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David Nalbandian angrily kicks Linesman in Queens Final [17/6/12] - BBC One (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

by Sir Tommy Pigeon Original • 4,740,651 views

Though this is the BBC's footage, I was the original capturer of this EXACT video. The South-American tennis player was disqualified due to 'court violation'. They should have played on. Anyway......

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boooooooo.. go to UFC if you like kicking, asshole!
when did you come up with this crap ? and clearly this has nothing to do with this video... what the hell ?
it doesnt show on this video but the old man started to bleed a lot from the leg...
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a que vino la patada?? ese man esta loco
Stop with the fuckin advertising
Though it was wrong to kick that dude, that old man needs to grow a sack. That didn't hurt him. Pussy!!
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I don't always get mad but when I do I kick linemen
They should have a punching bag court side for players to vent when they mess up a shot.
I was shocked then started laughing and the girl who cheers
people arguing to people over youtube, on a tennis video, wow that is very sad.
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ese viejo es un actor de hollywood actuá como si le hubiesen pegado un patadon XD
ohhss noooesss I messed up let me kick this little box like a little bitch waaahhh
Come on people! The video is very clear...did this player kicks the linesman or that piece of wood or whatever? Is this player really intended to hurt the linesman? It's clearly out of frustration. It's kind of you kick a chair and the chair tumbles down another person! Of course, the player is responsible to his action. But to say that he kicks the lines man is really out of this video!!! It's clear that the linesman has no bad call which means he was not the target!
the linesman wasnt doing his job properly
How the fuck do you say he over reacted when the guy was bleeding heavily? This guy is a dick and he is supposedly one of the best athletes in the works yet he can't even keep his composure. He should have been eliminated
How could you say in the same sentence "bleeding heavily" and "he over reacted"? That's screwed up.
How did no one see the hot chick in the background cheering!! Lmfao
Omg he just kicked George Bluth Sr.!!
Shut the fuk upBane Bozinoski they can fkn play better than u so dnt say that they are amutures cause u 1 yor self
you should see a longer video he ended up with a moderately sized gash on his shin
tenia q ser tenista niño rico hijo de mami y papi
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Linesman: I use to be a tenns player like you, till I got kicked in the knee....
This is seriously blown out of proportion if you're a tennis player, you've had moments like this we're you're just frustrated and wanting to vent. Anways, Please check out my channel and my attempts at humor :) all criticism is WELCOMED :O
since you are so good with verses, can you give me one verse where jesus says that he is god? i just cant find one ._.
Mal hecho por nalbandian, pobre arbitro por tremendo golpe.
am i the only guy that thought this was funny
WAhhhh I suck, I'm gonna kick this old man
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love the eurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh
0:15 the lady in the back was like, "SCORE!!"
That's one retarded move. Even if he was just kicking the blue box around the man, there was a man sitting there after all.
"the man was bleeding heavily, but really overreacted"? That doesn't sound like overreacting to me...
that excplains this he had something up his ass
So stupid...just like that....
A la verga si uviera sido yo ese pendejo orita no vive !!! A la verga putos ricos
Whatever happened to sportsmanship? What an ass! This was uncalled for.
They cut out the part where the old man had a little bleeding wound on his leg. (i can understand that u can startle from a wound like that so don't just say he's acting). And they also cut out the part where David showed that he was sorry and cared for what happend. Now you guys are getting brainwashed with a video where a old man gets hurt and the tennisplayer is just shrugging it off.. just like news on tv. :D
am i the only one who cracks up laughing haha...he kicked him in the leg hahhaahahah.
And btw, it's "Malvinas", and Cheerios is a cereal, not a salutation. Have a nice day!
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Only like 0.2% of the comments on here aren't advertising stuff...
he was looking at the right, i guess he doesnt know what hit him... ;)
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