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Here's Pewdie! - TekKOn5

by HALOGUYZ567 • 1,916 views

It's my submission for PewDiePie's music contest for creative people, and I hope I can win it! It's a little short, yeah, but I figure if he does choose mine he'd only use certain parts of it....

Can you send me the "Here's Pewdie" sample? I'm creating my own and it'd be nice if you could maybe use Mediafire or something to send it to me. Thanks!
Press 3 for why you came here :P Epic song bro
Wow, very nice. You're right in that he'd probably use a little bit, so in fairness, I can imagine parts of this production in his vids (like, the intro or the end). Nice wobble bass, and I have no clue what the gasp synth voice thing is called, but it fits really well with both the rest of the production AND the wobble bass, so muchos kudos to you :D
eh good song just not much of pewdie. just his name.
omg i entered in this as well :D I like yours a lot more XD i was gonna do the "HERES PEWDIE" too lol
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHange it for it to be longer and maybe use "I'm a snake.... Nope I'm snake" in there I listened a few times and found a few places where it was awesome... OH and I loved the drop. MY number one so far.
Best you've made so far, I think
This is acctually pre good. nice work man.
What did you use to create this awesome song!
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