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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure | Ep.1 | Get friends by giving them concussions

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 221,096 views

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1:25 Palkia's mouth apparently opened!
I think this may be the only game I've ever beaten 100% or at least the first, granted it's not hard to 100% this game!
The only that made cringe was Mew's voice but I got used to it just a little bit.....
he picked the 2 closets to the 1 i picked...
Sly: I Love Pokemon Me: so do I, so I will *click* play pokemon blue bitches
Hmm, It seems the Poke'Park has done some renevations since the First Movie.
Puppy cop is the only awesome cop.
I once played a PokePark game before but it was in Japaneese so I had no clue on what I was doing...Oh syther why do you kill me so much
Pikachu :3 Now I want this game ^-^ Pikachu is so CUUTTEEE!!
Lol Snorelax= Samus (dont know how to spell snorelax)
I Pokemon fan too. I has almost every game
I got Snorlax i wanted another Snorlax but i did hav pokeballs and im sad of that
i fucking finished pokepark i just want to see you struggle at it. (in glados' voice)
I am a ture homie I watch I like and I'm a pokemon fan :D
i think the game you want is pokemon stadium flr n64 or pokemon coilseam or whatever for gamecube
i really love the music in this game too :)
Im not from the future, the video came from the past. Time Travel...WOOSH!
You, sir, have earned yourself a new subscriber.
I swear no matter what I see mew will always give me goosebumps from the ADORABLENESS!
hey myu come over here you sack of SH!t stop doing flips you cokcy fU(k! what a colorful dictionary pikachu has XD
Thats right sly Shake it shake it real Good...
so thats how the acid video about pikachu in newgronds started
If so then i call you a blatant loser..who even say why are you mad...its not even fun to stick with that and ill stick with the much funner...You Mad Bro?
I went to Sly's channel looked at the background and thought, "I should report this, for being TOO AWESOME."
When I played this I couldn't find infernape and he's my fav pokemon
At the corner at 0:50 it says creatures
@Alex Rose Well Mew is gender-less in the games...
in the add it was my cat from hell: cat tip GET THE FUCK rid of it!!!!!!!!! dumbass
"Now you biting bricks whats wrong with you dog?!!?
It's really important to get friends. Guess its time for me to put down the pokemon and get a social life!
Omg, bring this intro back plz!!!
This game is very, VERY special to me. It got me into pokémon! but, I didn't know who was who.
We know what sly does in his spare time with that pro shaking
I barely know anything about pokemon BUT I STILL ENJOY THIS SERIES! >:D
I thought snorlax snoreing was puppycheif grawling
Dude, I officially love you. Pokepark XD
the realese date for the second game is my birthday
"Puppy chef! now your eating bricks?!?!? Whats wrong with you?!?!" XD
8:09 You can hear a sound. Please tell me that that is Snorlax snoring and not Puppy Chef growling.
*sees charmander at 00:52* CHAWMINDUH!!!!!!
"You and i are now friends" Sly: "NOOO"
8:32 Okay, that Snorlax has an obsession with Ze...
WTF is wrong with you did i say something bad about sly?! wtf really!
Pokemon generations is something u should see
Im more excited about Charmander then Mew as
Good that we got to a solution, I am not following a herd unless I choose to.
i know the future and its sooo god TiMe tRaVeL..........WOoOSSh
I like this one because it has more attractions and more use of friends in attractions and I like the second one because you get to play as multiple pokemon even if it is only four. They should make a number three and combine them.
Friendship is Magic after all...
I'm a guy, how is it so strange for mew to be a guy?
Im a guy, how is it so strange for mew to be a guy?
.. hm, is this what goes on inside of my PC box in pokemon?..
your really hald ass in the dash!!!
The loading screen is time for you to say: awwwww pika pika awww pikaa
i got this game but it in chiese :(
15:04 TREECKO!!! I love Treecko so much~♥
Hi sly u rock can u do more Pokemon
Touch them and they will be yours.. Wait, other gender or items?
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