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Squirrel Attacks My Son

by Good Mythical Morning • 517,500 views

Rhett's son was bitten by a squirrel! Good Mythical Morning Episode 86! Comment: Have you ever been bitten by an animal? SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: This episode of GMM is...

Too all parents watching please read, If your sons get bit, Please take them to a doctor and give them a rabies vaccine, It's free, All around the world and sometimes you can even get them in pharmacies sometimes. Rabies sometimes takes around 3 weeks to show symptoms, So be careful. And you might be able to get them even if it's a flesh wound.
You can't get your kids checked out then you need to catch the squirrel caught to see if it has rabies or any diseases
To all you morons who are freakin scared of vaccines are idiots...vaccines can't hurt you...seriously would you rather die or get a freakin needle in your arm
Like if your watching in 2015
... Do small children count as animals? Because they seem to like biting me. 
Never ever kill an animal or hurt and animal just because they hurt you or did something you didnt want them to do.
i hope you know that if you are bitten by an animal and you think it has rabies and you take it to the vet they cut the head off the animal and send it off to be tested 
I agree. They don't do anything on purpose unlike humans.
you horrible monster Rhett!!! I am crying my eyes out because you SHOOT ANIMALS FOR FUN!?!?!? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU? I am so sorry.... I just... I am SO AGAINST animal abuse and hunting. I am only 9 years old.... I just can't..... );C Plz keep it clean. if you know people will get mad then DON'T SAY SOMETHING!!! People YOUNGER THEN I watch this.... And.... also.... I love your channel.... Link seems to swear more though... It's ok. I am used to it anyway. :whispers: (I watch Family Guy and American Dad.....)
Why would you even watch and comment he has already established that some might not like this why not get off then.
I've been bitten by dogs and cats, mostly because I was young and careless or their belly looked so soft and inviting to pet. Don't worry; no animals were harmed, only annoyed. I wasn't hurt too much, either.
+Zoe Moore  I do the same thing with dogs
Yea I was bitten by an animal when I was 1. A dog bot my face and half of my face was bloody. My mom took the dog to the vet and but the dog a sleep. I'm 13 and still have a mark on my face
+Yay why do u wanna kill an animal?
Hunting is fine but hurting and killing for the sake of shits and giggles is fucked up. Im pretty sure id slap my kid if I ever found out about them doing that. 
I eat small animals and large animals for food. It is better than preservatives soaked cow. 
My dad hunts with his boss and I am against it they never did anything to them!
That's what happens when you disturb the cheetahs' natural habitat by going over and obstructing their daily routine. They gonna get pissed and attack you. Its not their fault. Btw I thought only four animals in the world had rabies,dogs,cats,monkeys and mongooses.
My sister bit me on several occasions... Does that count?
Lol you better run from me then:P I bite my siblings :P
I have been playfully bitten by my dog, that is about it. Does being bitten by my little sister count as being bitten by an animal?
I almost got bitten by a goat in the butt
I have been bitten by a animal like a bunny or a turtle
I don't think this counts but I was bitten by my cats several times but they were playing
A coworker of mine was bitten by a fox squirrel. She had to get stitches but we worked in a Wildlife Sanctuary and since squirrels are not rabies vector animals it's fine. Just had to get moved to a different cage. It was released a week later when it was healthy enough to be released. A: Small rodents (such as squirrels, rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and chipmunks, ) and lagomorphs (such as rabbits and hares) are almost never found to be infected with rabies and have not been known to cause rabies among humans in the United States.
I have recently been bitten by a German Shepard, the dog has gotten it's shots and so have I, so I was fine, but we did go to the doctor just to make sure that everything was alright, because the skin on my hand was broken by the bite.
Oh and I almost forgot I got bitten by a hamster named hammey and after that I still loved him but I was so little I played rough with him I threw him on to the dresser and while throwing him I said (fly hammey fly!) Again I was little. After I threw him one more time he came out behined the dresser with a sucker in its mouth and my brother unwrapped it for hammey then after that he never bit me ever again but he bitt everyone else. But now I'm older and I've realized that a lot of animals need to be treated with care. Most.;-) well I love animals all but bugs. The only one, butterfly's.☺
Animals LOVE me for some reason. I love animals too but they like... are really weird with me. My family and friends are always shocked because they don't seem to grasp how attracted to me animals are until they see it. I've had a fox gallop up to me like a puppy and lick my finger tips. I've had squirrels come see me everyday, sit down right next to me and I'd share snacks with them. I'd eat my lunch, I'd give them a bag of walnuts and they'd come hang out everyday. Butterflies would land on me constantly as a child. I'd be wondering around, playing like usual with butterflies in my hair and on my shirt. I've had cats that are terrified of humans just calmly come hop into my lap and snuggle me. I've had cats who hate everyone, even their owners, sitting in my lap purring like kittens with in minutes of entering the room. I've had dogs that have been abused and were hostile come up to me and start nuzzling against me and protecting me from anything that even looked like it was coming near me. I've had snakes that weren't socialized well just coil around my arm and chill with me and let me pet it like it was totally docile. Raccoons are forever trying to come hang out with me. In the last year, I've probably been approached at least 15 times by raccoons. LoL   I have never been threatened or attacked by a normal healthy animal. I was bit by a hamster once, but that thing was insane. That thing was attacking it's self and like totally bonkers, it didn't know what it was doing. My mom gave me this hamster and it was the most fucked up animal I've ever come across, to this date. I'm so good at reading animals but she's the opposite. Every animal she has ever picked out has been completely insane to the point it wasn't even aware of it's surroundings. I was bit by my bearded dragon, but he did it on accident. I had put a bowl of super worms in his cage and I reaches to grab the bowl to move it a little just as he was going for one of the worms and we both just accidentally got in each other's way. He was the sweetest little dragon ever. When I yelped, and he realized what he did, he felt so bad he went into the corner and just sat there until I came back from taking care of my wound and petted his back to let him know I wasn't mad at him. Then he went and ate. Heeheeh, he was protective of me too. He'd stand on my chest and do the big black beard thing and bob his head aggressively at anyone who came near me if he didn't recognize and approve of them to be near me. Even if he was in his cage and saw someone he didn't approve of coming near me he'd go black beard and head bob and slamming his tail against the glass. He did not trust anyone near me unless he vetted them first. LoL. I'd had him for maybe 8 years and only was bit that once. On accident.  I have a stray cat that has really become more of an outside cat than anything because I feed him all his meals and take him to the vet and spend all night snuggling him. Anyway, he will bite very playfully. He'll wrap his arms around my arm and hug it to his chest and then stick my hand in his mouth and just rest his fangs on my skin gently. If I try to take my arm away though his claws will come out and he'll hug my arm closer and tighten his bite on my hand. Basically he holds my arm hostage until he's done giving me all the hugs he wants to give me. LoL So yeah, 3 times I've been bitten. Once by an insane hamster who probably wasn't even aware that she was doing it, once completely on accident by a bearded dragon, and finally, a playful hostage bite by my cat (I'm counting it as one but it happens about once ever few months that he feels he needs to have my hand more than I do). 
Rhett should have taken Locke to get a rabies vaccine shot. Rabies is 100% fatal if not vaccinated before the onset of symptoms. Unless your bitten by a pet that has been propery vaccinated you should absolutely go get a rabies shot. There is nothing that can be done once symptoms start- only 1 person has ever survived rabies and they were severely handicapped afterwards. It's just NOT worth the risk to not get a shot after being bitten.
Small rodents (such as squirrels, rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and chipmunks, ) and lagomorphs (such as rabbits and hares) are almost never found to be infected with rabies and have not been known to cause rabies among humans in the United States.
I've been bitten by a couple dogs, cats (the most, f-ing cats), a couple parrots, a mouse (once), a ferret once or twice, a horse once or twice, a fish ( on the nipple and toes, "F" fish too!), and fire ants! Oh! And a spider once!
I was attacked by a dog when i was twelve. I was home alone and i was doing my chores and he jumped on me and tore up my shoulder and forearm. I walked to my "nearest neighbor" which was a 3/4 of a miles walk and asked him if i could borrow his cell phone to call 911. Shock had already settled in and he rushed me to the hospital himself. I spent 3 hours in the E.R. without pain medication and then went into surgery. The surgeon told my parents that the bite was so deep into my shoulder it nearly punctured a major blood vessel and i would have bleed to death. today i have over 70 scars and horrible shoulder problems. 
I was bitten by a bat... I have aids and HIV
honestly i have to say i'm surprised at how few people are freaking out about the killing small animals thing. I expected the comments to be full of "Why would you hurt a helpless animal" and "You're a monster" or "how would you feel if people shot you for fun"
Usually on animal videos, people would says stuff like: "ANIMAL ABUSE IM GONNA SPAM YOU WITH FLAGS NOW"
+Kai Anderson yeah. that too. Honestly, im just...surprised
Once my little sister, Grace, was bit on the leg by a squirrel whilst she was petting him. He was climbing on everyone's shoes as if to say 'hello' and he seemed friendly. Then suddenly, it jumped onto Graces ankle and bit it! She luckily kicked it off even though it was very grippy. It looked SO painful!!!
Wtf?Why would she shot animals?I love squirrels.Squirrelly might have smelled his finger and maybe his finger had food smell of something.
I have not been bitten but my brother has he was bitten by a dog in the but
I was bitten by a swan when I was 5. I was at the park, and I was feeding a swan some bread but instead of biting the bread, it bit all of my fingers apart from my thumb, completely. IT HURT SO BAD. That was years ago though.
I was playing with my sugar glider, feeding her trail mix, I dropped a banana chip on my in my shirt. She started to attack for it. Just imagine the rest.
yes... a dog, and a gerbil, and maybe another animal.
Rett is " The Squrle wisperor "
I've been bitten by a goat and a chinchilla 
My brother got his finger bit by a squirrel while feeding it pizza at Virginia Hilton park,SC and I just sat and laughed because we've told him to not tons of times
+chefdan87 because we are murdering them. Imagine them shooting us! >:(
+Ana Teuttli We hunt to feed our families. We hunt to know exactly where our food has come from. We hunt to control the population of certain intrusive species. Grow up and start living in the real world. Why would i pay thousands of dollars to fill my refrigerator and freezers with meat pumped full of hormones and preservatives? When for the cost of a hunting license, ammo and the effort of tracking, killing and processing the animals i can stock a years worth of nature pure meat. Butterball turkeys for thanksgiving and Christmas or two shotgun shells and wild turkeys which taste ten times better. Hunting is necessary and will never stop.
I got bit by my hedgehog just yesterday..... didn't hurt much though :)
Dear Rhett and Link you may wish to check out the construction of flame throwers made from super soakers, flammable liquid, a bbq lighter and duct tape. I've seen awesome results and not only would you kill the prey but it's pre cooked. Enjoy!
I've been bit by a leamer and a kangaroo and a small snake 
my friend called josh (he was 6 then) his lip got bit by a ferret!
Funny story, My cousin Hailey was playing with he neighbors dog and she was just saying i love you i love you i love you to  the dog, So then the dog got pissed and bit her from next to her temple to her chin, She had to get 20 stiches but the doc said pick what color stiches you want there was Pink, Blue, Purple, And rainbow, So like any other 5 year old girl she said pink please i want to look pretty and not ugly, So they were getting ready to do everything, They forgot the numbing shots, Her parents said they have never heard someone scream that loud.
This is darians cousin and I was attacked by a dog when I was to and I still have scars
Lock could have rabies you should be freighted
Why not? They are delicious!
O got bitten by my own dog because she bits all her friends
I have been bitten by a horse and a cat and other animals
I got bit by a chipmuck last year my parents where freaking out but i kept telling them they didnt have rabids cause they arent a rodent lol!
I heard that squirrels don't get rabies even though many people think squirrel=rabies, is this true?
I've been bitten by me neighbors demon cat.
i have a scar on my face where a dog bit me. 1 time (funny story) i was w/ a little girl, about grade k or 1, and she points at the scar and says "U have something on ur face!" i laughed and said "Oh, actually, a dog bit me there!" she gasped and then left. X3 idk y thats funny tho
Omg everyone thinks I am weird because I act like a cat all the time :3 #TWINSIES
+Wheatly Core, omg I do that too! Meerrrrroowww..... HISSSSSS.. MEROWWWW!!!! Meerrrrowwww... MEROWWWW MEOW MEEROWW HISSS... Lol
One time my freind and I were playing with my ferret and him and his brother ran up bit my mine and my friends butt they just stuck there little furry head in mine and my friends pants and bit our butts
I'm sorry but I was cracking up at this comment xD
I was bit by a duck, yeah........
i got bite by a big big big dog
I've been bitten by my puppy,cat,my pet rat,chicken, and a snake jk about tha snake
a swan bit me where it should not be named. probably TMI. 
I've been bit by my pet bunny like about 3 times... Sorry Mr. Butterz
i got bit by a horse. it wasn't painful though. and no one ever knew. XD
I have bin bit by a lizard
I was bitten by a Coati. I was feeding it, and it bit me.
I have been bitten by a snake.. O F*** dies
I got bit by a duck once......
A German Shepherd I've been attacked by a German Shepherd
i have a german shpherd
I got bitten by a banana :3
I've been bitten by a stranger's cat and my own pet python.
I've was bitten by a snake when I was 9
I love animals. So yes!
I've Ben bitten by cat, fish
Kill the sqirle ideait.
yes i have my grandmas cat bite my pinkie
Iv'e been bit by a gecko before. It felt like a massage on my finger, very soft.
So have it! It came out of nowhere but it was also growled at me and i didn't even know they could do that.
Q: have you ever been bitten by an animal A:yes , a llama
A Llama has biten my shirt at the petting zoo at my county fair lol
I was bitten by a Budweiser Clydesdale on my arm
Busch Gardens in Williamsburg by any chance?
I've been bitten by a kangaroo before
O-O <--- glasses... Or eyes?
my finger got bit by my dog
I've been bitten by my Guini pig
I was bitten by my dog
i got bitten by a chicken
I was bitten by a duck
I got bitten by my new dog, i was playing with him, and he bit my face. i had to go to the hospital and get stitches. my dad took him to the the pound. ='(. (his name was charlie!lol)
Why did you dad take him to the pound? If he was new, he was probably young. Did he think he would always bite you? Do it so often? That wasn't necessary.
I've never been bitten by a animal but I have been bitten by my sister
Maybe he was bitten by Scuzzy Kizoozle Curl the Homicidal Squirrel
I have a feeling you're a whovian... My friend is a huge whovian I don't really like it though
Never play with a dog that has a bone...don't do it
i have been bit by my dog
.....HA! I think I made my point
XD "Daddy,don't kill Squirrelly! ;_; "
A dog he was beat before we got him then one time a pet him a he bit him he died a about 3 years ago
At my grandparents house we eat squirrels.
I am vegan. I wouldn't do so great there
When I was like 7 years I got bitten by an ostritch.
I have been bitten by a snake 🐍 it hurts when it bites you 😨
I have never been bitted by a animal
All dog owners know the answer to 2:15
i was bitten by a dog
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