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How It Should Have Ended: Video Games - Skyrim

by Machinima • 3,494,096 views Click here to watch How it Should Have Ended - Assassin's Creed How it Should Have Ended - Skyrim The dragons have returned and only by harnessing the...

So much wasted animation. Needs better writers...people who know what's funny.
skyrim is such an easy prey, there are some way funnier parodies but I still like it
+wade fepuleai your life cant be worth much if youre on the internet. welcome to the club :D
Skyrim CAN end. I did it. Literally no quest left except the never ending ones. Nothing left to do, so ILL START OVER!
+Carl Broström  pc cream aas pufd up aas hole do ME a favoure and swalow a greanade
why are there 5 grey beards?
Yeah I'm pretty f**king sure there are 4 Greybeards+Paarthunax as their master P.s. he's a dragon The 5th one might be Ulfric Stormcloak if he rejoined the Greybeards...or...💩
Ones actually a Moth Priest from White Gold Tower in the Imperial City in Cirodiil
for me this is accually happening in my Skyrim game Whiterun is currently being attacked by Alduin and they can't kill him nor can I he seems unstoppable this came about when i found out Aldiun's ID code and I summoned him in Whiterun and he is now there perminantly ( HOW DO I GET RID OF HIM)
+Mahatmy It shouldn't. Alduin isn't in the game world unless pre-determined. Like in Kynesgrove. He spends 90% of the time in Sovengarde.
There is actually a book somewhere Skyrim telling that there is some voice master so powerfull that can not speak with out unleashing shouts, so they had to mimic or writte on scrolls to communicate. True story
Ahem... for everyone who doesn't play Skyrim, Thuum don't work like that. They aren't just random noises- Dovahzul is an actual language, and all Thuum are strings of words in Dovahzul that have to be said in the correct order. For everyone who replies with "It's just a video"- so what? If you are going to talk about a game then at least do it well.
if you want to read lore go to uesp...
I used to be a weapon like you. Then I took a knee to the arrow.
please stop screwing with my mind......O.o
I used to be sane like you. Then I took YouTube to the mind.
Omfg all the skyrim fanboys trying to explain the physics is just funny XD it's a damn joke people video made for laughs
I thought dragon shouts will only function when saying a "dragon word", not every human word we use (-_-) 
I thought people could take a joke (-_-)
is there even a mod that causes the companion members to fetch an item if you throw it
+Maxwell! the only other one is sylgia
Still luv this::}] ^^
Hah i love the companion part
The whole joke about the dragonborn not being able to speak without blowing things up doesn't actually make sense in the game's continuity.  It is specifically stated in the lore that the dragonborn is unique with the voice partly because he can easily speak normally, and at a moments notice can speak in the dragon tongue to release a shout.  Then again, the joke may be relating to the fact that we the players literally don't hear our character verbally speak except when they are shouting...either or I guess.
literally one of the least compelling main quest stories ever. Forgot the story like 3 hours after I beat it.
No! Your supposed say Joor Zah Frul! Good grief, no one het nok faal vahlok deinmaar do dovahgolz ahrk aan fus do unslaad rahgol ahrk vulom. Except for me of course. I actually use Dragonrend instead of Unrelenting force.
I one shot Alduin with mehrunes razor lol
+Colin Michael You told Jordan to stop bragging, and you're the one bragging about one-shotting Alduin. 
+Colin Michael Ever heard of speed running? Someone beat alduin at level 1 with a dragonslayer/ Blades weapon. Look it up.
I defeated alduin on the first try using dragonrend and several health potions. I was expecting more from such an intense game. :P
+bob Bhogal I just stumbled across this mod that makes that fight AWESOME: "World Eater Beater" -
+Gwise The death animation was GLORIOUS. What are you talking about!? Alduin fucking EXPLODES!!
I laughed at the companions part xD
Wait a sec why is dragonborn speakin English we he shouted its only dragon tongue he can shout im now confused with skyrim lore
First time i played Skyrim I made a character that was completely spell-less. Just a dagger wielding archer. That character is still the most powerful one i've made and haven't seen anyone else made a stronger one. He can ONE shot Gaints steal and assassinate anything
Just use some mods and you will kill Alduin by punching it too :P
I think you mean giants one shot you, you can steal anything but you get caught and you try to kill but you kill yourself P.S take it of very easy
well this cant be true because the jarl of whiterun in the great hall there is a massive dragon trap  (when you go into dragonsreach go to the greathall door open the door go in walk forward a bit then look up you shood see a big long wooden stick)
Yeah but we are talking about Alduin :l
Why are there five graybeards at the beginning... When the 5th is Paarthunax the dragon?
There is only 4 greybeards NOT 5!!
The ending totally made my life
Wait, 5 Nord Greybeards?
funny thing, skyrim doesnt end, maybe main storyline will end, but side quests... new quests appear ewerywhere, random guy might come at you and give you something new, thats why its interesting and still popular. + DLCs make this game two times bigger.
You should have been able to side with alduin
I'll have you know there's no pussssiiiieeeee!!!!
his R2 button must me stuck... 
theirs no ending to elder scrolls games idiot
So he shouted the Dragon Rent
Team Jacob xD omigosh i totally get a joke onthe first sight.
It would be cool if you could choose Alduins side :/
That would have been the best ending ever...
Anna Schneider Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Haha, this would have been the best ending imaginable! XD
i had that quest but it did not work
you know people, i bought this game later than most of you probably, around march of 2013 because a lot of friends told me that it IS a FREAKING awesome game. after finishing the main quest, just like most, i was expecting something awesome to happen..... not a thing! (and my main disappointment? i tried to finish most side quest before finishing the ALMIGHTY ALDUIN. was so disappointing! was expecting the grandest cutscene from such an awesome game. an open world game must have its own restriction if you ask me. if not then do cut scenes after finishing some grand side quest... an ending if you will. a closure! a thing to make you "think" that you accomplished something, that is the main reason we play games... a carrot on a stick... a sense of "false accomplishment" more than just investing in hours that would not make us financially superior than what we were before the game. IMO
+Leo Huynh Well, to be fair, Oblivion did have that ending one where Martin speaks to you from the "SPOLIERS!" Ghostly otherworld.
"Take an arrow to the knee" = get married. Just saying. Its a saying.
Or, y'know, it's just another piece of over-used fluff dialogue with no meaning behind it... People read too much into things.
+Jackie MacGuire No, that's what it means. There are no greaves in Skyrim. Its meant to reference the lack of Greaves.
i used the "tgm" command to complete the game :3
I used it in Oblivion a lot when I wanted to heal while out of combat...
The Skyrim shouting is  not just shouts, but based on the dragon power of the 'thum'. It is not just shouting, but shouting of words of power. Words that have meaning to and must be meant from within, for your power is your voice to stand against the tyranny of the dragons. As dragonborn, you are a roaring lion amongst your fellow mouse/men.
i used to be traveler like him xDD 
i wish i didnt have to kill alduin he seemed like a good guy but at least now i can control my voice
let me put it this way when skyrim was first made no mods existed for it which means it had a vanilla ending to the game killing alduin  hence ending the game. your arguments on mods dosent pan out since it is not from the original vanilla skyrim  you cant claim the mods were part of the original story line  giving skyrim its end no matter what  aslo mods are just dragging on the means to a end i can beat the entire skyrim game and add mods skyrim is still beaten but now Im beating the mods for entertainment not skyrim.
Kruziik Lahvu Fent Alok
did they borrow/bought this from HISHE?
5 Greybeards, this guy has never played Skyrim before, I presume...
Perfect i love alduin! Epic dragon
You should do How Dragon Age 2 should have ended. 
its funny because they are werewolves 
This HISHE was pretty lazy. Like is this really how they thought it should have ended?
Lol I love most the end
laugh out loud yea thats not how it should of ended
Y were the memburs of the Companiuns acting lik dogs? No spoilirs plz, thanks.
This is how it should have ended lol
Does skyrim really have a ending?
I had no idea Sir Alduin is British. Thanks for telling, cheers
The blessing of Kynareth rules :D
You should do another like this one because this is one was freaking hilarious.
this is why you never hear dragonborn speaking
Why there are 5 Greybeards? xD
If I happen to recall correctly, wasn't there a dragon trap inside Dragonseach? How come the guards didn't use that?
+MrChickenMcNuggets Yeah, but that's only because the Dragonborn told the Jarl of Whiterun to trap a dragon there. The guards wouldn't lure a dragon to Dragonsreach and trap it without the help of the Dragonborn. Nords in "Modern day" Skyrim aren't as brave or crazy as they were in old Skyrim.
+Thallanar Rabidtooth true though, i remeber crafting a 1 hit bow for myself and auldin just died in 1 shot very anti climatic but whatever works
(Stands up clapping) Beautiful!
I thought Aldwin was tricked to goto whiterun. I also thought that the Thu'ums were in dragon language.
Does this contain spoilers?
Isn't there only four (human) greybeards? Why is there a fifth one in the beginning >:-(
Ehm, was that guy with the I <3 Gandalf shirt supposed to be Gandalf himself?
0:55 It's funny because they're werewolves lol
lucia robinson Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
ok machinima, either you give me proof your working with hishe, or i acuse you guys that you steal videos and take the credit for it
They couldn't steal something like this. HISHE is too big and Machinima is too big.
How many human greybeards are there again? 5=No 4=Yes
The fifth one is the leader which is not grey eard it's Gandalf
That's not how it works you little shit
Did they seriously censor Aela with a Team Jacob shirt? (屮ಠ益ಠ)屮 Y U do dis to me?!
That is how it ended for me
i beat the game when i was level 9 
skyrim is one of my favorite games ever!
"I used to be an adventurer like you, and then I....." "SHUT UP!!!!" Loved Aela's 'Team Jacob' T! "Go fetch the stick!"
dark fox Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
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