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by Philip DeFranco • 782,882 views

The show where I talk about the "State of the D Nation", answer questions, pelt people in the face, and feature the lovely ladies of the Nation. Check out todays Nation is Sexy Gallery:...

50% of the people pressed this video out of curiosity
How much money do YouTube people like Phil make ? Honestly.
Dallas go to dallas or san antonio i dont care as long as its texas
what's your favorite video game?
I noticed how when you were talking about business stuff you got all normal and real instead of trying to confuse people. Its the little things that count Phil. :]
Hey Phil, what is your P.O. Box address?
... Want want WANT... Not allowed to go to cons... Dammit.
Wh thinks phillip defranco should start his own version of youtube (all his channels and any startup fans and his fav channels)
is phil still going out with that really short cute blonde chick (not lee newton)? cause i used to see a lot of mentions of her before but now she's all but gone from his vlogs...
I lived in Winnipeg and it was the most violent place I've ever lived in. I've lived in Long Island, NY and Atlanta, GA and they were nothing compared to the Peg. 'Super Friendly' my ass. Not to mention WPG has the highest murder and car theft rate in Canada.
I don't understand how more than half of the 'real' girls are girls that like to wear skimpy low cut tops to show off their cleavage. I'm not quite sure that that is a fair representation of the 'real' girl. :/
Ugh, I live in London 9 months a year (so I was there for the Hyde Park riot :P), and the minute I leave Phil's going for 3 weeks.
Where are the nation's sexy guys? ;)
If you're ever in Michigan let me know.
Columbus Ohio??? We have a kick-ass Zoo!!
O always get caught because of the thumb, jezzzz, deceive!
You should definitely catch my cousins Katie and Julia Reinprecht in London! They play for the USA Olympic field hockey team. That would be the raddest of all rad.
I like black coffee better than sweetend coffee
Cool :) name's Mooch and yea I'm a thing.
This is why I like you man. You're a great nice guy. I am going to send a video from both my channels because I am one of those unrecognizable channels.
Phil, if you knew the things they put in the animals you eat, you won't eat them "no more". You should check that out for your critique. Also look into the GMO controversy. Lots of good talking points there too.
Wow, you guys are going to London to cover the Olympics? That's awesome!
3 Weeks in London and I'm traveling to the USA for a holiday...god damn it.
>Right click video >Select "Stop Download" >Thank me later
Did you ask Jessica Nigri out? At least get her number?
all i learned from this was to wear a backpack at E3.
Phil you so awesome! I love you face! If you're looking for people to bring up give Plan Rodgers a look. He's really good.
Or you can right click and select 'Stop Download'. :D
yo Phil look out for a somethin to go down at this Olympics. mabey a staged alien invasion. no shit dude!
Question: You said you wanted to give lesser known but talented channels a bump. How best can we tell you about channels that we know about which are like that? Very talented but not well known.
Not trying to be annoying but if youd like you could check out my channel, im a singer. Im probably not great but im mot terrible:) worth a look if your bored
Toronto wants you and loves to hear your voice!!!!!!
how many clicks does it take to get you off the internet so nobody has to listen to your stupidity again?
please include dublin in your tour!! please!!
hey phill you talking about video games and Jessica nigri grabbing your ass is news... don't be bashful... this is the internet... games, girls and porn key elements of the internet... god i love the internet
Even tho I don't mind looking, it's still pathetic how slutty girls are now.
if your popping over to our shitty little island for the olympics get your arse up to Newcastle. its only about 400 miles from London but if you want to see girls with virtualy no clothes on in sub zero temperature its the place to be.
Are ever going to come to Canada?
It's funny how he says he doesn't want processed things in his body, but goes on to talk about his love of meat...
OH MY GOD!!!! *misses* dammit =.=
Phil, Where can I buy an "I Love Yo Faces" tee shirt?!?!?
Still putting hot girls so they like your videos
To: The Nation is Sexy, the woman with pink hair PM me, I would like to practice making babies with you.
nice vedio and what's you're favorite color?
It is a woman with "Hi Nation" written on her hand. You know, just like all the rest. What is the big deal with pausing it?
The human body can process milk just fine given it's been exposed to it on a consistent basis and no intolerance has been developed. Arguable one can go without any specific food and make up for it in other ways, but they usually don't, because it's a pain in the ass. Nutrition is common sense until you start omitting entire food groups, and then it gets complicated.
@MrFireknackers would that be the place that newcastle brown is from? Sounds like an obvious question but i'm just wondering
I love that you missed that shot at the end; you're so goofy! I love it and I love yo face! AND I love this Sunday show-please keep it up!
no sugar... does that mean you don't eat sugar alternatives either? o_O b/c agave nectar is AMAZING...
i want an i love yo faces shirt :) !! <3 .... p.s your amazing! and enjoyable to watch !
How would someone go about getting a job with or interning for you or something like that....?
So, the nation is sexy... how do we see the ones you can't put on YouTube???
the ol book bag in the way grab my ass move...touche phil, touche
Have at er' then. 10,000 years of eating cheese and humans succeeded in the extension of the enzymes needed to break down the sugars in milk that before we only had as babies. Not really a win for evolution in my opinion, more of a stall.
Tell me why i just had to watch a 30 second ad for Trident gum in spanish..
phil whats going on man? you've gotta come down south in the states, get you some florida sun!
I never quite understood what he said, thank you for explaining. Although I did mispell, I wrote new when I meant news but the Newsy type is hard to get (I'm not native). I always thought it was "news |jiberrish| stuff and things that matter to me today", I wrote it as I heard it, sorry...
Phil, why did you stop doing your opening introductions with random people a while back?
No Phil! I'm allergic to alliteration! Achoo!
ur like the tony stark of youtube. without the suit and stuff. philanthropist! SO NICE. keep it up phil
Phil, can't you show some love to some of your southwestern viewers and come to a city around there?
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