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This is... Brave

by Rooster Teeth • 298,971 views

Geoff and Millie take a look at the new Xbox 360 game "Brave", based on the film.

Geoff is such a good Dad.
I hope that's a good thing.
there is a special place in Hell for the 126 people who can dislike Millie 
Millie is so sweet she gave me diabetes. And I died because I can't afford dialysis.
I want to be Millie. She has such an amazing dad. :3
Imagine any other job in the world. "Hey I'm gonna do a presentation, and my kid is gonna do most of the work, cool? Oh, I'm fired? That's cool I guess..."
God dammit Millie, thanks for spoiling Brave for me...
If michael has a kid then he will probably not curse as much, It will be a win win for michael if you know what I mean
"a girl named brave" shes perfect
This is so adorable that I had to go find this emoji thingy in order to adequately express the adorableness. O(≧▽≦)O
Millie sounds adorable!
I wonder if 10 or so years from now, Millie will go back and watch all of the older content that her dad used to make for Achievement Hunter, and I wonder what she will think of her dad and his coworkers then... It'll be interesting to see, to say the least.
Shes so cute! I love millie!
This was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life.
The cutest part is that this means Geoff had to have sat down for a good chunk of time and play this by himself for some of this footage and I just love that visual.
Haha! Millie = spoiler alert! The Most adorable one though.
The three halves. Great one Millie :)
Oh my god it was cute enough but I was not expecting Geoff's "I love you" at the end oh my goodness that is so sw ee t
I got all his movie references WALLE, Cars, and Up I think
SPOILERS MILLIE!!!! This is the most adorable thing that has every happened.
This is so adorable, oh my god. ;v;
awwe, he is such a great father!!
I wish I had a dad :(
They should both try to build an awesome house in Minecraft. Micheal is probably going to rage over creepers or something and Millie is gonna be building a dirt house x3
Lol I can't imagine someone letting Michael near their children...
Minecraft let's play with Millie
"they eat the whole thing, half, half, half." awwww i remember when i did that
Cant hear her talk without remembering the animated adventure about her xDDDD still though, this was adorable. I might have squeed a little at the very end. Just a little. I promise. >.>
Longest I've heard Geoff without swearing
She sounds so adorable :3 Also, she's part of the first wave of second generation gamers/gamer girls. I say she runs for president.
I wanna be just as good of a dad as Geoff is :D
how does it feel to know that you outsmarted a six year old
She is just a little girl...not a huge movie just shut the fuck up.
i still haven't seen it... spoiler :( jk
Michael has said that he does not like the idea of children watching his Rage Quit videos, so I don't think it would be too difficult for Michael to watch his language. He does have morals, despite his short fuse.
It's funny how he swears Alot when she isn't around Then when milliie is there he turns to a kind cuddly father Which is good thing he just needs too tone swearing down in other vids incase millie decides to watch them
I love how Millie was probably like , "Dad do all those long words you're saying mean?"
That's the first time I realized how creepy that premise was!
"A girl. Her name is Brave" I died of laughter.
They need either Michael or JD to do a vid with Millie explaining achievements.
Awww that's such a cute ending major father and daughter love dawwww :)
Wats funny is that they made Michael play it for rage quit on what I'm assuming was brave difficulty haha keep up the good work guys
Millie could probably replace Gavin...
I love the reference to Achievement City.
I'm just hoping Michael and Lindsay decide to have kids so Michael and do videos with his kids. :) No pressure guys! lol
Millie doesn't feed Mor'du. She only feeds the good bears. (Refrence to a a Rooster Teeth Animated Adventure)
My god this is such a different side to Geoff. Shows how great of a person he truly is. Extremely Adorable
Omg... The end of the video.. DAAAWW!!!
It's because he doesn't want his own daughter Millie learning how to swear which makes him father of the year
Geoff dose seem to be a great dad despite what he dose for his job : )
I'm vomiting a rainbow of cuteness because of Millie... Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Someone needs to find a way to get them to do this.
character into a bear? sounds like brother bear. :I
Millie is SO Adorable. Geoff is such a Wonderful Father ^·^
Millie + Micheal = Ultimate no swear challenge (oh and play the impossible game)
hahaha I love how she spoiled the whole movie so cute :D
Millie is adorable! "Achievient" lol..
"It's about a girl named Brave.." Oh she's so precious
Millie in RVB? Grif has a daughter! GR8 IDEA!
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