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How the Reddit Saved My Life (Cushing's)

by Bear Silber • 121,907 views

Hi Reddit. This is my story about how you literally saved my life. I would love more than anything to tell the whole story. I'm looking for someone to help me tell my story. If you are an author,...

Great story and thanks for sharing it!
Interesting. I'm glad you are doing well in your recovery. I really hated the xylophone music for nearly 5 minutes.
I was diagnosed in 2000.  I'm still untreated because my tumor hasn't shown up on any scan yet.  So mine is probably a micro tumor.  I first heard about Cushing's during an Endocrine system lecture in Nursing school in 1983 and my wife pointed out to me I had most of the symptoms.  It took from 1983 to 2000 to find a doctor who would do any serious testing for Cushing's.  Mine is what used to be called "mild Cushing's,"  so the debilitation progresses more slowly.  Mine is to the point that I had four surgeries in 2012, there of which are directly attributable to Cushing's.  This year I've gone to the point that walking is painful because of spinal degeneration so that I can't stand for more than a few minutes now.  It's quite a comedown for a guy who walked miles regularly and did martial arts. I enjoy your presentation on Cushing's.  I have a video on Cushing's another Cushie did on the subject and who gave me permission to use it on my channel.
Great video- it's really interesting to hear someone else's real story. There don't seem to be that many of us guys suffering from Cushings. I was diagnosed a few months ago and am having surgery next week to remove an adenoma on my pituitary. I hope that will be the end of it !
yes i saw one in nashville she said"everyone wants cushings" :/ then i went to one last week and he agreed i have classic symptoms but its like the sent me home with a pee jug took some blood but im dyin here...imm really scared i am 45 i do not think ill see 50 if this isnt removed .thanks for your reply ;0 ) kate told me about your vid.i love it, and am so happy you got fixed up gives me hope and i need all i can get <3
The fact that after all that you're still such a bitch says many things about your true character. I prey for you.
You do realize Obamacare doesn't take effect for another year at least right? Another couple years after that to fully be in effect.
Boise, ID. You should find us on Facebook! Boise Glow for Cushing's Awareness. Can we share your video on our page? Such an amazing video... So glad you're on the road to full recovery! How long had you had it?
Sorry. I was very nervous. This was the only way I could tell my story (at the time)
Cool story bro. Seriously, thanks for sharing.
wow i remember looking at that exact post :| glad you were able to overcome this obstacle in your life and good luck on recovering
Thank you very very much. That means a lot to me.
Please Marry me Bear, I look just like the guy that saved your life. It will be a sexless marriage until I get surgery, I have no sex drive promise and looking kinda like a fat Alf these days, anyway once I get the snip.. Then my cognitive difficulties will clear up and I will think better of it. Thanks see fat people arrrre funny ;) really..Thank you x
Wow. I hope you get it figured out quickly. It gets better
I have mixed emotions about this video...on one hand I feel happy for u that u were able to get well and overcome the disease. on the other hand
amazing how posting a picture of funny looking guy saved a life. Oh the irony. I happy for you Bear.
Wes, thanks! I would love to do that. Know anyone hiring? :P
:) Tell your dad, this moron says "hi" and thanks for the compliment.
It's really great you're doing well. Still..Reddit sucks T_T
Yeah!! You're better, that's great! We saved you, that's awesome too! :)
What an amazing story this is, You should be proud of your self (I am sure you are) for not giving up. I hope you recover to your fullest as soon as possible and do all of your activities like you did. God Bless you.
You have convinced me to sign up to Reddit and become a member, I have always thought about it but have never got round to it. Thanks! Props to you aswell, hope you recover well my friend!
I think it's a pretty big chance you will become one of them. Once you see 1000 patients with diffuse symptoms who have no disease at all, it's pretty easy to dismiss the ones with real diseases.
le ecks dee face xDxDxDxDxDxDxDxDxDxDxDxD le reddit xDxDxD
Bear - Wow, 27 years old and had surgery to have my right adrenal (and it's lovely tumor) last Thursday. Wasn't showing symptoms for Cushings too hard, we accidentally found the tumor while playing around during an ultrasound... Did blood/piss tests with an excellent endo, and I was in surgery within a month. It's a relief, isn't it? Would love to talk about how you're adjusting with Cortisol, drop me a line
That's terrific man, thank you for the story! Brightened my day!
I got mine from Toys 'R Us. I'm sure they still have them
Hope that you're getting close to the recovery finish line and a new starting line!!!
You fucking badass. Great props man. Good luck on the recovery.
Wow thats amazing. Your move, 9gag
doing a 24 hour cushings test right now...I've missed out on so much glad you are better. xo
You probably wouldn't have ever gotten a result if it wasn't for reddit it seems? Doctors.. tisk, I've found going to multiple ones for a second opinion is always best. But we have free heath care here.
When Obama signed the healthcare bill into law one of the mandates stated, that people cannot be dropped from insurance OR be denied getting insurance for having a pre-exsisting condition.
I thought you were doing it for some effect, I am shy too in some situations but I find it fine to talk to a camera!
Hi Bear, what a great video! So glad you did you own research and are well on your way to recovery. Very inspiring. I am in a Graduate Research and Writing class, and I'm writing a paper on the pros/cons of consumer self-diagnosis on the Internet. I was wondering, may I have your permission to use your story as an example?
This is really really good, but were the ragefaces really necessary?
I'm truly happy for your ongoing recovery! It must have been unbelievably terrifying knowing something unknown was constantly affecting your mood and health. I wish you an expedient 100% recovery!
well, everything will get better unless you're like me and there are no answers because its a disease thats not understood and no signs of being understood for a while.
this video made me happy. i am lookin at a pee jug scared to do it fear of failure.the dex test let me down bad i hope you have more luck! best wishes <3
:) Thanks! Call me tomorrow for cheering up on Friday if needed.
Maine? Why Maine? No...I've stayed there a bit (back in 2002) but this was when I was living in California.
Are you serious? I would love to walk in your cushings was so bad it caused an aortic dissection...the surgery left me temporarily paralyzed but permanantly damaged. I still went to funerals and weddings. So don't tell me to walk a mile in your shoes.
GREAT VIDEO!!!! My mom actually has Cushing's and because it took so long to be diagnosed she suffering a lot from it. Because of this a group of friends and I are organizing a Glow in the Dark 5K next April 6th (Harvey Cushing's Birthday) to benefit the Cushing's Support and Research Foundation and to raise awareness of this disease in our area. Pretty incredible when you have to have social media diagnose you instead of your doctor.
For sure...and like I told your brother....if you're ever in Hawaii, hit me up!
O.o I... can... see.. some... LPS plushies in the background
GOOOD PEOPLE UNITE!!! I love you guys!... non trolls
I'm more of a 4chan user, but bravo Reddit.
I, too, had Cushing's for over 25 years until I found a doctor who tested me for it. Mine was pituitary-based, but surgery to remove the tumor was only partially successful. 3 years later I had a full adrenalectomy to remove both adrenal glands. Life is returning to normal 3 years later, but I'm still recovering from the long time with Cushing's. Thank you so much for this video!!! I hope you can share more for a long time. There are some large groups of Cushing's survivors on Facebook.
Why would you even say something stupid like that? I'm just going to assume you're having a bad day.
Its called getting money back from the insurance companies.
ew I do not like that pic at 3:27
well nvm and yes your are right that maine is not an island... even though i wish it was it would be boss
Love your video! I have cushings & had my doctor tell me it's impossible... since it's so rare. I get to see a specialist in a week, though, & hope to get it fixed soon!! Your video is great & hopefully will create more awareness! =)
Yep! That's great man...if you're ever in LA hit me up bro.
Boise, ID and a Cushie in Michigan might be interested in doing one in conjunction with ours too. You should like our facebook page! Just search for Boise Glow for Cushing's Awareness, and can we post this on our page one of these days?
can't wait for your next adventure through the world, you have awesome things to share!
WOW! That's quite the compliment. Thank you so very much. I'm glad I could reach out and touch someone.
tell that doctor to suck a dick man.
Look take it as you will or what you believe I can't see how health can be a commodity. I have a girlfriend wanting to move from Scotland to America and the only thing that worries her is the health insurance and how expensive it is and how people can deny you for being sick.....Just it makes no sense to me.
Wow, Tom. Well I'm glad you've got it diagnosed. It's certainly not a good thing to go through but it's gets better from here on out. I promise.
Adam? Yeah man, thanks. I'm doing really well now...better than ever.
hello :) fellow redditor here, im very glad you are feeling better now. to me, reddit is an amazing community and every person counts. stay strong!
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