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Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.162 - TOO MUCH FAIL AND RAGE TO HANDLE

by UberHaxorNova • 585,899 views

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"I went in the hole with him!" That's what SHE said!
hey nov im a big fan of you and i have watched all your epsods and i need to ask u one thing if u make another ep can u go on all my levels i have 3 drivables car levels and look at my other levels my levels r called SgT x Killers plzzzz please do it for me thank you mate and i liked all ur eps and i love them all lol ;) thank u nove you the best
At least he played the Happy Wheels Edition. In the episode of, Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.186 FACECAM - SLENDER HD EDITION
8:58 from dispair to triumph in a little over a minute. wow
Hey Shane is that a Pogo Stick your bouncing on or you bent knob?
Nova is Pogo Man! ^__^ Whoo! :)
So many comments, so few lifes...
Cause you sound retarded. You sound like your one of those "bitch'n about already making it" people. You needed to be more clear bro!
he just needs to learn that the amoeba just wants to tap that "if you know what i mean" ;D
is any one else tired of the halo ads
i fucking hate the ad before watching this video fucccccccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!
1 month later... He took my advice ;D No I think actually you and OTHERS advertised the game to nova ;D LOLOLOL
But didnt Pewdie say that he is moving to Venice for his gf or something?
i didnt get to watch pewdiepie yet but when i do i dont want a war but i like nove right now and when i watch pewdiepie i will prob like his to didnt get there yet lol
nova didnt quit u dick he started doing other series plus sites not down
remember when Youtube didn't have ads? yeah me neither.
my old comment on this video was shit
This is why Nova quit They have shitty levels It takes too fucking long to load The website is constantly down.
This guy swears like a sailer, someone grabing his tits?
why do people wright stuff that he said in the video
Your profile picture made me think there was a bug on my screen...
Sweden,sorry for being a correct-butthole,i do that alot.
Oh and I also like pewdiepie, iv'e just grown to like Nova more.
Zzz kg h kc jcbuxjbj KGB choked:v:zvhhjc
8:48 why we all watch...thumb up to prove the point
lol shelmu made me think there was a bug on my screen
I agree but Then we would get all the pewdiepie fans complaining its copyed.
Those Amebas really kill ya, don't they Nova? xD
7:20 he's not gonna swoop back down is he? Lol
Pissed myself when he went super rage
You lot are arguing over Pewdie and Nova, but im on tobygames side lol. but i agree nova and pewdie are awesome!
Amoeba. This just defines how old people are on the internet.
"Video made 3 weeks ago" "Top comment requesting slender 3 weeks ago" HEY NICE JOB NOT READING THE DATE OF THE COMMENTS BRO
Well that's your opinion not ours. You make it sound like a fact, you should have said "I think" because of course it's an opinion, but then you would need facts to make "us" believe and I have my own facts to fight against your own opinion.
nova and pewdiepie is really friends watch the pewdiepie episode watch all of them so yea
I reject your reality and substitute my own
Seriously guys, with the flame war, It makes the person you're trying to SAY IS BETTER look like the jerk. It gives them negative attention and nobody's going to care except super fan-boy fucks like yourself. Seriusly? I found nova first, but at the time i didn't think his videos were funny. I found pewdie and he made my humor go up a bit so i came back to nova and now they're both cool. So guys, just quit it. *2 years later nothing's changed*
No one cares about yours either bitch
i let my 10yr old sister try it and she made the amiba level in 5 tries XD
Not trying to start a war or anything, but Nova is the only one that makes me laugh in all of them (Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, etc)
hey guy's look at the date it was posted 3 WEEKS AGO he started slender like 4-7 days to this day so uh wtf? i guess yo uguys are more ignorant than he "Was"
I past this level in the first try!
There's a cut a 7:27, I wonder why.
how does it go from pewdiepie and nova to chuggaconroy and nitendocaprisun rubing scalp that you cant see
actually he stopped because he wanted to play different at least thats what i have gathered but your reason is also correct
Nova does voice for Pogostick Man someone told me?
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