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Shyvana Champion Spotlight

by League of Legends • 4,597,003 views

Play League of Legends FREE at League of Legends Champion Spotlight featuring Shyvana, the Half-Dragon, with expert strategy and tactics provided by Riot Games.

Her flame breath E animation should have her yell "FUS ROH DA!"
People need to realize there's a difference between wyverns and dragons
I think she takes on a wvyern form because she is half dragon, not full dragon. Like in Divinity ego draconis.
+Andrew Guo Actually, a wyvern's a cousin to the dragon, not a type of dragon.
Her only weakness is playing against the DOVAHKIIN! DOVAHKIIN!
+Zythariko a good pantheon can take down a shyvana. The ranged poke from pantheon is much harder. The only good route for shyvana vs pantheon is building armor. I have played shyv vs panth some times. And some times the pantheon have owned me, and sometimes i have owned pantheon. Really comes down to skills.
+oysteinsor spam 5 health pots everytime u go to shop and get 1 vampiric scepter before going tank for lane sustain,pantheon's power gets weak late game (start with cloth and 5 hp pots)
cough Dragon knight cough
Dragonborn Shyvanna skin that shouts "FUS RO DAH!" when you E Make this happen rito
Copyright infringement tho
Shyvana passive = dovahkiin skyrim
Dragon Knights ripoff --"
But... there is one they fear. In their tongue he is Dovahkiin. DRAGONBORN
FUS RO DAH!!!! Choir starts singing
That dance though in the beginning.
 My friend told me to tell Shyvana that he loves her (which is not true because he is obiviously homo)
Maybe you guys could have videos for each season pre recorded o.o
It would take alot of wlrk to do tho
If dota 2 and lol meet, i bet shyvanna and dragon knight will go romeo and juliet
"Skill Shot Nuke" - Phreak 2011
The build path in this spotlight is really outdated. And not good in the current meta.
GEE! I never thought a 3 year old video could be outdated!
Oh, small skyrim in da LOL
It looks like they took shyv passive (fury of the dragonborn) and made her R's passive her current passive (dragonborn). Taking away a champions passive, talk about strong nerf right there
Shyvana, the Daughter of Smaug.
Shyvana is so fun to play :P
I am fire.... I am DEATH
6:29...... they literally play against people who are worse than bronze 5 in these spotlights
+Simon Anjou No shit? As in you don't shit? You need to get that looked at.
Shyvana is the Dovahkiin :o
How to counter or escape from jungle shyvana: Lol jk you cant
shyvana is not very good vs hard cc. And her ult can be stopped by many types of spells.
Did anyone else realize that the label on the minimap is saying he is playing Akali?
Yea before the splash art portrait was added to new champions, phreak gets to test them out :D
I want a Skyrim skin for Shyvana. Maybe call it "Skyvana."
+MrMooshroom101 The fact that Shyvana was released around the same time as Skyrim and that her passive is labled "Fury of the dragonborn" isn't enough reference for ya?
If they got anymore similar there would be lawsuits involved.
holy crap I prefer her old art by a MILE! pls bring it back :(
shes the first champion ive played. i like her
check out my BLITZCRANK GRAB! :)
in OCE they call shyvana "dragon lady" the casters don't even play the game
Anyone feeling generous who can gift to me Shyvana? Please i am not so rich... However is someone want my Lol name is Th3 3nd99
Does anyone see the akali icon on the map when shy and attack wukong?
She was released before skyrim, but skyrim was announced way before shyvana was in the works, riot probably got the whole dragon born idea from skyrim
I think they actually took the inspiration for the whole champ from Alexstrasza from WoW.
No, they probably got the idea from Dragon Knight from DotA 1, who transforms into a dragon and breathes fire too.
press w and win the game
this no longer works skarner got nerfed. making him most useless Champion in the game.
Skyrim Inspiration?
I'm glad they changed Flame Breath.
Dota imo ^^ I like both though
Something about skyrim?
RIOT! This is 3 years in the future, we need more champions!
I remember a time when Phreak was like "I play xxxxx as a jungler" in every spotlight Yeah he's weird like that xD I also miss Tons of Damage ):
Poor Wukong  Never got a break
This game sucks. Deal with it.
Fail troll is fail.
"A skillshot nuke."
how could lee miss his Q on that huge dragon?
bullshit , they copied it from dota 1
Female version of dragon knight -_-
Force Of Nature  best item in lol
They make a champion that is tanky attack damage, an ability that creates a fire circle damaging like crazy and gives her a ridicules movement speed up and lasts forever, A high damage hit with not so long cooldown and a ultimate that allows her to jump miles away in any direction knocking all enemies away and buffs all her abilities to the worse... And riot still think they did a good job on that champion? Why can't riot take 5 minutes to just think over how bad they fucked up some champs in this game?
Yet u don't mention teemo
for free wins and the ability to ignore towers and champions at once i recommend to get this stupidly imbalanced champion 
My new main after nid got nurfed. Fell in love with how tanky she gets and how much she helps out in team fights. Got a skin for her and she is too fun too play as top lane. NEVER NERF OR REWORK THIS CHAMP PLEASE!!! #shyvanaop  
Ah, lovin the look of the old LoL
yay All those skarners
Best Tank character!!
played shyvana for the first time yesterday, I am very impressed, good in teamfights.
Salut,je suis un jeune youtubeur qui fait des vidéos sur League of legends commenté ou des top 10 / 20, est des présentation de skins. Dsl pour la pub sur cette vidéo (ps; excusez-moi pour les fautes.)Si vous avez des questions sur la chaine je serrai volontiers d'y répondre. Merci 
It would be cool if she could be flying all the time while in Dragon form
Who calls the dragon knight?
1:30 shyvana portrait on the right is akali
Akali on the map?! :O
then why are you even here
my friend plays it lol :D
Narrator: "Shyvanas passive is Rage of the Dragonborn." Me: "Hey Dovahkiin! Your sister is here!"
in the dominion part, watch the kills in the right side of the screen, shvyana's icon is akali for some reason
Why is there an image of Akali when shyv gets a kill?
Shyvana killing Dragon :v
allah rızası için türkçe altyazı :(((
Nah. A dragonborn skin with the skyrim iron armor. And when she uses her ult she turns into Alduin. Oh and her E would be "TOR SHUUL!"
Fucking turret dive ulti :<
Also.. She turns into a dragon .
Dragon slayers slayer Shivana
Phreak plays Shyvana top. HE KNEW IT EVEN FROM THE BEGINNING
I'm sorry... I just can't support building a pre-patch Wriggle's on a toplane... Post patch, you'll definitely build it in the jungle, but there are so many better and more gold efficient options that don't depend on fighting jungle creeps to become efficient.
shyvana is going to get an arrow in the knee
what if i buy shyvana and then they put it in 4800 ip, will they give me the 1500 ip?
who is the champ by 4:15?? the little one..... ty
Shyv is a Smaug from Hobbit =)
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