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by Philip DeFranco • 1,813,764 views

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grand theft auto for play station 2 i remember i got that game for Christmas i was like 12 or 13 lol
My favorite games are a tie between halo reach for its beautiful multiplayer and skyrim with its wonderful modding community also +Jake Stueckle  Far Cry 3 was an awful game, im not sure why people think it was a good one. You could literally get all the weapons in the game before you finished chapter 3.
If I get just famous enough that Jessica Nigri fan girls when she sees me. I will have won at life.
Skyrim hands down! Might I add that I really enjoy your show and I find it not only enjoyable but entertaining. Cant wait to catch up on all your blogs.
Boy you pose one very difficult question....... LoZ: twilight princess was my first zelda game evuh! Loved playing it but then skyward sword happened and holy cow that was a blast to play. Then there's red steel 2, advanced swordplay+guns=win XD for this point in time I have to give to skyward sword but well c how things go lol
haa! square enix are professional trolls! :D all trolls watching this aspire 2 their level of trolldom :D
1) Halo 3  2) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 3) Super Smash Bros. Melee 4) The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 5) Final Fantasy VII 6) Fire Emblem 7) Final Fantasy IX 8) Pokemon Silver 9) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 10) Pokemon Emerald
HALO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have you ever thought about talking without sounding like you are sprinting past the camera?
my favourite game ever is halo 3 best game ever  
I'm right there with you - I miss 2007-2010. Proud MLG 50 here.    : )
Jessica took her shirt off oh man
In Sweden we say "Halva inne". It means "Half is in" :-P I think the phrase fits at 4:46  :-D
Kingdom Hearts the whole series
Freaking roller coaster tycoon...
The best game ever is Ico, then probably Deus Ex. 
My nr. 1 is Minecraft but if that doesn't really count, Kindom Hearts and Mario Cart are equals :)
N64's Banjo+Kazooie! 
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Spyro. Always Spyro.
Is that a TARDIS in the background?!
It is incredibly difficult to try and say what my favourite game is, I could say my favourite games but not game. All of the following are god tier in my opinion, Rayman 2 the great escape, Star fox on the N64, Minecraft, Indie games in general!
Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of time. done. thats it. fav
4:35 'Enjoy' Oh shit.. im not on 720p
you know defranco got a boner when jessica nigri hugged him
My favorite game is lost odyssey because it has an amazing story and fantastic characters and tears at your emotions.
skip to 4:20 to see what you came for
My most favorite game ever is Secret of Evermore. Very simple and straightforward. Great music. Great spellcasting system. I wish that I could have it for my DSi like with Chrono Trigger. Secret of Evermore is my favorite game for the Super Nintendo and for any system ever.
im probely on of the only 15year olds who think gauntlet was the best game ever. old skool 4 the win
whats the name of the song during the girls montage?
minecraft is my favorite game ever it is possible to create a Xbox with the same level graphics as Skyrim while still being to scale sure it would go slower than an elephant with its legs cut off but it would be possible =)
hmm children dying, if its not just random massacring ala , say.. saints row style, but with children, where you dont give a shit .. where were i going with this?.. right.. Children.. does tend to evoke emotions in some people more. I personally have no issues with killable children/women/men/goats/rabbits etc :). .. i think i forgot my point actually.. sorry.. cookies!
favourite game is Kingdom Hearts 2, amazing story and fight engine
Chrono Trigger and FF7 FTW!!!!
MineCraft cuz its awesome or Infamous 2 cuz its fucking awesome!
Ive never played mario before in my life....GUYS PLEASE DON'T KILL ME
When jessica nigri hugged phil, steve's face was like "hehe, mmmm yeah great, you can hug me too if you want hehe, *cry* *cry*"
Arma 2 or dayz ( dayz is a mod for arma 2)
I love how Jessica Nigri just geeks out over Phil, and Phil is geeking out over Jessica Nigri. and probably hiding a boner. can't blame him.
Golden Sun: The Lost Age or Metal Gear Solid!
Just being an incompetent douche bag is what you're doing, kid.
Super Mario on the SNES GO MARIO!!!
Zelda OOT, Sonic 2, Conker's BFD or Goldeneye 64
oh the FF crap yeah ur right on the money there mate, FUCK U ENIX
I think thats because men can better defend themselves, women and children are anatomically weaker.
my favorite video game of all time was HALO. the very first halo. such a huge break through for me. loved playing with friends system linking, all of it. the first halo bar none
Chromehounds is the best game ever made.
Django was fucking epic.... just saying.
it should try countries outside america like coutries in Africa
So i just watched his Monday video from god knows when , i'm like subscribe Then i had that ohh fuck moment you realize you now have 1,139 videos to watch.
I know I own. However you can recreate it in minecraft for funzies ;)
Nice that you think he'd cheat on his girlfriend (now fiance).
i hate those boob trap video -.-
Sooo yrou're black, from Ireland, with an Irish name (or at least yt nick). Hmmm lets see knows how to shake it, probably can out drink me, and a gamer. Got a bf? :D
EPIC GRAPHICS ENGINE! Shit game... fuck you enix...
you're a rare individual. You are right not many girls play video games but dayum us guy gamers love the chicks that do. Love yo face. :)
prince of persia the forgotten sands pc/xbox version best f***ing game ever
paper mario the thousand year door!
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