be called Ian H. but then they changed it recently to Smosh 2nd Channel
Oh. Now that makes sense. THX! :D
You know you're here because of lunchtime w/ smosh
They didn't sensor their video for ones
My friends and I used to watch this video over and over again when it first came out. So funny to watch it again!
That guy who worked there was a douche
This is so funny!!!!
There waiter was on something
lmfao that waitor seems like my bio teacher in his early years xD he always comes in eyes bloodshot and high as fuck xD (he is on leave right now/got fired whoops)
He said he was gonna smoke OxyContin
when i saw ian in the nightvision mode i was like wtf that's not ian
What is going on in there? xD
Technically first lunchtime with smosh
I'm here because of the newest lunchtime
Yes... But now it's 4 months old for me
God...the song they sing in this one xD
It feels so weird hearing their voices uncensored
7:38 nice censor there bro
I know it says we have root beer but we don't. lol it is crappy
Smosh uncensored...that's weird and cool
The first uncut, sorta uncensored, and fun lunchtime with smosh.
was the waiter their friend or something... he acted a bit weird :P "Dwee! dwee!"
OOOH that song in the restaurant at first ,so deep ^_^
7:40 Great censoring guys XD
The guy originally said he was going to take some vicodin behind dennys.
That waiter was high the whole time. I'm sure of it.
:O they didnt beep the swear words:O
before they started bleeping :'D
Anthony Padilla- not being able to keep a straight face since...forever. XD
The waiter was a tool. And he was high as fuck
was that f-ing real!!!! what the f!!!
i almost died laughing when anthony and ian were trying to make the "dwee dwee" sound!!! LOL
Ian has a massive bowl haircut....
You dont know the difference between the ranch and BBQ. One is brown the other is white
Is this the first Lunchtime with Smosh?
man that guy was fucking pissed
this is the first time i heard u guys swear without bleeps :D
like if you're watching this in 2012 :)
ian doesnt look like ian on the part with the nightvision
1:43 That part of Ian hasn't changed XD
That was cute. Was that man really high? I hope he saved a lot of people in Japan...? ..But really, what was wrong with him?
"say "hi" Anthony." "hello, Anthony" -_- wtf Anthony
I feel like it's more likely that the waiter was pulling a prank on you guys than you pulling a prank on him! I was like what the heck is with him? LOL! Did you sneak him special brownies or something? Haha!
lol i no where he lives-ish but i no exactly where that dennys is.. manzanita st in carmicheal ca :) ive been to that dennnys.
that guy who worked there looked drunk
ian tweeted this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
WTF was up with the Denny's guy?....he was messed up
it sucks they dont post the original cause the server was being SARCASTIC totally sarcastic and offered them some crack rocks hahaha
Anthony: This looks like a fetus LMFAO WTF Anthony? :P
"apoligize" is spelt wrong in the disclaimer. And I thought Ian was smart....
xD the myspace thing in the desc xD
Why does the waiter seem so pissed, they were fucking teenagers. I would've just played along. Get a better tip.
I couldn't read those dialogs very well.
im pretty sure the waiter was either tryin to fuck with you or he was high ir drunk off his ass xD
During that time: Why the fuck are those kids filming themselves in their car? :U Now: HOLY SHIT IT'S SMOSH LOL GUYS THEY'RE ALL LIKE FAMOUS AND ALL SUBSCRIBED AND STUFF LOL THIS IS THE BIGGEST MOMENT OF MY LIEF
k guys..not every single video with them eating is lunchtime with smosh! it's black nightness outside it's obviously not lunchtime!!
was that waiter high or something?
guys....this is not lunchtime with smosh or anything...this is before all that this is them before it just two funny best freinds having fun together
This is hilarious. I can't even.
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