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KevJumba vs. IYAZ

by kevjumba • 2,630,202 views

Iyaz decides to help me in my goal to become a mainstream Music Artist, i hope.. Thanks to Iyaz for collaborating with me on this video, let me know in the comments if you want to see us collab...

how is the asian taller than the blACK?
+Thallanar Rabidtooth Yeah, right..... hell with the average height of the time lol. 5'6 is more than average, and even tall for the time. Hell, even Napoleon ain't short but average for the time. Tried to be smart but failed didn't ya? :P
+Jungwhi Park Yeah I forgot that Humans got taller as time went on lol
You really gonna challenge the king.. of ding-a-ling. 
Gotta bring the music video with the hot girls. haha
First the eye then the balls...what's next?
The acting is so awkward
GLITCH FINDER ALERT! GLITCH FINDER ALERT! when you and your 2 friends were playing. there should be 3 screens. but there was only 1. 
Pause the video and type 1980 to play a game :D
+gayle juntilla  You control some missiles and and blast enemy planes.
seriously? i love the song called Pyramid. 
It muster been fun shooting a video with the ding a ling king. Lol
I hope he can do more funny vids with IYAZ
i like yo body girl, i like yo body girl
how did you get Iyaz to do a vid with you??
thats why they call hime EYEyaz
No, Jeremy Lin is nigahiga's cousin and Kev and Ryan are good friends.
The best thing is socks andsandals!!!! :D
Apple is gonna sue him for having an I before Yaz.
omg is he holding a pad on his eye... nobodies said anything yet...
lol Iyaz plays the Shaolin ping pong
iyaz's first mistake:challenging an asian in ping-pong..
it hit his left eye not his right !
I was gonna make an asian joke, but it isn't really an eye opener.
lol, but that went no where near his eye
You wanna play the king, of dingling, Ping. Wtf am I saying yo.
i hate when people say im king of this
pause at 1:15 did anybody else notice that? xD
Because he is famous as well! That's a qualification.
you are mature kev have i met u before?
we have the same stands in band omg 2:24
you got Iyaz, Baron Davis, Lin and the Globetrotters in your vids. How!?//
King of ding a king ping LOOOOOOOL
Just imagine if I like your body girl was actually a music video
Hilarious but u could rap right kevjumba? Stick with that lol
Ha look at 2:00 when Kev says hot girls IYAZ's eyebrow raises and he perks up
ROFL ping pong ball hits cheek, kev grabs left eye, then holds right eye, then puts ice on right eye, only to find out that both his eyes are fine. i started laughing hysterically
Lol he doesn't no how to play pingpong
You should know that his eyes are hard to hit ..... IM JUST JOKING IM SORRY IM NOT RACIST IM SORRY IT WAS JUST ONCE >.>
I'm guessing this won't be continued.
I forgot who this guy was until i listen to replay
Iyaz is my dad's cousin's best friend's daughter's room mate's pen pal's ex-girl friend's brother... Or was it my dad's second cousin?
what is the song in the begiing
Kev and Iyaz are both... So amazing! :)
Hes the king of dingoling of ping and pong
Dude, he didn't actually hit him. Look carefully.
Hes a bad actor but still funny ;)
Kevin will be so mad when he finds out he doesn't have his music video out and song too when IYAZ tricked him into thinking he made the song
Sometimes I wonder how these guys get these celebrities to do vids with them...
How did you hit an asian in the eye? His accuracy is over 9000!!!
Man I've been waiting like 2 and a half years for 'I Like Yo Body Girl'. When is that single dropping?
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