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Good on her for parenting this disobedient kid; I would have a mind to do the same!
Good, the bully deserved it. The mother did the right thing by hitting her son's bully to let the kid know not to fuck with her son.
+Ronan Gavin That's because they didn't show it on the news. 
Good idea, then the bully hits the kid to let the mum know not to fuck with him, and the circle continues until the kids are adults and end up shooting each other. Here's an idea, don't hit someone to deter violence.
I don't know why people are saying this fool is a hero or defending bullying do we know her kid didn't put his hands on the other kid..just because her kid runs up and says he hit me ..she reacts like a child her self..with behavior like that what do you think her child is I told my kids don't play with black kids or white kids they are both bad with no home with the Asian and Mexican kids...
+black runners Stereotypes, that's all stereotypes. If you claim this happens White and Black people would be killing, ALL OF THEM. And have you ever heard is suicide bombers... Drug cartels? Illegally passing borders.. Yeah sit down.
black people are always talking about the endless cycle of poverty and violence they are stuck in and hold everyone accountable except themselves.  well here we see the worthless mother teaching by example, showing her own child how violence is the answer to violence, all the while proclaiming "i dont give a fuck".  this is no mother, thats a thug.  of course the kid that got slapped has a mother too, wonder what shes going to do about a grown woman face smacking her child.  all i know is i do not want my family anywhere near these animals.
I am not even chimp or a chimper.Wow you are so out of your life.
Pretty sad when we live in a society where we can't administer frontier justice.  The little shit probably did deserve a slap in the mouth.  Problem is, when you take the legal path, either nothing gets done or you wind up spending a fortune in court costs and attorney fees.
Good! The little bastard deserved it! The piece of shit school officials will NEVER do a fucking thing whenever a student is bullied, therefore, the mother's actions were completely justifiable.
I dont blame this women for doing what she did, bullying is way out of control and that kid that was bullying her kid deserves the slap he got !! Bullys need to stop harassing other weaker kids on purpose!! Obviously this had been going on for a long time for this women to take action !!! The problem is that the schools wont do anything about it, so its up to parents like this brave women to !!!
And so will the mother be of the kid that got slapped vicieuze cirkel aint it?
For all you "Hippie Love Children" who think this broad was in the wrong, you should know better. Smacking kids around isn't happening enough today. Look at gang-bangers: If they'd been shown who's boss when they were younger, there'd be no gang horseshit! Kudos to the broad who smacked the little fucker. She should have tossed him under the bus. 
YOU GO GIRL! MMMMHMMM! flicks finger  On a less retarded note, there is NEVER an excuse to EVER hit a child. Bullying is never okay, and can have serous consequences. I was bullied through most my childhood, and attempted suicide several times. Luckily I was stupid and didn't succeed.  With that being said, should my mom have hit my bullies? No absolutely not. 2 of the kids has lost a parent while I was in their class. 1 lost his mother, 1 lost his father. I'm pretty sure that made a huge impact on them, and resulted in their odd behavior. Back then I wished them dead, but now I can see that each and everyone if my bullies, probably behaved the way they did for a reason. Of course it does not justify their behavior, but it sure has hell makes it somewhat understandable. Instead of being violent and abuse children for bullying others, they should instead recieve some help. Either in the everyday life due to family issues, or maybe the fact that they are ignorant of what consequence their action has. This woman deserved to be charged for what she did, and so does everyone else who lays a hand on a child.
If You see a group of kids kicking ur kid, I understand You will do nothing because they are kids... They can do whatever they want because they are kids, but You can't. Why not? Because You are stronger? Well then guess what, a group of kids is way stronger then 1 kid...
Where's the justice in this country? That kid needed that! Bullying scars children sometimes for life. Emotionally, it drains their confidense even til afulthiod. The crime is that this mom was charged when the bullys baby mama shoulda been charged for poor parenting!
First of all Its wrong two wrongs don't make a right I would have talk to their parents first and make a resolution for the bullying .. Even if he was the bully she shouldn't have slap him like that ... She was a bully her self
What's so wrong with slapping a bullying kid in the face? Kids always have to get special treatment. Time to face reality, if you act a fool, someone might smack you in the face. People need to learn to respect people, and yes even kids needs to learn that. Bullying is wrong, and maybe if more mothers slapped bullies in the face, there wouldn't be so many bullies.
These are the mothers who are the reason this society and the next Generation is going to Hell. If she did that to someone elses child imagine what she does to her own!
in this world new world order is in motion , its wrong to correct a child from doing wrong if u hit the child its abuse , but when that same child grow up and start stealing and doing wrong , the law got a job to shoot the child and beat it to death and say the child attact him, and they get a tap on there sholder , the law in the world is programed, the bible said dont spare the rod and spoil the child , a spoiled child is a stupid child, so the bible tell u, u can beat u child but not in a way to abuse the child , but the law in the world of man is demonic. keep doing wrong and u gone get right thats why u see children in america always turns up missing , or getting pregn. early cause parenting was trowed out the window by law
This is why I don't ride the bus anymore. When I was riding on a school bus to go back home a kid said that we were dating. And there was this girl that said she wanted to be a prostitute when she was older. And the bus driver didn't even let us speak like we are just kids
No the problem is the schools supposedly have a zero tolerance they never enforce it . Matter a fact they probally tell you what thier policy is . That sparks thing like this to happen. You really should not do whst she did but done out of frustration .
Well done, my a**. Her son probably deserved to get hit.
When my oldest was in school in Kindergarden, he was bullied and the stupid bus driver didn't do a damn thing.  I recorded the activity in the bus and presented it to the school board AND the school.  I was told that it was not fair to suspend the other students from the bus!  That afternoon, when my son and a child at the same stop was getting pummelled, I tried to get on the bus and the bus driver held me back.  I told that ahole to let go or I'd throw HIM off.  I got my son off and out of that school so he could be driven to and from school!  But not before I put him in self defense classes and he finally kicked one of the bullies in the mouth!  THEN the stupid bus driver let me on to tell me about it.  I told the child he deserved what he got and if he or I got in trouble, ID SUE!
She shouldn't have been charged. Someone's gotta discipline the little brat.
Such a violent race.
Such an idiotic comment.
if you think black people are bad the hell are you gunna think of the ottamin empire long story short murder up to 1.5 million of innocence people
I don't understand. The bully was messing with the mother's son. Obviously, the son had been bullied long enough for anyone to do anything, so the mother had to do what she was born to do. Go Moms!
@Everybody You honestly think it's the right way to discipline/educate someone. By having a woman come up to you and scare the shit out of you, and THEN hit you in the fucking face? You don't consider the fact that, even if this kid doesn't have a mini-depression for 2 weeks, he'll just beat the shit out of the other kid as a way of revenge?
If it would have been a teenager ok but for a grown women to it a young boy is outrageous and needs to be in jails, sure the boy deserved to be punished I would have just told my soon to it him back not me walking up to a young boy and slapping im across the face.
I hope evey bully (yes I know every is spelled wrong) watches this
the day I see a judge thrown in jail for sending a innocent  to jail is the day I say justice is served  in courts
Well done Lady, at least you had the guts to stand up for your child, because nobody else will.  They all hide behind this invisible curtain of political correctness, You did what is right, and I bet the (has been) bully has second thoughts next time. I commend you for your courage,
I totally agree with you Neil !!!
+Neil Williams m8 you actually aren't a troll. Sorry I confused you 
If the boy had a father, he could be taught to stand up for himself.  I have a feeling this woman will be fighting her son's battles for quite some time to come--to his inevitable detriment.  However, the charges against her are ludicrous. 
I hope the kid beats the shit out of the worthless whore when he grows up.
I really dont know how i got here i was originally watching how to make goldfish crakers😐 🐟🐠🐟
I understand the mother's argue, as a grown woman you do not hit a child. What she should had done talk to the parent(s), if that did not work, she should teach her child how to defend himself. She had slapped my child in the face regardless of what he did, I would have whoop the you know what out of her. 
rkdwjddnr90, whatever. She would beat your ass, you faggot. I hope her ass got locked up for hurting that child.
If that kids parents gave their kid a good smack ever now and then , then she might not of had to do the job. On the opposite side be careful smacking someone else's kid because if you did that to my kid I would kill you in the street for the world to see.
hey that mother is a hero! she bitch slapped a bully! that's PERFECT in my book! 
Well the schools don't do shit about it ..the bus drivers are scared to death of breaking up fights and the cops only punish the victims so I'm glad this woman slapped that little bastard
wait...A mother gets arrested for standing up for her son?! what kind of world is this?? 
Dumb short-fused bitch .. Kids fight. Unless this was an ongoing bullying situation, which it doesn't sound like it was, then she should fuck off and let kids be kids.
+ImSoSexyItHuuuuurts Yeah .. and who's to say her kid didn't put hands on that kid as well? We don't know the full story so quit jumping to conclusions that she's a hero mother saving her poor defenseless child from the big bad bully. 
With how bullying is! I would have slapped that kid too
I agree if the kids need punishment for bullying someone and I love what that mother did to defend her kid from bullying, but violence against kids is always wrong. there's other way to end bullying instead with violence too. now I realize why gandhi said an eye for an eye only make the whole world blind.
Ugh, this is another example of why nobody has any faith in our justice  system. The woman who needs to be locked up is probably  that's psycho bully kid's mom..
I usually take an approach that involves going to their house and telling their mom I will skullfuck their dead child.
I mean I .don't get it there is zero nada of bulling in my state and I live in cali
 Why are most Niggers so Violent? You can tell by just looking at this wild Sheboon that she/it Chimpsout all the time. 
we need more people like this #respect
She did what the parents should have done .
child abuse my ass, he was bullying her kid
little shit probably deserved it. one of my twin daughters was bullied once when she was at school , I sorted it out in the best way possible. got hold of the little shits dad, smacked him in the mouth then told him who I was, if his son bullied either daughter again, or even looked at them, he knew what to expect........ worked a treat
so many people claim this is what they'd do if their child was bullied... well guess what, this dunce just followed through and will face the full wrath of the law. there is other ways to deal with bullying, and being one yourself is not the way.
Good for that mother.
God damn, you guys in US have cameras everywhere...
It's a school bus. 1.) That's not unusual to have a security camera on a bus and 2.) A camera on a bus does not constitute as "everywhere" LOL
My dad did that once he didn't actually get on the bus and slaps kid but he actually got on the bus yelling at the kids stop bullying me and they never bullyed me ever again so I guess it's good to have an angry parent😐 I was like 6 or 7 then so I wasn't embarrassed but now 13 I would be
They are charging a mother for defending her child from a shit kid? I'd beat the beans out of anyone hurting my child, no matter what age. Don't mess with my family. 
As much as this kid probably deserved a slap, this woman is out of line. Not to mention she's just teaching her son that he doesn't need to stand up for himself, instead she'll solve his problems for him. Bad parenting on all fronts.
I'm guilty of wanting to do this
She should be given an award.  Now the state has taught that bully that he can bully other kids and charge their parents if they do anything about it.
You guys are acting like this mom punched the boy in the face before strangling him. It was a fucking backhand, if this was the 80s it would've been perfectly fine. This kid clearly doesn't know the wrongs of bullying, what was she supposed to do; send him to a fucking naughty corner? School unions don't care about bullying at all.
She got arrested really?
I personally think that every bully of any age should get slapped. This kid had it coming, how are you going to point out someone's flaws and expect to get put on a pedestal and not get a beating. I think the mother did the right thing, she shouldn't be charged with assault and child abuse because she was protecting her kid, but if It was a white mother she'd get off scot free.
It's not like the superintendent or the teachers do anything. They only care if a child's blood is on their hands.
For once shut up cops its justice would you like to feel sucidal thoughts of bullying then someone saves your face come on cops be justice just arrest the damn bully before it's too late and ye bus drivers do the same thing
did the parents from the bully got charged of assault and child abuse??
bitch if that was my country and u dear put ur hands on somebody's child like that u be dead by now.i mean i understand u protecting ur child but slapping somebody's child thats jus wrong,sometimes u dont know what ur child do to other ppl's children so u had no fucking right and i hope they lock ur fucking ass up for a long fucking time
+Jessica Mathieu  typical cop kiss ass bitch 
+anna anna you sure do go out your way to be a nigger ..
I don't see the big deal here. I used to get slapped when I was a kid for much less serious stuff. Where I came from this woman would get a medal.
This is like Madea in real life GO GIRL WHOO!!!!!
hit my child i'm waiting outside that school bus for u bitch straight up she would of been better off letting her son hit the boy back not u. your an adult stupid. Dont put your hands on people kids peiod
I am not saying that is ok what she did but I will do the same thing if I see somebody bully my baby I love my son I can do anything for him.
Charged with assault battery and child abuse... Bull...shit
Mama bear. !! Errrr.. Woman do not touch the kid. Go find his mother n fight her.
She's stupid. She doesn't realize she just made it worse fo her kid
This women had every right to slap this bully cause who's child's parent want to see there son crying and in this case Slap a Bully
I like that girl she's a beast I would do that to someone hit my child😉
I'm sorry but if that happened to my kid Id probably slap the kid. Sorry but kids get bullied too much these days and if my kid won't hit the kid I will.
I would do same and do it after the sentence.
She slapped her own kind {Black} for bulling. She can say it's racial discrimination.
And now her crazy a$$ is in prison. Somebody say city kids problems. :D
I would have done the same thing I would not have let my kid get beat up and not do anything about it
If some bitch hits my child, for whatever reason, they're gonna be in a world of pain!
kid's mom wont whip his ass so some else had to do it.It takes a village people! Good for her!
Id punch that little idiot if i was her good job
I'm glad the kid got slapped he kid deserves it
Yeah I would do the same thing to a bully if they did that ... That's what they deserve.
So they didn't give a shit about the bully?
What a great example she's setting to the other children on the bus. 
got caught in the moment
that tiny cry-squeak! :< idgaf if he hit her son. Why is her son such a pussy? I would have beat him up myself. -3-
Old video 😳 at the end it says iPad 2 revealed
0:12 bus driver is like "cool, now get the fuck outta my bus"
Bullies need to learn hurting others is bad, And I would have done the same If I was this person
Whores always have a lip ring, always.
Its a slap on the cheek, the bully didn't get beat up or anything.
Leave it to a nigger to punch a fucking kid.
+barbaro267 Go fuck yourself hahahaha sissified cunt.
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