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Phobos & Deimos: Moons of the Solar System (2/4)

by ouLearn on YouTube • 27,274 views

Free learning from The Open University --- Named after the Greek gods of fear and dread, Mars's two moons...

I think the guy with the machinegun material something needs to speak to a statistics expert.
PHOBOS 1 and 2 satellites Got shutdown when it tried to move in closer to the Moon?
She looks so much like Leliana, from Dragon Age video games. Plus she's beautiful and very hot.
They forgot to mention how Phobos gets closer to Mars every day and that in 50 million years, Phobos will enter Mars' atmosphere.
There are aliens living there! The NASA knows it and the Russians too!
+fireblaze82 Imagination can survive there.
+fireblaze82 it s 15 degrees in summer time
Interesting, but third-grade science.
never thought that our solar system could be so interesting,
They're ancient alien space stations. :3
I wonder ,...if we'v made fuel from mar water , many tonnes of liquid H and O,and how many rocket engines ,like the rs-68 ,would we need to move the phobos moon on to Earth Low Earth Orbit ? does anyone have some imput to this idea ? It may be full of precious metals
keeps reminding me of chaka demus & pliers
I want to know more about Deimos... I DEMAND IT!!!! it is officially the GREATEST place in the Universe, after Earth... obviously
The gracefully named Phobos 'HNGH' probe.
Hmm . . Phobos-Grunt . . whoopsie . .
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more disabled ancient spacecrafts/stations, eh? ; )
This isn't Phobos and Deimos, the scientists are damn liars. I didn't see one damn zombie or imp or cyberdemon, and computer games never lie.
What? Phobos... has nothing to do with... okay what the heck are you talking about? I... just... grrr. Please, explain what you mean.
Best of luck to Phobos-Grunt 2 in 2020. It's great to see that we're showing amazing perseverance not only in selfish, profit-motivated objectives.
The Phobos-Grunt Mission failed last November. This should be updated to reflect that.
Every space probe should be built in series of three or four. The cost would not be much higher, because the R&D is by far the costliest part of any space exploration mission (plus the launch vehicle, of course). This way, if your first attempt fails due to some stupid computer glitch or mechanical failure, you'd have three more attempts to accomplish the objective. (It of course wouldn't work with every type of mission, but I am talking generally here. Let's combine quantity with quality.)
I won't fib. I had to search online for the spelling of "regolith".
actually u can ecscape deimoses ecscape velociaty by doing a run jump so they do have a little bit of gravity
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