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Dire Consequences: Tiny Clothes

by CollegeHumor • 438,241 views

NEW CH BATMAN VIDEO LIKE us on: In a thumb war, Kevin and Murph face-off to see who keeps their clothes on.. See more...

"I feel like a weird prostitute" LMAO
They really need to bring this series back. Like this is within the top 3 college humor series. 
He was rocking that rainbow sweater blue skirt combination
Ok people are going to hate me for this but I actually think he was able to pull off the rainbow sweater and skirt
I have never seen you before but i hate you know for some reason
4:40 who IS that guy who never smiles?
Flop-flips are comfy
What`s with that guy with the glasses on who`s right in the middle at the end? LOL SMILE!!! :D
Him in a turtleneck made him look like Bob Ross
Why is there vegimite on thuis guy's desk
+Felix Cousein that is exactly what i was thinking
I laughed too hard at this
I can't believe that he got that last outfit on hahaha
I wish this was still a thing
"I didn't actually now until today that babies were small." BEST PART.
Check out that one dude In the back of the picture with the glasses
why is he so serious. lmao
@4:40 You can see someone outlined his nipples and drew a smile beneath them. -__________-
Kevin really needs to win more of these
I would like this better if kevin didn't always lose
that guy behind kevin in the last shot looks horribly unamused.
Did anyone notice the vegimite on kevins desk
Murph is such an ass hole lol. In another video he thumbed the wish bone so he has to get the larger side.
I really hoped Murph would lose... Just so I could see him in this shit
2:49 is the best! That poor guy in the elevator
kevin looks like ryan dunn from his profile
Only real men can roll around have a thumb war with properly buttered up thumbs.
what do the other people, working in that officebuilding, think, when they see those crazy collegehumor-kids and their shenanigans.
They're called THONGS!! "Remember, take your thongs off before you get into the pool!"
I'm sorry that happened to you Sir. Points for going through with it. x{)>
i think someone tried to draw a smile face with his nipples
"You're so bad at putting children's dresses on." "Whatever, man."
Fuck, Murph is such a cheating little dickweed. XD
O.O I used to have that first dress with flowers on it!!
He has a smiley face on his chest. :)
holy fuck kevin is sooo's like a forest LOL... (no offense)
That is the most intense thumb war i have ever seen.
I hate murph, he always cheats his way out of it
Murph: Youa re so bad at putting on children's dresses! Wait... so you are not O.o
someone seems to have drawn a face with his nipples as eyes xD
4:20 a latin muffin top prostitute
How long did Murph walk around with butter on his thumb?
4:39 That guy in the background tries to hypnotize me
"Babies are small." You're so deep, I can't even see you anymore.
5:00 that guy behind brian didnt smile
The last outfit should have been covered with cooking oil and Murph should have chased after Kevin into the meeting with the clients saying: "IT RUBS THE LOTION ON ITS SKIN OR IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN".
there is something so wrong here...
The kinda look like the marks made for surgery around the nipple
So...who's still there from the original crew?
he doesnt even have a dick lol
Lol I can't believe he got that baby thing on,
so can i ask why he has a smiley face on his chest?
Lol at the end what did they have clients for?
anyone else notice at the end they drew a smiley face on his nipples and stomach? :)
He drew a smiley face on his chest using the nipples for eyes.
His hair and beard is amazing!
The intro is the best deodorant commercial I have ever seen.
no, because he only buttered the top part of his thumb
Geez, shave and do some sit ups. f****** nerd!
What do these people do on computers ALL DAY?
3:47 who drew the face on his chest?
Size 33? How do you ever find more than one pair of jeans in 33?
It's the guy who made the 'application for "Bad-guy" in One Direction' video :D
I've never seen kevin win any of these
Did anyone else notice how big that place. Who says that isn't a successful career?
The only part that was funny was the guy behind them in between them at the end lol
i was laughing so hard i was crying!
I feel like Kevin loses almost all of these.
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