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Street Fighter X Tekken Tag Tournament 2 HD

by AVTAG • 242,091 views

Street Fighter x Tekken & Tekken Tag Tournament 2, los juegos mas esperados desde hace más de una decada, producidos por namco, Bandai Games y Capcom. AVTAG: somos una empresa dedicada a la...

@GusNRosas it sounds like what a lot of people would like but it would be unfair
why is the constant woo's in the background :)
@MKTurkiyeKuaiLiang u gotta be kidding me tekken wins everything tekken owns kof
wait wait wait Kazuya and Leo? Didn't Kazuya killed Leo's mother?
heyhachi looks younger for some reason
StreetFighters VS Mortal Kombat
lol akuma would just shun goku satsu the shit out of everyone..
This has the stupid jerky annoying anime explosion NYAOOO over-the-top stupid street fighter engine WITH Tekken characters in. Therefore, despite being really good at Tekken, I'd suck at this, because it's not Tekken in any way. Shame.
@PimpDaddyIrbz but the street fighter characters are more unique then tekken plus some of them are awsome like oni and evil ryu
tekkn will kill every character from street fighter there 2 raw
Imagine street fighter and tekken teaming up together and trying to defeat mortal kombat that would be awesome :)
@kenkilla123 Jin turns into Devil han kicks everyones ass from MK and it says "Flawless Victory - Fatality!"
@571danu Tekken vs Street Fighter will be using Tekken graphics engine
Which Is 3D ( Tekken Graphics) ; while Street Fighter uses 2D! but in my opinion E.Honda will tear Ganryu apart! xD
@KazuyaScorpionMK i understand that mortal kombat is a great game as i am a fan of the games and not once did i say that tekken is great i used to enjoy the old ones but now they have just gotten shitty. and fwi scorpion is a fictional character and therefore can not rape you.
You guys can't be serious! I mean tekken is a great game an all but, say what you want, Ryu & Akuma can beat all of tekken by themselves.
IT is very nice of dan to go easy on kazuya.
Akuma will fucking murder everybody especially he is now ONI
Another boring fighthing GAME.....
yea i'm fan of tekken but i wont buy this cause the gameplay is like street fighter i'll wait for the second one produced by namco PD: stop complaining about tekken and SF both are great games some people likes tekken and others SF and others both
i really wanna see a match between Akuma and Kazuya... battle of the century right there
@sigelang1984 it's not Street Fighters graphic design, it's simply popular in Street Fighter game, it's called "Ink Style" , i think you can take it off in options like in Street Fighter it self, there were other styles too, so i think it will be added here too, it's just that it looks cool in Ink Style, even if you don't like, but the most of people i think prefer the Ink Style, i think.
@TheBri9909 nah i dont think so on tekken all they really do is physical moves (its still hella fun) but on street fighter they can do stuff like shoot fireballs out of there of damn hands and i think the only ones who could take a firball to the face would be, Alisa, Jack-5, kazuya, and jin.Maybe Hehaichi. ALSO at 2:37 - 2:42 i've never seen kazuya do that in tekken, ive only seen Jin do that, BUT then again i dont play as kazuya alot
Poor Dan.... it's always Dan xD
I Like Tekken Better, But I Really Love Street Fighter! so just please stfu!
@KazuyaScorpionMK haha little bitch...wish I could find you...I'd have alot of fun with that little fag
@KazuyaScorpionMK Dad? Is that you? Where have you been? What have you seen? Why must we meet so awkwardly on Youtube?
Tekken fans WILL definetley HATE this!!!! This game MUST HAVE A 3D TEKKEN MODE!!!! For the concept to work if it don't WE WONT BUY THIS CRAP!!!!
This game is for kids and pussies who can't stand gore. Mortal Kombat is a game to play for adults who aren't pussies.
Looking forward to seeing Street Fighter characters in Tekken though
Id like to see all of them in a crossover. MvC 2 style. KOF,DOA,SF,MK,GG,Tekken,VF
Wow Lmao they are clapping and cheering on game characters unreal! I understand a real life entertainer or athlete but this shit WOW how sad! Anyway Im happy as hell they focus on Kazuya and NOT Jin! Ryu and Kazuya are my favorite, even though this is not my top favorite game!
Sagat Will Toss everyone around like a ragdoll.TIGER TIGER TIGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game have came a long way to this 2 more months till release I always thought it was 1on1 but now its 2on2
I can't wait for the first scenes of Tekken x StreetFighter! I'll definatly get both of them
the people soundish like become an orgasm :D lol
@SUBZERO1231231231 wasnt talking to you
Respond to this video... new mortal kombat looks better do :p
@Azzaro323 Tekken Tag Tournament Music - EMBU . watch?v=kr4B6ooRY9E
@petujaymz wow is sumeone mad cuz im right tekken is the 1# most world popular street fighter isn't. and y bring my mom into this and make like bout her. shut the fuck up stupid ass bitch
Well first of, I'm not fag, and I really don't care what you think little boy :) If you're gay and in love with Kazuya and Scorpion, fine. Now, go out and play.
I remember losing my damn mind when TTT2 was announced.
@KazuyaScorpionMK what im trying to figure out is what your problem is? i am not trying to be a loser but seriously dude what the hell are you talking about? you are one of the weirdest internet trolls i have ever encountered.
What on earth, I selected 720p yet it looks like shit!! Another bloody calculator user... >_>
Tekken tag tournament 2 is awesome
tekken better but the film street fighter the legend of chun-li is better then tekken anime film
The Tekken fighting is going to be made a Lower grade.. :l
WTH is wrong with the graphics
thats street fighter graphic design with only tekken character, it dosn't look good.... i go for tekken tag 2
street fighters sucks. TEKKEN FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the game looks good either way. both street fighter and tekken fans will both enjoy. if youve seen the gameplay youll know that it looks both simple and complex.
All u need is Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sagat, n jst them would wipe al Tekken out...#realtalk...they aint fucking wit Street fighter
what was the name of the track played in the first six seconds?
i actually think that would be a hell of a lot better than this crap
@JuMpS2hArD1 mortal combat sucks in all aspect!!
At this rate Capcom will have done a cross over with every long running fighting series or company. Save Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat as honestly it just wouldn't feel right as I doubt Street Fighter fans would want to get not only beaten down but killed by their opponent but MK fans wont want another toned down game like MK vs DC Sad as I think with the new MK's playstyle and mechanics it wouldn't be bad, then again it may just be wishful thinking as I am both a long time MK and SF fan
1 minute of tekken tag tournament intrigued me more than 3 minutes of SFxT
@UsernameUnidentifful lol that doesn't even make sense, are you a fucking 6 year old??
i think they should have made it more like Tekken where each character would have his/her individual strikes and throws etc. Im a diehard street fighter fan, but i think it should be more tekken-ish
lars alexanderson will kick alisas ass
@PimpDaddyIrbz no. iits easy. but i hate the fuckin lame charecters of it, tekken is better. way better.
Both are good but hands down Tekken Tag 2 is fighting GOTY 2012. Far more content and (take notes Capcom) free DLC.
its just street fighter vs tekken
@NodDisciple1 Tomonobu Itagaki, designer of the Dead or Alive series expressed dislike for the Tekken franchise to the point of placing it as one of his most hated games.
It would be funny if there will be a story like in MK vs DC
@ThePookaPrince Must be because they're so damn similar looking. Damn shame though, I liked both series. X(
2:30 the screen just went completely bad ass!!
Tekken:Kick Punch,kick,kick Street Fighter:HA-HA-HA-HADOUKEN
@KazuyaScorpionMK lol. sum1 has problems. and it's funny how you called him a fag when you're the one talking about the cock size of other men. seriously man. I have always liked kazuya AND jin. it seems you are just some narrow-minded degenerate that finds pleasure in being a total douche.
Am I the only one who wants to see Dead Or Alive Vs. Tekken here? :?
@Demonsword92 I already have a life otherwise I would be dead by now.
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