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Kanye West - Cold ft. DJ Khaled (Explicit) * TheraFlu *

by Ashley Smith • 4,522,819 views

Music Video Kanye West. Cold. (C) 2012 Directed By: @Ash_Innovator Model @JasminMarilena

shit north west grew up so fast lol
Probably the best thing DJ Khaled has made.
looking back at this video, just realised how awkward the model looked. 
damn kanye ruined this beat, doesnt anybody write lyrics to a beat anymore, his flow doesnt match the beat at all
I guess but people actually vote for that
haha Tony you got roasted in the comments over and over again man, this shit made me smile :D
+Tony Williams dont worry white people think black pride stems from a place of hate because white pride does. 
the kid looks just like yeezy too man so dope!
its The Game's son
It must have being awkard as fuck shooting this video.
0:46 What was that supposed to be? Actually what the fuck is she doing throughout the video.
you my friend just gave me a heddache.. lightn up dude you can say wathever you want but even a child can tell, based on your comments on this vid, that you weren't in happy place when you wrote them. 
Lol this video too funny. By the way do they make Theraflu? I haven't seen it in stores lately
"We flyer than a parakeet, floatin’ with no parachute Six thousand dollar pair of shoes, I made it to the Paris news! Don’t talk about style cause I embarrass you Shut the fuck up when you talk to me, for I embarrassed you "-Kanye Man, Cold goes so hard. I still listen to this song at least once when I go workout. Makes me want to scratch with somebody.
+mrbadassanime lmao amen to that. Yeezus was trash.
lol the girl look awkward
This asshat had the gall to claim he's some kind of REAL talented artist? He aint shit! His music sucks. If you want to call it music. You fucks don't know talent when you see it. Rap is hardly music. Number one: It's all digital. None of these fucks know how to play an instrument. Number two: All it is is talking with fake ass music in the background. Just because you losers buy the shit, doesn't make it actual music. You fucks wouldn't know music if it hit you in the face.
Performed this amazingly at melb last week
Shouldn't this kid be in school?
+bill Yeuh Yes that's how dmravi13 is because either one is correct. But like an idiot he'd correct me cause I'm black
My favorite Hit Boy beat
bitch ass niggas got ass and breast!
2:07 the dude disappears from behind them
dj khalaldehd just ruins eveythingggggg
DJ khaled been shouting random words since 03 10years+ shouting we the best.....still don't believe him
I fall out of my chair every time I hear that Theraflu line.
Well thats girl do ya thing...Kanye West - Cold ft. DJ Khaled (Explicit) * Ther…:
How can this have less dislikes than a more soulful song like "only one"
Not a single Yeezus track got close to this in terms of arrogance. Kanye makes arrogance seems acceptable. This is a talented motherfucker.
Misori Perry Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
girls look better in HD and on the computer screen
Favorite Kanye song
guy has slow lyrics on one of the fastest beats in a while
1:37 "I made it to the paris news" sounds like ab soul on this line idk.. but why kanye trynna make everyone think theres something special about paris? cuz guess what theres nothing special about paris unless you got money and a stick up your ass. also dope song, but am tired of hearing or seeing dj khalled apart of anything.  mother fucker talks about how hes changed so much.. pfff
This music video is too fucking DOPE!!!!!!!
LOL is that Lagertha from VIKINGS?
Lol if anything the beat should match the rapper tired of rappers trying to match the beat 
Might just kill somebody and youtube it
Every one injoy the fuckn song before I embarrass u shut the fuck up when u comment me ilk embarrass u
MAN! This kid needs to lip-sync EVERY Kanye set live! lmao He's too cold. Captures his character better than Kanye himself. lol because he's a child. Kanye killed it though. If only the little guy had Kanye's talent lmao
"lol because he´s a child" LMFAO
That's one awkward white chick !
+HardLightCinema Still awkward. And not really cute as fuck, could actually be scary as fuck
Saw him perform this live at they fucked up the beat and he did 1:30 on acapella and fucking killed it. #GOAT of this generation.
+Stealth8O77 I don't know how you could mess it up when you rehearsed it...
Pray ...the end is nigh...
LOL well theres no more respect for Wiz anymore. Cheated on Amber baha . She was a stupid goldigging hoe anyways. 
Petros vls Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
despite kanye's attitude he is very good in making music
"On Nigga I Got Respect For Is Wiz"- Kanye
Bill Lively Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
  I've been looking for this since the Obama Rodeo Mask came out that the Liberals went wild about...Why don't Liberals go wild about Kanye West harassing inter-racial relationships,Kim Kardashian infidelities,all the Masks used in this video or any of the racial slurs he uses..?
this video is fan made
  I don't think so,it was the video he made when she was married to the white guy and she cheated on him...
shout out to kanye for mentioning o block
I'd better not fuck around...I don't want to get embarrassed!
die bitch lijkt op ilse de lange haha
böyle zenci çocugum olacak amk
this video is funny but kanye is so racist. it's like we get it already, you have a chip on your shoulder
that lil kid do :) 
Faggot should shoot his videos in Chicago rather than NYC if he truly gives a shit about his hometown
Kanye didn't make this video silly
exactly a fan made this
Gohnny Silver Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Can someone tell you who that blonde chick is?
Is that nigga serious xD "Shut the fuck up before I embarass you"
this kid is hilarious n ppl wana talk about iggys pu$$y & murda bizness video lmao please all 3 vidz are killa this kid killed it tho lol any one know whos son that is?
@ 2:43 Oh look! It's illuminati.......  -_-
the dj ruined this song
tyrell mcneill Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Kanye starts his song by ripping Mase's lyrics lol... 
I'm going to assume you're new to rap.
Again, fuckin EPIC! Luxor Love from Pyramis to NY to LA To MXBurg to PHILly
I had to subscribe!!! This is toooooo funny!! xDDD good shit man!
if only he wasn't such a huge douchebag
guys lets be honest. Kanye West is a gay fish
MadNesS 33 Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
I wonder how many people walking by realized this was actually a Kanye music video.  
Love This Song <3 ∞ Best Kanye West Song ∞
that's right king kong ? (lol)
" To whoever think their words affect me is too stupid And if you can do it better than me, then you do it " No more comments.... :)
Ugh fucking DJ Khaled is the most useless human being on earth. He does nothing but ad-lib his fucking shitty name in every song. 
That awkward cleaner (in the blue shirt and holding a shovel) who keeps video bombing. He's the one who's walkiing away at 2:45!
armando bushaj Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
mandiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :P
nylaaaa ;) ke humbur fare ke humbur :P
The girl Ivanka Trump 
that little nigga cool as fuck lol
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