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NBA 2k12 My Player "The Movie" - Road To The Finals

by AntoDaBoss • 97,640 views

Welcome to my NBA 2k12 My Player series. Sit back and enjoy the journey! ► Stay Connected With AntoDaBoss Instagram - Twitter -

Kobe be likes that is my job
Who would even want to help Kobe get a 6th ring?! Video game or NOT!
Lebron earned himself that title, as much as a Kobe fan as I am. I have tons of respect for King James.
that crossover was nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the game vs. the thunder
Oh man looks like i'm not getting MVP as a rookie now -_- by the time I start again Im be #2 in assist and ppg
Stay on wizard just score more with less assist
whats the starting lineup in finals?
Damn Lebron can't even get a fake ring....smh
i know what you mean bro im on bobcats and im not leaving till we get a championship were 5 and 6
kobe is pissed you dont pass to him lmao
Funny, LeBron is actually 27 and Jordan had like 3 years of College ball.
burns i agree i got drafted 8 on bobcats so screw u theAwesomeAl
danm why did u brake russel westbrok ankles on 4.54 nicee
Before it showed the Amazing Commercial I saw Pau Gasol score
What's the song that starts at 2:26 ??
lol and this dudes commentary sucks. Smoove > then any other 2k player.
Dude, if u don't like him, don't waste ur time watching all of his videos to know he gets c+'s and commenting. Honestly dude, if u don't like him don't watch, stfu.
Jefferson Mc.Geee Battier..... Bull shit
No one "deserves" a ring. You earn it, and quite frankly the lakers as they stand do not have the ability to earn one. Steve Nash is good, yes, but he is also pretty old, Westbrook could probably take him. And considering he is the only significant change the Lakers have made so far, the Thunder would still beat them.
i went undrafted rookie showcase i blew it off o points o asssist o rebounds 17 turnovers and i fouled out and i still won mvp lead the league in points assist fg% won a ring got finals mvp bitch look at me now
always get drafted to losing teams. i restarted my my player every time i got on a weak team but you can only get on weak teams.
Brian Scalabrine and Kobe Are On The Same Team !! Lol That's Crazy
@ThinkingStupid maybe they want that you should be the 6th man of the year like harden ;)
what happened to the tatoo? it was nice!
go to my nba and turn on plays or run plays or play vision
dayum everybody does lakers or heat and that bs i won a championship with the hawks
ya i got drafted to the rockets and we neer won so i requested to trade to the heat and they accepted the trade
actually reggie miller went 11th over in the draft...just saying
Funny how Michael Jordan got his First Ring at 28...and LeBron James is only 25...
how do u ask for a trade? someone plz respond
i dont know how but it looks like u may have found away to get cheats on your my player ....just saying
Who LeBron?? He really isn't a douche. I mean, yeah it was selfish to leave Cleveland just to get a ring, but LeBron does a lot of charity work
hes not that good didnt make it to any of the "all" teams or nothing
Why do i see.....Shane Battier....Jamal Crawford.....Javelle McGee....Zach Randolph...Kirk Hinrich....and Raja Bell......On the
dude u suck 18th pick really i was picked by kings number 7 being a point gaured i scored 30 points with 10 assists and 7 rebounds and two steals
wat camera is that and how did u get it to zoom in in the paint btw nice video
Do u ever see Smoove talk to anyone in his videos. No. He thinks that he is above everybody else. Check out Mr.Purple0's video. It shows that Smoove is a coward.
wow thats great now all you need to do is get a camera and do it again
u should have requsted the hornets they needed a PG u wouldev stared first game but u did win the campionship
Go to "My Career" from the menu and then select "My Trades". then just press A or X to request a trade
Can somone tell me his jumpshot?
what do you say now that the lakers have howard howard?
but they get more money than u
Nice job getting McGee, that guy is a beast
Westbrook was reaching, so automatic crossover. Nice vid though
im a big chris smoove fan too ive played with chris smoove dont get me wrong but chris smoove plays the whole game anto doesnt he doesnt have the time to run all the plays right and put up good scoring games with 10 assists now thats something anto could fix but im just saying thats why the teammate grade isnt great plus it should be more about commentary than gameplay
at 4:49 he crossed westbrook lol
U wack nigga! How you get drafted 12th, I got 10th so retire.
He was 6 now he 11 and 21 how many numbers. Do he have
bitch im in the thunder raping everybody with westbrook along my side.
How do you control the plays like that? Someone tell me please?
whats your shot release and jump shot?
you suck!! I'm 11 years old and i played nba2k13 and i got top ten pick not top 20..!! you suck!!!
this happened to me. Luckily I had a back up to my season so i started over. You just got to playing from the bench again until they put you to the starting lineup again. There isn't any other way sorry dude
just wondering why did u only play 5 or 6 or 7 minutes
Check out my vid give my ups no downs come and see
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