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Lord Monckton: UN Teaches Children They Need to Die!

by TheAlexJonesChannel • 31,913 views

Symbolism! Dontcha just love it? Even the three-letter abbreviations for the world's airports convey a resonant message for the goofy Gaia-worshipers here in Rio de Janeiro for the conference on...

Hendershot Fuelless Generator could provide electric power to every person on the planet without carbon dioxide. Eliminate the Rothschild family wealth and distribute the wealth to every human on the planet to end poverty. Give 61,538 dollars to human on the planet to end poverty. Now we no longer need the UN.  
God bless America land of the FREE home of the cowa... i mean the brave
ALex Jones you are a filthy reptillian. You have been exposed. Soon the entire world will know that you are really a reptillian general. I challenge you to invite me on to the show so that I can inspect you and check if you are human or reptillian. I know you will never invite me on as you dont want anyone to check if you are reptillian. You reptillian scum.
Monckton has since stated "the article was written at the very outset of the AIDS epidemic, and with 33 million people around the world now infected, the possibility of [quarantine] is laughable. It couldn't work." He also said that this standard protocol could have worked at the time; that senior HIV investigators had called for it; and that many of the lives that have been lost could have been saved.
The game is called: “Professor Schpinkee’s Greenhouse Calculator – find out when you should die!”
No wonder Alex Jones never got a big job with one of the main media companies he isnt good enough. He feels bitter towards the big media companies that didnt want him so he makes up conspiracy theories about them to get them back. the reptillian scum.
I did a little research online and it appears that when the Bible was translated to English from Greek the Pale Horse could also be read as being greenish in color. However, Alex mentions a key point when he said "the green horse of.. pestilence or whatever".. Pestilence is not mentioned anywhere in the Old or New Testament but can be found within the Jerusalem Bible. While I have not read it, I'll attempt to find out more differences such as these.
your the one trolling the video PS im not keen on AJ btw
Then why are you spending so much energy defending the douche?
It's the corporations that are doing most of the polluting.
Australia has some good journalists remaining. US just have shouting angertainment crap like this. So understandable you are less fearful of the wider world. Perspective is invaluable.
That said, i don't believe all Catholics are evil or something, just at the top thought for sure 100%. Remember evil will do a good deed to achieve a greater evil one..
Alex Jones is NWO agent, He disgusts me manipulating vulnerable people (the alex jones fans). Sick man.
You see no reason to criticise AJ? Without fault in your eyes?
tangy tangerine, alex have you lost it.b this is the he first time i see myself so dissapointed by watching your vids m8.. omg i dont know what to say.
How about telling about Hell being child abuse! How many adults have lost their mental health in fear of Hell?
You are full of misinformation. You haven't done your research. you're spouting crap off the top of your head. You're INVENTING bullshit excuses in order to AVOID ADMITTING that you are a lousy little COWARD. Taking down the top 1% of your society is NOT a difficult job. All you have to do is ORGANIZE YOURSELVES. but you idiots can't DO that because you're all copying the culture of your mortal ENEMY: What is the power of the Federal Reserve based upon? It's based upon SECRECY!!
Yes my fellow human. Too true my friend and still the masses are in denial and will not accept this mass poisoning of humanity. Get your bentonite clay and keep out of the way while the spraying is going on and even hours after as i do.
Explain why NWO would want some one to turn the whole world against them. Sir, you have entered a whole new level of conspiracy theorist, lmao.
buy the jew water filter guys it works
See Jane Burgermeister june 25th , there's also a video near there of Jane talking to a Dr about HIV
You have all been programmed and brainwashed into total IDIOCY. Your 'internet-computer-tech' culture is the last gasp of your dying society. Billions of lemmings called consumers obsessed over illusions on 2-D screens; producing NOTHING creating NOTHING doing NOTHING. You KNOW who your enemy is: a small bunch at the top And you let them rob you blind. You're LOSERS:Non-violent polite cowards. There should be posters put out on Bernanke and Geitner WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE: preferably DEAD
Actually, im as fearful as the next guy with a decent head on his shoulders. Indeed, he needs to tame it down abit.
IDIOTS: What the fuck talking about the 'left-wing media'? CORPORATIONS own the major media! Corporatocracy is FASCIST! The UN is an intimate associate of the US ruling elites -- that's not "Communist" -- neither is it 'left'. Alex exacerbates divide-and-rule by mislabeling and confusing, further demonizing 'liberal' by claiming it is 'leftist'. To Alex, EVERY liberal, egalitarian political movement founded on social-justice is a leftwing, ie, Communist, conspiracy.
My mate saw Alex Jones on a beach in the carribean and he says that he has got an all seeing eye symbol tattooed on his back..... Explain that alex jones supporters???? The guy is a NWO disinfo agent and i belive he could be reptillian,
i dont have a t.v. im an artist, i write music,paint and sculpt, i wouldnt own a tv if it was given to me, so stop talking about me as if you know me. im well aware that anger has its place, but in a battle between calm calculated intelligence and irrational anger, anger will lose everytime. intelligence rather than instinct is what got mankind out of the trees. you cannot fight cancer with cancer that is why anger is not going to solve this stuff it will just reap more of the same
This comment cracked me up. Everything is evil, except of you. I would be suprised to know how caring you are towards the rights of the environment and others (who are evil because they are not you!). You can have a belief, but why would you be unrespectful (when they have commented respectfully) and blame someone of supporting the NWO when obviously they are following this channel.
That one-liner from Hume does not disprove anything that I posted.
WRONG: total propaganda .IN THE BEGINNING: the French Revolution was the best thing that ever happened to France. Killing off the aristocrats was a GOOD THING. Your other examples are red herrings: they are false examples the Vietnam war was instigated by the most powerful military nation on earth invading and trying to conquer one of the smallest poorest nations on earth and they had their asses HANDED TO THEM ON A {PATTER and they were CHASED OUT OF VIETNAM and they LOST THAT WAR:
That is why you will lose. You've already GIVEN UP! without a fight You've already ASSUMED that the forces of globalist evil will WIN.. you've PROVEN that you're a COWARD: You're a LOSER: you're a fart-faced stinking LOSER a GIVER UPPER: Why don't you fight them NOW? before they take over eh? EH? ANY ANSWER? you fucking stinking little COWARD: NO BALLS You won't fight them NOW because you're a stinking COWARD. And you won't fight them AFTER they take over either because you're a COWARD
if the UN had openly discussed the problem so we were all along for the ride. We would understand how we have gotten here. Waste is the problem of the west. I agree that this problem is a huge problem and needs to be resolved in a way that benefits everyone. If the UN was smart they would use the participation of all to clean up waste. But depopulation is murder and is pointless because history will repeat itself and the future will face the same issue we face now. So EDUCATION is the solution..
luciferian : a member of a 19th century party of Satan worshipers believed to hold black masses ["Webster's Unabridged Dictionary," 1967, page 1343]
you really must think water filters are important , so much so that you make your own, wow. funny that you should criticize someone selling something you find so important. Very unusual.
catholics undermine themselves without any help.Saying "ye AIDS is bad...but not quite as bad as condoms"
i find he often tries to confuse the issue when it come to Israel.
WRONG you are a brainwasshed sucker. I am speaking of INTELLIGENT ANGER: not UNINTELLIGENT anger. The facvt is: you9 have been emotionally CASTRATED. You don't even know what anger IS:; you've never FELT anger. You're ignorant. you CAN FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE you idiot. That is what fire fighters do all the time. How stupid can you be? Look at how fire fighter use fire to fight fire and shut up about not being able to use it intelligently.
You fight fire with a FIRESTORM! You terrorize THEM: you put out posters WANTED DEAD: on THEM and hunt them down and SLAY THEM. 312 MILLION little brainwashed 'non-violent' lemmings against a HANDFUL of mafia banksters? They can't HIDE! You KNOW WHO THEY ARE! They are the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. Learn this: the People is not the Govt. The Govt is the mortal enemy of the people. Govt and the people are TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES. The Govt is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE The scam, the swindle is a LIE
It has a stupid name, but Tangy Tangerine is effective. I have a lot more energy from taking it regularly, which is a huge help at work.
I remember that. Wasn't it someone he knew, not actually him?
No, the Vatican is undermined by forces from the outside and even from within by Judases and through infiltration. Contraception is being used by the global elite as political control through sexual liberation. Protestants became victims of it. All Protestant denominations had condemned contraception from the time of the Reformation up until the 1930 Lambeth conference, when the Anglicans drank the eugenics Kool-Aid and allowed contraception. Subsequently all Protestant denominations followed.
Unbelievable: There is an actual WAR going on against billions of poor people: this fearmonger calls his site 'infoWARS'... and millions of you brainwashed asses sit there and do what? Hide in your hole gathering info? What happens when are actually at war?... you MOBILIZE and you ORGANIZE What do you freaks do? NOTHING Even more unbelievable: this fear monger preaches non-violence to all of you! Tells you NOT to get any of the authorities upset! SO he can sell you more SHIT Unbelievable
I make my own water filters when needed. Costs a little tiny bit less then buying it from a fear porn merchant.
They all fucking demons, that can't work together because they all parasitic pussy's. Death to them all by firing squad, guillotine, buring, drowning, suffocation, poked with an aids syringe, fed to lions, polar bears, white sharks, thrown in a pit with 20 Komodo dragon's, with bounded hands and feet placed in a box filled with red ants, placed in a stack of tires, then drenched with oil then burned, left in small rooms by the tens, just leave them there with nothing till they kill each other.
ok,i think David Hume put it well enough so even u might understand it."which one is more likely:that a jewish mynx told a lie,or that all natural law and order was suspended?"
dude you would be a perfect member of a police state. dont you see you are no better than who you rant against? I only wrote something what is actually backed up by a ton of evidences If you cared to see for yourself, and you immediately started to call me on names just because you didnt like the content. your truth is what you want to believe it seems like. and yes im with the NWO and im also a demon/reptilian jew from space and my next victims will be your family members. see you tonight.
Catholics are not Christians.They are Catholic.
@EdenCulture - Im sure CORPORATE INDUSTRY does do the lion's share of polluting. But we individuals also do our share - probably our fossil fuel consumption is the worst, then all the crap we dump in2 the water table. Corporations r CONSUMER DRIVEN. They r catering 2 the law of supply & demand. So its all about our MODERN LIFESTYLE, which is fueled by the Capitalist economic system. i.e. our lives revolve around creating & maintaining CAPITAL GAIN, at the expense of EVERYTHING else...
"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." --- David Rockefeller
Sometimes I have to clean dirty water lol..... SHOCK HORROR!!! Knowing how to make water filters, means I can safely laugh at people who pay $284 for one.
Australia is a nazi type police state country. I visited as a tourist and was unconcious on apex park in byron bay. The police woke me up and asked what was in the rainbow coloured bag i had round my neck. When I told them it was an ounce of weed they arrested me and took the weed off me. Fucking nazi police state NWO scum Australia is.
Is this the Australia with one of the most free economies in the world? And close to the best in the world in education and healthcare systems? And the second highest HDI in the world? And with low poverty? Oh what a terrible place to live!
I'm a paid disinfo agent working for the NWO of course.
So, either way; this is atrocious and people should wake up as to what the UN is doing, or that what people say it is doing and, up to in actions and decisions, not merely words, or possibly worse: by misleading the world's people, they claim to serve. Now, either she is right and their is a definite slow kill, eugenecist praxis already under way, or else she is mistaken, or has an agenda for some reason to slander them, if she is wrong in her interpetion of their work. She isn't stupid.Curious
Lord Monckton is such a good man, he really loves America and cares about its people's future more than 3/4s of the trash currently representing it. He is worthy of his title due to his intellect, morals and pride of doing all he can to help the people of the world and i notice AJ uses his title for that same respect, unlike the dehumanizer scum with their clown monkey suits in the 'royal' family.
You're a PARANOID FEAR-FILLED LITTLE SHIT who thinks the CIA is out to GET YOU You fucking brainless monkeys need your BALLS shot off before you wake up and realize that you HAVE NO BALLS
The Illuminati and the Catholic Church are enemies. The Jesuits are the ones that ran Adam Weishaupt out of Bavaria. The Rockefellers have been working for decades to undermine the Catholic Church through contraception, eugenics and population control.
Catholic bashing again? The papacy did not oversee anything in the US other than the Catholic Church. It was the WASP establishment that brought its own demise. Rockefeller, Carnegie & Ford foundations ran US policy & they were WASP foundations. WASPs started Freemasonry, eugenics, capitalism (which leads to socialism), created central banks -- Bank of England & Federal Reserve. They looted US labor force of just wages so now are outsourcing to cheap labor from immigrants & countries like China.
Your argument makes no sense because it was Protestantism that was doing the funding while Catholicism was doing the opposing. The deception comes from Protestantism which was the main supporter of Freemasonry, eugenics, population control & Zionism. It was allied with these evil forces against the Catholic Church which was virtually the only one opposing them. The fact that Protestantism was on the wrong side of those issues while the Catholic Church was the right side disproves your claim.
Ok now we might be able to have a decent conversation.... Hope it's past the name calling.... He very much does. Thing is he does this on all issues he covers, some places it's more obvious then others. He is PR for the machine, defusing issues and associating the truth with the crazy. Why Monckton now? Switch from the hole he was digging in his market with the "Rand Paul = Ron Paul, traitors" stuff, this is the switch then later it will be "Vote Romney, we have to stop UN and Obama"
hahaha ok ok, we'll talk again after AJ's first pro-Romney video ;-)
and thats his views within the last 5 years , your the fuckin douche
I don't know that much about her but, Alex J knows who she is, I think; Dr Rima Laibow. She stated about the Agenda 21 crowd; that by their own UN experts consulted,-if I recall, the video correctly, that I saw posted in YT in the related vidz column-she said that THEY said, in their own docs, that in the next 10 years; by forbidding nutrients &, approving toxic POP insecticides, in just 10 years this policy by the UN will erase 3 billion people off the planet, in this spirit of GA guidestones
It's been a nice little chat, but if you believe some how the Vatican is for the better of humanity you have been mislead. I am not judging you in anyway, just stating deception is more powerful than you seem to understand. The Vatican, city of London and district of Columbus Was DC are uniquely linked. If you have the time just read up on it, check my channel, it is very interesting and undeniably directly linked.
i wish the guy in the tie would go, "tut, tut, tut," when ending his sentences.
what it does is completely subject to how u answer his question. How does sexual liberation amount to control?
What a complete an utter fucking dick swallowing little fuck pig you are, go and boil your head. you have no balls whore! thats why you are too scared to face the fact that we are all being shafted by the globalists, when the fascist state is brought in which it will, it will be cowards like you who kiss the governents ass!
OK...Im sure we can see where this is going, once we know a bit about Poverty. see when u have a Population that is poor, then find a way for them to get a Little bit of money. there is Inflation,drugs,gangs,ahh it goes on and on.You see solving poverty with their fiat economy is not the answer. I'm all for Not having a starving Population. stop making Bio fuel, its causing starvation.
Turak! you really do need to calm down, you appear to have tourettes syndrome, you swear so much that your message gets lost in all the anger. are you please capable of explaining your point in a more eloquent way, anyone can swear, its easy, as i porved in my other reply to you. if you have a intelligent point to make then waht is it!
Pro-life Vatican destroys UN Population control & abortion at the Rio Climatescam Conference!!
They need to die first. How dare they abuse children like this. it bob marley 'could you be loved' from 'natural mystic - the legend lives on'! not bad eh..for a 5secs clip....! & i don't even listen to his albums so much anymore..! which i should...just here in the 'rainy isles of the uk' the 'sun rarely shines' & if you can miss the whole of the summer..bob reminds me of time i spent in africa & barbados....ah well! but not bad for a 'semi senile' old white bird! eh? i've been muttering thru' the lyrics i do remember, sorta! so.peace! xxx
"It is the sacred principles enshrined in the U.N. Charter to which we will henceforth pledge our allegiance." – George Bush addressing the foreign leaders at the U.N.
no, you that you should criticize ANYBODY for selling something you find so important.
Did you see what happened in Tiananmen Square in China? One BRAVE man against a tank, and the man WON.. THEN what happened? One billion Chinese cowards DID NOT JOIN THE STUDENTS IN THAT SQUARE: they did NOTHING, like the fucking cowards they are AFTER the govt figured out that the GREAT MAJORITY are COWARDS they moved in and wiped out the few brave ones and that was THAT. You want me to kill one of your criminals for you? DO IT YOURSELF COWARD; I live in CANADA.
Your reply does not answer my question. I answered your question, but you did not answer mine. I do not worship statues. Now, are you a Judaizer?
Ilove it moron you dont get my point that is the point dont worry its finishing this year i cant wait youll all pay for being this stupid
it doesnt affect me, its easier for me to argue with you, than you with me, because i do not need to make things up.
Ignore his views, they're just trolling. He is a pro-troll. The "views" are a construction designed to fit the market, he has a long history of playing this game. Controversial is his thing. Agree with them if you like, but don't think for a moment that he's sincere, he is just a mining industry shill.
Anyone know the name of the game at around 12:30 he is talking about?
Something a little more recent? @16:52 Lamenting the fact teachers aren't directly controlled by the state? You could just blindly worship the man, maybe call for him to be made US president like some here have done. Who is the sheeple here, those who mindlessly defend anything that comes from AJ (a commercial radio host for ABC/Disney), or those who actually take the time to think for themselves.
Adore this courageous man and his command of the English language is a joy to listen to!!!!
murder and secrecy rules the world they show you what's hidden constantly they kill because they can they laugh at humanity's stupidity going along with it it's goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, ...
Why is the treatment of children now worse than "Zero Population Growth" programs in schools in the 70s? Where they were evil if they had kids because it would destroy the planet; Also, they were responsible for the holocaust (holocaust movies to those with Germanic descent), as well as slavery (despite that Spain and Portugal had 90% of the slave trade in question, in reality), and so on. Why was that better
¿Are you sure is from Marley? I have heard that song... but I will search for what you've told me and come back. Thanks anyway for your help.
What did Alex Jones say about William Donohue indicating that he worships him, and did he ever have him on his show? Alex Jones bashes the Catholic Church and Jesuits whenever the opportunity arises, and Bob Chapman is anti-Vatican himself, so how can they be Jesuit shills?
look what happens when hippys are in charge
Alex Jones is George Bushs brother.I have done some research. Dont take my word for it, research it yourself and find the truth.
if its purely mis information then why do you make water filters for yourself to use? lol
alex please stop inyerrupting your guests...iys very rude
U.S. soldiers are occupying & waging war in the nations of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan & God knows where else. No declarations of war have been made as prescribed by the United States Constitution. ALL participants are guilty of treason. The "I-was-just-following-orders" defense didn't work at the Nuremberg show-trials of 1946-7 and it won't work now. U.S. commanders have routinely violated the Yamashita/Medina Standard in regards to hierarchical accountability in cases of war crimes.
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