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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Ice Cream Comic Con

by Rooster Teeth • 2,315,919 views

Like the animated adventure? Check out all of the Rooster Teeth Podcast here: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures #49 is a collection of stories from New York Comic Con all...

I guess you can say Barbara met an ice "creep". Huh? Huh?
Says the guy with your picture.
I agree that Barbara is a very pretty girl, but that's no reason to expect her to dress like a slut.
I didn't say she dressed in revealing clothing. I was replying to the original comment made by +msnoahxlukefan where she called dressing in revealing clothes was dressing slutty. I didnt mean to say that she WAS dressing in skimpy clothes.
+Fire Twerks Yeah I realised that after reading it again, but couldn't delete my comment for some reason. My mistake dude.
I know it'd bad for business and like the company image....but god it would have been amazing if Michael had just started yelling at that asshole old dude. Michael-yelling. Woulda served him right.
I like Barb, she's pretty, and she's the Goddess of puns. She is not a god damned booth babe, she doesn't get paid to stand around and look pretty. She's there to melt your brain with puns, you should never confuse her with a booth babe lest you be incur the Pun Godesses' wrath
she is pretty hot though
(the ice cream story) And now I think Barbra's fanboys outnumber Kara's. 
Barbara would need to CHILL to sell Ice Cream
Cool it with the puns or I will stab you.
+Levahk you said cool it LoL
We sold more f*cking ice cream than you believe!
what the fuck, guy?
What the f•€k, guy!?
i love Michael's accent imitation of the old man. 
What kind of ice cream were they selling?!
Danny Devito at the rt booth
don't tell Yang what to wear
It would be funnier if the guy turned around when she was doing that
Kind of strange of think Barbara got confused by everyone else when she's clearly the best one at RT.
Forget the voice actor of Tex, there is Barbra right? -.-
The marketing world would agree with the old creepy guy's approach to sales, sad enough.
So would ign and machinimas news segments
+spencer reed And IGN would probably force her to wear an 'I love CoD' t-shirt.
I love old people like that. Hilarious!
Whats up with the whole Kara ice cream thing?
Naw. As fr as I know that's it. Amazing how much a few minutes of banter can spread so heavily through out the fandom. It's not all that hard to believe considering how everyone wanted the girl who plays Tex (I can't remember her name) to punch them in the balls because Tex did it to Griff in RvB.
+l337m4s73r Oh. I didn't know that's what that was about. :)
Wow, Barb. That's.......... looks both ways ............... cold
I think the guy that came to them at the booth was mediocrefilms he does a yeshmen blehen thing were he basicly trolls people
2 years later...I think I finally realised what brand of ice cream he was referring to....
Would someone explain me why the two guys wanted the ice cream knocked out from them?
+Matthew Randell No, but I know the animated adventures I think is called "Kara's exciting day"
Barbara's my favourite of the girls. :) lol
Ha. When people didn't know who Barbara was.
Their old man voices are actually really good.
Trust me, pal; Yang is more than just your average booth babe.
It's funny if you imagine the short fat dude is Danny DeVito.
I imagined him more as Joe Pesci.
whats the thing with the ice cream and kara?
German dude-0 Kara er.... Barbra-1
If you guys were to come to NY Comic Con this year, I would actually cry
at 1:00, i love how rooster made him look so smug
Oh so Kara is the mean bitch.
"and there all like, its not the same:(" nearly fell out of my damn chair.
Poor Barb. Never mind the creepy dude, but being denied ice cream is a tragedy no one should have to go through.
well I supposed this means the booth babe thing isn't limiteed to the video game  conventions
You know the wired guy is Ron jermy
Kathleen is tex or somthing like that
You can see the ground through Burnie's legs at 1:11.....
I thought those were just Stalkings.
This made me realize Kara gets paid to be a bitch...holy shit...if you guys ever fire her I'd like to apply for the job.
for those of you wondering if you look up Barbara Dunkelman nudes on google images your desired pictures will show up I've never cummed so much in my life
That awkward moment when Barbara actually sees this...
What happened to those days?
Was he referring to haügen das? Spelled it wrong but you know what I
Dude i would fuck that guy up been get the fuck out of here
Praise sweet baby Jesus and the all mighty lord for all things good
Speiseeis? Now those chinese characters from "Worst Animation of All Time" seem legit.
I honestly would be ok if at the next RTX the girls were booth babes
+Ginger Daikaiju everyone is. want burnie or gus to be booth babes now?
Some short fat dude lol
1:07 sounds like every swedish girl ever in the summer. Anyone who has been to sweden in the summer knows that xD
Swedish supermodels are nice.
Yea, but the literal temperature in Sweden is cold as fuck.
Michael night be my favourite, purely for how often he calls out shitty dude behaviour. You go, Michael.
the old old guy at the end sounds like greg Benson's character yeshmin
Cause he fucking turns his body.... Fucking shit.....
barbaras middle fingers look like bananas
Right. Thinks for the info. Now here's some for you: They said "models", didn't they?
Bullshieeet i live in Sweden and besides emos there are plenty of girls fiting that descriptsion :D
No no no, pay attention to the thunder and the buttons.
Was that Carl from Aquateen Hunger Force?
I love how people are getting mad at RT for talking about "hot swedish blonde woman with short skirts" when they are not even the ones who stated... And at any point the guy generalized swedish women saying that they are all like that, he just talked about specific ones
*cold as dicks Every comparison/simile must be dick related in RoosterTeethLand, for that is the will of Geoff.
Love Michael's lack of social ethics. Glad I'm not the only one.
It depends where you are, in the south parts of Sweden (where I'm living), it's a mirakle if there's snow all winter. But, yeah, in the north parts it is. : /
I really need a shit, Ah, I'll hold it and watch a few more.
michael like a man. good job on standing up for the lady. *applause
I was just kidding. I'm not Reality. I'm a girl from Sweden. Hi! :)
well the rain in spain mostly lands on the planes
Yep, sometimes. But not in the summer. The Gulf Stream makes it possible for us to live normally here. Without it it would be really cold.
View it as a blessing! Have a third thumbed up comment.
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