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Can I Give You A Ticket? (With Anna Torv)

by CollegeHumor • 950,206 views

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oh, hello olivia dunham
Yep, that'll do it. Time to watch the entire Fringe series for the 8th time, start to finish. #bestgoddamshowinthehistoryoftelevision
+Pernix Ultor Exactly. Not worth an argument. There are enough great TV-shows outthere for everyone to pick a favourite.
nope, Game of Thrones is far better :3
I couldn't finish the video, too painful
Thats basically how women treat men.
I hate cops. They abuse their power all the time. - the Michael Brown Case - Throwing a Flash Bang at a baby and refusing to pay for medical bill - Beating up a 57 year old Indian Man who couldn't speak English for nothing.
If you base all of your "hatred" on this messed up logic, there would be nothing you could love in the entire world. Think about it. Stop generalizing and making cops out to be some evil organization.
it is true, there are some asshole cops. BUT the behavior of people like you make it worse. Imagine you were a cop, always trying to help and doing his best. And all you get to hear is "ACAB, fuck you, you abusive pigs" how long would you be that "friendly" cop ? maybe the first year ? even the first 5 years ? but sooner or later, it stops. The conclusion: With behavior like yours, you convert the majority of good cops into not-caring cops, and you give the assholes a reason to be assholes it's called self-fulfilling prophecy, if you are interested in the concept, google it ^^
After this she became an FBI agent. (I miss Fringe :'( )
+Steve Michael  you're* and i don't care, i am not ashamed of being one and to be frank I'll take nerd over hater any day. have a nice day sir :)
I wish i was more of a nerd. +Steve Michael Grow up and get out of the eighties -.-
So that's where agent dunham ended up after they shut down Fringe division. sad.
She should've used her Cortexiphan powers to mind control him. :)
Lol she smashed the left tail light, not the right one.
there is a quota for giving out speeding tickets?
+5179anonymous Thats the speed LIMIT. If you go over that it is speeding. Ever driven in 70 mph speed limit? People routinely go 80 or over. People just want to push as much as they can.
+5179anonymous How does people traveling at 75 to 85 on highways sound safer to you than 50 to 55? Also police officers have absolutely no say in speed limits unless for some strange reason your police department is lobbying for your town to have extremely low speed limits to financially support the army of the lizard people taking over the US.
My first reaction on seeing the video was disbelief that they got a fairly known actress on a show like Collegehumor. My second reaction was 1) Jesus christ it is actually her and 2) Why would she be in a video that makes women look horrible and is extremely setereotype-based. Not all women are like the character portrayed here. It angers me that this image is still promoted.
Lol, its true though.... Cops need to give tickets becuase thats how the city earns its revenue apart from tourists and parking meters. So on occasion, they will hand out tickets for people going 5 miles above the speed limit. 
Fringe was awesome, and so was she.
Omg I love fringe and I have the same birthday as her
I would have told that bitch...Sorry i cant help ya. Move along, there's nothing to see here.
I think Olive ate one of Walter's special brownies
One does not simply eat Walter Bishop 's special brownies.
They are like that.
ANNA looks cute though..
This is every woman trying to get something from a man ever. Jeez....
Hahahah Oh man I nearly died laughing..... In Canada it depends on the municipality on whether there is a quota for officers to give tickets. RCMP and Peace Officers are a bit different. Hahaha so good though..... I love how the guy fell for the crying card! Hahaha
Anna's massive mood swing at the end was definitely the best bit. Also - FRINGE FTW!
but now since he knows she was playing him, doesnt that ruin the plan of making him admit speeding without him actually speeding..?
Even if I was right, I wouldn't talk back to the cop. During a traffic stop, they are god. You fuck with them, you loose. And then i'll have to answer to Mom. FML.
+MrAerohank Yeah, I don't even know if OPP has Dashcams in all their cars lol.
Depends on where you live. If you live in a police state then yeah, you should just accept the ticket. If you live in a civilized country you are well within your right to argue with the cop, he will then offer you a seat in his car to watch the dashboard video footage together.
I just think that it's cool cause she is from fringe haha
Thank god there are no actual cops who look like Anna Torv. I'd be so screwed.
gotta love Anna 
All I see is Olivia Dunham from Fringe (which is great). Proud owner of all seasons.
dont know who she is, but she's gorgeous.  a good excuse to not be in the kitchen :)
O_O omg i almost got a boner there lol
anna torv is so wonderful <3
DAmnnnn..... Damnnn... i mean just Damnnnn
YOU GOT WHIPED! Hahahahahaha.
Ughh... I'd just take the ticket and just plead non-guilty in court to save the trouble. Since the cop doesn't have any proof (no radar gun saying the car was overspeeding), the case will be thrown out.  Oh wait, going to court is a hassle. Nevermind, just bail.
+James Nestler Honestly, just take a look at the disclosure info and you should know all the angles the police can get you. (disclosing speed gun's readings, observation, etc) You have to understand that the police officers are not scientists and unless they walk through the steps and establish concrete proof, it's very difficult to say anything solid in court. Police testimony usually isn't enough; they need proof with no benefit of doubt that you have violated the law.  I'll share my first case. I was in a hurry in the middle of infamous Canadian winter, and I was a little too close to the car in front. A cop came to the side of my lane and flashed the light. I purposefully moved the lane to ensure I'm on his side, never at his front to minimize being exposed to the video, which is usually designed to see only the front view. When eventually stopped, I said what seems to be the problem and listened closely to what he was saying. As anything I say could be used as evidence against me, I merely asked a question of doubt that I didn't violate any rules but never objected or showed any sign of non-cooperation. Since there were not much to say, he eventually just gave me a ticket and left. I stayed back to carefully review what he said and assess the situation before driving off. I didn't want to go to the court twice and informed (over the phone or online, can't remember which) to plead non-guilty. His badge number is on the ticket, so I called the district and request disclosure form to see all evidence and other information that cop has on me. When I got it, it was a joke. It was a mere statement of what happened with little details. I knew I had a fighting chance, so I prepped my defense. 1. The cop caught me while he was driving on the side. As he is driving in a middle of winter with poor driving condition and limited visibility, his ability to completely observe my driving and assess it while focusing on his driving may impact his judgement and his visibility. 2. There are no physical proof that shows that I was driving too close to the car in front of me, particularly when the collision or any damage was not observed. Canada is governed by the rule of law, where suspicion alone does not constitute a crime.  3. It is dangerous to slam the break when the road is slippery. One must apply the break gently and allow the car to slow down gradually. Even if I was driving closer than I should have, I was carefully applying the break to avoid causing more severe accident, a character reflected by competent and responsible driver. Also note that the driver was not under alcoholic or drug influence. The driver was wearing seat belts, and had winter tire installed, which is consistent to the driver's competent nature. 4.  I was driving to attend a biochemistry class at 2pm. From my place to the school location, it is about 30 minute (or 40 min in winter condition) drive as shown by google map. I was stopped by the police at 1:30pm and based on where I was stopped, I needed about 10 minutes to reach the destination. As such, I had no motive to drive recklessly.  The defendant will argue that there were no motives for this case, and present that there are no solid evidence against the defendant. Furthermore, the defendant has shown consistent character, reasoning and qualities that reflect a safe, responsible and competent driver. As such, unless the court can prove the defendant's guilt without a shred of the benefit of doubt... this case must be dismissed. The police and the prosecutor had some private conversations, and the prosecutor approached me on a different room (without the police of course), and said since I look like a responsible and nice guy they could cut me a little break and just make me pay the fines and not deduct any demerit points. I said I wanted to see it through since it was my first court case, and it was too late to arrange a deal since they made me come here all the way anyway. I had nothing to gain by brokering a deal, and I was confident that years of watching legal drama would at least cover the basics. After I pleaded non-guilty with this intro, I noticed that the police was gone. Puzzled, I waited to see what was gonna happen until the prosecute requested to withdrawal the case. Oh and another thing, in Canada... we don't say your honor to the judge. We say your worship... I didn't say it anyway cause it didn't had a nice ring to it, but maybe it's something to do with the fact that we technically have constitutional monarchy :S
+pekau Interesting encounter.  I had a similar experience which I prepared a similar defense for and I live in the States; Georgia specifically.   I was driving through a small town on a clear night on a 3 hour trip home from the coast.  I got tagged and pulled over by a local cop in this town who said I was speeding.  In reality, I crested a hill and headed down toward this town right as a I passed a speed reduction sign.  He clocked me immediately with a laser device after passing the post as I was headed downhill and in the process of slowing down.  Once we were stopped, he spat out that I was speeding and he was going to "do me a favor" by not calling it speeding, but calling it 'too fast for weather conditions.'  This is supposed to assist with insurance costs going up, but didn't do anything for how much the 'speeding ticket' cost me. Now, strictly speaking, a driver in the States is supposed to begin slowing down before they reach speed reduction posts. The issue I had here is that he 'speed trapped' me by hiding at a bottom of a hill with a laser device to 'catch' people doing exactly what I did.  This isn't legal in Georgia.  We have an article code specifically addressing it.  40-14-9.  It states that lawmen cannot use laser detection devices within 300 feet of a speed change post inside city limits; 600 feet outside the city.  Also, this same chapter addresses the prohibition of using a laser device on hill if the degradation of the decline is greater than 7%.  When these match the situation the laser evidence becomes inadmissible in court. Each of these criteria matched my scenario which should explain my frustration.  Of course, I could not argue this at the moment because, as you say, you must cooperate and deal with it in court.  So I prepared later.  I came through the town another day and measured the distance from post to where his car was; 250 feet give or take 10 feet (my father is a civil engineer and former highway surveyor so I know how and had the equipment).  I prepared weather reports from that night in the town to show there was no inclement weather if he stuck to the 'too fast for conditions' claim. Unfortunately, when court day came I was denied the time off from work :( so I had to eat the cost of the ticket.  But I am confident that I could have gotten this thrown out.
The fact that cops have quotas annoys me.. 
He said his cruise control was set for 70 in a 65. That is speeding, no matter how little.
omg Anna Torv from Fringe :O
Turns back and BAM, Glock's muzzle flashes and an SUV disappears :D
'i had my cruise control set to 70' um, thank you for admitting you were speeding sir...haha
65 zone, cruise set to 70, still speeding...
One Smart Sociopath...
Funny thing is, limit 65, cruise control 70... He was soeeding
While technically true, officers generally don't care if you do 5-10 over the limit. Usually the limit they start looking at your speed is about 15+, on interstates anyway. There ARE however asshole cops out there who get bored who will bust you for doing even like 2-3 over, but I've only ran into one of those myself the entire time I've been driving.
True enough, but he volunteered the information; he told her he was going 70 before she even started the histrionics
wow, that is a perfect example of a rotten human being
This is what most women do they fake cry then try to get what they want or get out of trouble and some times men do this to but mostly women
Anna come back to meeee!!!!!!
I was paying super close attention XD
1:09 camera comes down from left side of window
cough cough entrapment cough...
O_o What's that creepy thing that crawls down his side window at 1:41 mark? Top left corner.
0:16 That's why I NEVER tell cops how fast I was going when they ask, "Do you know how fast you were going?" They're doing nothing but fishing for a ticket. Chances are, they have no proof you were speeding. They might have seen you pass up another car, and just assumed you were. Also, notice she's wearing a State Police patch. My own experience tells that Troopers are the most condescending pricks on the planet. They think they're great shit or something.
did anybody see something move in the window at 0:25
XD That cop is bad*ss!
cute concept well executed
Ana is just one hot dike.. like the other side of the ellen degeneres coin 
Bahaha thats awesome...J.J Abrams bring her back into something
she really gave me a Terminator vibe
No, it's not! Gee! It's CollegeHumor. You know what they're like. No spoilers at all. I promise you. I laughed my brain out
+Wanda Rizki Anindya okay, I just watched this. wth man, hahahaha xD
That wasn't even funny tho...
She's good. She's really good.
Rex Kross Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
That would be a great exercise in acting class. Transitioning from one mood/attitude to another.
That was annoying 
It's Olivia Dunham before she became an FBI agent   #fringe   I miss Fringe so much...
Arttu Hautanen Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
Hauska video. Sopii aikaan kun suomalaisetkin poliisit valittavat että heidän pitää tietty määrä kirjoittaa sakkoja tai siis sakkojen kirjoittamisen määrä vaikuttaa tulospalkkaukseen. :)
Okay...I'm obviously focusing on the wrong thing here...but seriously, WHAT KIND OF ACROBATICS WOULD SHE NEED TO DO TO PULL OUT HER GUN?!?!! Seriously...Houdini would have trouble reaching that thing in a hurry.  Or even if he had time.
This is why you get a hand job UP FRONT before taking the ticket.
Haha that would so work sometimes
Behind the guy, something's crawling on the window!
i'd laugh my ass of if she'd heavenly sword him in his face or something.... just me ? ok...
How will not see that coming... 
This is why women shouldn't have power.
OMG ! Cersei Lannister :D
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