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NAKED GUY IN THE SKY (Lunchtime w/ Smosh)

by Smosh 2nd Channel • 1,290,373 views


I asked 15 people which one do they is hotter ian or anthony here are the results ..... Anthony 14 Ian 1(<---- my vote counts too)
Ian your so sexy! (scoffs)
Ian called anthony baby. 
3:23 anthony: question: what would you name your son if you had a son? 3:26 ian: mike... me: e.e my name is mike too :D 3:27 ian: mike dildoface... me: >.< god damnit ian... 
Anthony on your second try you did an actual ballet move called a Fish Flop!!!!!!!! (P.S. it was when you rolled on you shoulder)
how does this video have 1.2 million views if there is only 7 people in the world?
you mean 7 billion not million
that was a pretty attractive shot of you taking off your fucking parka and showing off your nipple ian.. sooo hot
I have a new channel all thanks to you two you guys inspired me to get of my a$$ and do some thing thank you so much plz get in touch my youtube name is this shaun oconnell its my dads name plz help me I need advice from true youtubers 4hanks
3:44 i love how they laugh togetherXD
Bruh i wish i could date ian he is so cute
who else got turned on at 2:40? ;)
That was pretty hot.
Damn I thought Ian was really gonna take his shirt off
If BarberShopPole gave you money would you give him food Ian?
Can this comment be on a lunch time with smosh. P.s subscribe to me
I Like How Ian Was Just Thrusting
3:42 was so cute Ian's laugh
You are not hot ian because I have a boyfriend his name is typically
I think Ian invented "Grind on me" by accident 4:59. It's all his fault.
One of the best lunchtimes
Its funny because part of Anthony's burger goes straight into his nostril
What did Ian say in response to Anthony's concern with the Justin Bieber karaoke?He said what?
What did I just experience at 2:39?
4:09 O_O dat dance reminds me of a really disturbing dance I know...
I see all these comments about IAN being and he is. But ANTHONY IS MORE HOT Ian is too but YA
@4:27 reminds me of one of those "Grind on Me" videos..
At the beginning of the video, Ian was wearing a hoodie and he looked like a drug dealer.
Yeah Ian's never getting a girlfriend
back in 2010 ian had a girlfriend
personally i love Tea
3:44-3:47 I can hear Ian actually laughing and it is so cute:3
Ian got the moves
Ian is always humping.
Ian's breakdancing moves consist of him air humping and grinding the floor lol
Ian. It's just taking your jacket off. Calm down.
like if you think ian is sexy
Anthony is doing spins while all ians breakdance consists of is humps
lucy in the skyyy with diaaamondss
like if youd name your kid mike
i love how after 2 months there is no likes lol
You guys are so awesome! xD
2:40 your not turning me on Ian..
Same but I am not scared I am SCARRED
👙I have emojis too
4:09 Ian.. stahp it... you're reminding me of the most disturbing (and sexy, depending on who's dancing to it or who's watching who dance to it) I've ever seen... OxO
Anybody knows the music name at 2:40?
2:40 it's hotter when anthony does it
I've always wanted to know that song at 2:40
Me an Ian are wearing the same Jacket! :D
i want my fooooood. I want my foooooood.
On 4:28 Ian was doing grind on me
lol ian descoverd grinding
i have a question can u marry pewds?
2:40 - Every fangirls dream come true.
nice reading rainbow improv haha
From 4:06 - 4:20 was just creepy cause Ian was being soooooooo weird
From 2:40 -  2:58 I was just falling asleep in my fav chair
2:36 I stabbed my eyes out with a fork.
My friend told me that people get harassed at the TSA checks. Is that true? I am really scared to travel to America now. :(
i think when ian was putting off his jacket i died,he was sooooooo hot
Song at 415 is macadamia
2:49 would still bang Did I seriously just make that joke? Ooooohhhh Nooo
I think Ian redefined break dancing :D
No that was Maria Carey you fuckin idiot!!! XDDDD LMFAO!!! OMG!!! Ian when you were singing I was dying!! and omg Ian you taking your jacket off was funny and Anthony so had a orgasm after! Weirdos but I love ya!!!
ian, ur so hot. i love u xx u suck anthony
Only me that diden't know that Anthony could drive? :o 
@Francy Wayne Anthony actually has a Japanese made car he has a Scion which was made by toyota.
What's the si ng called when Ians taking his coat off
Nekkid guy in the sky...... With dimands.. Lol
WTF you dont have a girlfriend and your like 30 you suck ian
He was 23 when he made this and he is 26 now (going to turn 27 in October) and he does have a girlfriend Melanie moat
the are eating mc donalds
there's a weird singing in 1:15
Yeah,This Is Weird Singing I Never Heard!
4:16 anthony's BANANA DANCE
Ian is dirty dancing Anthony is doing a parkour
ian dance all the time in all the videos is basically humping 
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