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Never Shout Never - Trampoline

by NeverShoutNever • 2,168,214 views

© 2010 WMG Trampoline Official video for 'Trampoline' by Never Shout Never. Visit for more info and tour dates. Lyrics: And who would have thought That a cutie pie just like you...

yas, this NSN was amazing :'( we all miss it. anyway, his new stuff still great :3 if we could had some more songs like those old times, maybe they wouldn't be that special <3
I think his music got more mature. But that's just my opinion. I like all the songs.
I love how nsn songs are. They all have stories
Half of the never shout never videos have nothing to do with the songs.. Or is it just me?
I don't care what you say, I miss this, and I miss 2010 :/ 
and every single time i look into your eyes i see a little bit more sunshine i feel a little bit more like me instead of who i turned out to be wouldn't trade it for a thing can i call you my baby..?
I miss this NSN .. They are still cool tho
Wish NSN wouldn't have changed /:
someday people gonna say the same about you, and you will understand that people change, or become who really they are. :-)
this song just makes me so happy! ^_^
i wanna go trampolining with Chris :3
So baby please take my hand and you'll never be alone again
O disculpen mi ignorancia D:
So someone tell me why NSN's music kind of sounds different than it used too? because i like didnt listen to them since their "what is love?" album came out so someone please like, lol, fill me in? am i missing something? don't give me hate im just curious
Christofer Drew is simply just a very all around talented person, and that is why you can see and hear them go through a multitude of sounds and themes. It is also the reason as to why Christofer is also the lead singer (Amongst other things) for his bands Eat Me Raw/Eat Me While I'm Hot and his band Gonzo. And its not just him, For example: The song Silver Ecstacy by Never Shout Never was written by Caleb who is their drummer. I honestly hope they never stop creating music, I love seeing truly talented artists in this world who have worked to be where they are. Hope this helped! c: 
well it has been like 6 years lol he was just a baby teenager before lol
this was so chill
151 people never jumped on a trampoline
It's funny that he starts the song like that cause he really does smell bad xD
I saw him live & met him before the gig and he smelt heavenly.
ahhhhh take me back to 2010 <3
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See why is he an asshole now?????
He was a sweet guy to me, so you can't prove my experience wrong. Everyone has bad moments, Humans aren't perfect.
guys if you like nevershoutnever,you'll love my covers. Check me out please
Eu não gosto eu amoo <3 :3 ♥
Used to listen to this song all the time, now I've just got back into it and I thank god I have because this song is life<3
When he says I'll never touch you like he did<3333
Miss songs like these :(
this video makes me want a trampoline really hard 
I love the music, but when I get done watching these videos I'm just like.. why? :D
He's kind of country :( but he makes it work :-)
is this scripted and all or is it just you and your friends having fun a trampoline and put together all you fave parts?
Every single time I look in to your eyes I see a little bit more sunshine❤️🎶
Still my fave song after 3 years (:
"Can I call you my baby?" ❤️
looks like so much fun wish I was there-cute song
I love3 how hes wearing the same outfilt that hes wearing in the lovesick and cheatercheaterbestfriend eater vids
aw i love this haha, he looks so happy
n.n wow put this song when im jumping on my trampoline and its awesome
nova hrdyn Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
this will always be on of my favorite nsn songs 
TrakinaS Way Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
It's like this music video was shot with an Instagram filter.
Am I the only one here who has never been on a trampoline? Anyhoo he makes that looks like alot of fun c:
Making it in this music industry is not easy,so could you do me a favor and check out my music on my channel?It'd mean alot to me!:) thanks:)
This is probably my most favorite out of his music videos. It's entirely pointless but he looks so happy and it makes my heart melt.
this video was posted on my birthday((:
I can't listen to this. Not because it's bad music but because this was the song me and my ex ALWAYS listened to together. I just...sorry. </3
Same ass T-shirt ._. Still in love with him <33 i love his music
this was all shot with instagram...
All i saw it twiiter was "i was high on acid. shit happens"
I am using this in the story i am writing.......Thanks Chris for all of the inspiration for love. and my writing.:D
THAT MADE ME CRY!! God Bless you :) I would've cut without NSN <3
I just saw this and remember the old times when I loved never shout never..and I still love ittttt so fucking much!
you should do more of the bit in the middle the fast bit it sounds good!!!!x
my mom said she'd buy me a trampoline this summer and she didn't :(
This is possibly the best/cutest music video. Ever<3
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