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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 2 Official 2012 [HD] - Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway

by Clevver Movies • 7,957,729 views

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer hits theaters on July 20th, 2012. Cast: Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine,...

Easily the worst of the three, but the sheep still loved it because it's Nolan/Batman. Nolan just needs to learn to edit his movies because his pacing is out of control. Now if they made a film more in common with the Arkham games and get better fight choreographers to make action that rivals The Winter Soldier, then that would be just...the best. In all honestly though, I think Batman is being over-saturated anyway. He needs to take a nap.
Just because I don't think like YOU doesn't make my comment any less valid than what you would write. It may sound condescending to you but a large amount of people feel the same as me about these films. And just by reading your reply I can tell you're a little sensitive to the internet. I suggest you should take a deep breath.
Second best film, Showgirls No1
so many people bash on this movie but i think it was great because its the last in the trilogy and we will never again see chris bale portraying the legend nor chris nolan behind the helm of the legend that is batman
Yep they liked the dark night just because of the Joker so its like they are saying that the dark night sucks:/ imo this trilogy is a masterpiece all epic movies
This is something, which Marvel will never be able to do. Marvel just simply can't compete this.
" When Gotham is Ashes , You Have My Permission To Die " , Gives Me The Chills.
Epic...a little more epic then the actual movie
+Quinton Carter The movie is still fucking epic. You can't deny that. The movie's epic enough.
They trilogy were just such a bad take on the comic batman đź‘Ž
The first voice for Bane was better, more realistic
Lisa Joe Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 2 Official 2012 [HD] - Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Batman faces challenges from the brutal Bane and the stealthy Catwoman. Starring: more credits Christian Bale ... Bruce Wayne / Batman Michael Caine ... Alfred  Gary Oldman ... Jim Gordon  Tom Hardy ... Bane Anne Hathaway ... Selina Kyle / Catwoman Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... John Blake Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures Produced by: Legendary Pictures
This was my second best movie I've ever sent my first was the godfather
SPOLIER ALERT: BEST MOVIE EVER Who wants to write a petition for another movie that goes with this trilogy?
This movie make a different definition of EPIC
This trailer still gives me chills :)
I agree, it's a great movie, but it's a good conclusion to the trilogy. Let's keep it that way for good. You either die a trilogy or live long enough to see yourself become Batman & Robin.
yeah me too, running like hell then turn around to see if the bus is coming or not
well he didnt "become" robin, his name just happened to be Robin John Blake :P and it was but in there just as a little surprise/cameo for the fans
best batman movie ever made. slightly behind it in second is the dark knight. don't ever let anyone tell you different
"When Gotham is ashes..." listening to this trailer makes me wish they retained the old voice of Bane. there is a metallic undertone to it which is pure evil.
.... This is all about us & about going to "war" predicated on a lie & myth - the falsification of WMDs & Yellow-Cake in Niger (neither were to be found). In our case, mainly, Colin Powell took the fall & resigned (Gordon came close to resigning in TDKR, Bane called him out when he found his letter when he got escaped from the mercenaries in the sewer: "And do you accept this man's resignation?").
the dark knight series is over but its only the begining for batman and robin
This is the end of the Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy. A reboot is likely in the works in as little as 2 or 3 years, but Nolan will not be directing it.
On this date July 29, I saw this perfect movie a year ago.
Spoiler: Cat-women is not a cat!
I've seen this trailer and the movie a Hundred Times still I get so Inspirational! I feel Like I'm Batman! Best Trilogy Ever!! Hope they continue making such movies!!
The was the best movie of all. Loved this so much. And YES, it will be another movie. Batman 4 is going to come :D
i'd prefer anne hathaway with long hair but shes still beautiful (:
well the first one was then, as it was about batmans beginning
online-filmer. blogspot. gr/2011/10/dark-knight-2008 .html ^^ the movie for free (no surveys no shiit)
This movie is epic I met a guy on cod bo2 who said this film is shit and what I did was shoot him then attached a semtex to his head anyway this film is Amazing
You know that Morgan Freeman is actually Micheal Cain from a parallel universe
I assumed there would be another one because of the scene at the end when the police guy becomes robin and how batman survived the nuke explosion
Trader: "This is a stock exchange, there is no money you can steal" Bane: "Really? Then why're you people here?" *Bane kills the trader*
("...anybody could be Batman") have to pick up the mantle instead & try to correct/fix/clean-up all that went wrong (especially all that "torture accusation" business/Gitmo (the whole world knows it's there - let's shut it down), & whole mess of other things I'm not going to get into right now. Anyway, as I was saying, watch TDKR with this in mind/"look closer")...
It's because it appeals to everybody & stands on it's own... However, excluding the 'outer-space science fiction genre,' "TDK" is the best SEQUEL 2 any movie ever made because of Heath Ledger. I know why he lost it, he just got too deep into his character's "madness"... I've just poured through his work frame by frame for my "Project" here on YouTube (which, right now NIGELP520, you'll love because I've got the "Batman Begins" Segment of our Trilogy Trailer completed & ready for post-production)
Bro,thats the movie theme song composed by hans zimmer.Just type Dark knight rises theme song and voila..
as soon as I come to this video, I become bane...
it is a prequel, its set before the events of the 89 batman movie
I love the part "I swore to them that I would protect you... and I haven´t"
1:23 me when I'm late for school...
thts why batman is still better ND GOT MONEY BICTHES
Actually it goes deshi deshi basara basara
gosebumps are thinks you get on your arm when you get excited
... "You didn't think I'd risk losing the battle for Gotham's soul in a fistfight with you (the Joker says to Batman)... All it took was a little , push!" Batman's been away 8-9 years & our war in the Mid-East has been about that long. ... Nolan's also making commentary about how American Greed has collapsed our economy (Wayne Enterprises is "failing" & doesn't even have the money it used to have to support "boys-homes/orphanages)...
just picked a huge slimy booger out of my nose
He didn't die, he survived the explosion. Also, this trilogy is not a prequel to anything, it is set in its own continuity. Just because it's Batman doesn't mean it's related to any other Batman movies.
I don't recall commenting on this thread. But I know how to spell "grammar" and "nazi"
Does "batmn" look better in his outfit o as a normal guy?...
... Nolan's channeling symbolism through the symbolism of all that Batman represents... Batman goes to "war" with the Mob & wins, but based on a lie & myth (he took the fall for Harvey Dent who betrayed all he stood for as "the White Knight" of Gotham when he killed cops, kidnapped Gordon's family & tried to murder Gordon's son.
The entire trilogy is not for "kids," it's profoundly "mature" in every aspect imaginable -- despite what most people think or fail to see/realize... In fact, I wouldn't let my kids see it till I thought them ready to "absorb" such "nuance" & also so I could explain such "artistic screenwriting genius" to them. What an amazing trilogy & viewing experience! Unforgettable...
"When Gotham is in ashes... you have my permission to die"
Blossom blossom fish fish blossom blossom
Christian Bale is such a babe! I can't wait for this movie to be out on DVD, it's so good!
yup the scene was filmed at Pittsburgh Steelers arena and they got the entire team to join
... Which leads me to symbol 3 "Blackgate Prison" the most notable symbol... For Nolan, "Blackgate" is Gitmo, Cuba (still open, by the way), a true symbol of "oppression" (as American's, it's hypocritical of us, to uphold the idea of democracy while letting Guantanamo Bay continue to operate -- it's a huge "wound of war that won't heal" & un-american in spirit (bane: "... & hang them for the world to see.
at 1.08 there is a nerd with a ak47 between banes legs WTF
so this is the last Dark knight movie right? /but a new movie's gonna start with robin and shit like that?
... & how, right now, if we don't change our ways, our democracy is on "thin ice"/is "fragile/"we've stretched ourselves "thin" Nolan was muddling with politics in TDKR (I've written about this in previous comments) & that might be the underlying reason as to why some people only think it a "good" film. But, because I understand exactly what he's saying, mainly about America, I think of "Rises" as an extraordinary film.
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