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COD MW3 - My Camo

by Chris Smoove • 557,303 views

My camo matches the map. Listen to my fingers snap. Feel free to hum along. Did you see how I defended B? Sticky to the Humvee!

Miss these days...really miss, one of the best videos =)
Miss this Chris Smoove. Tons of different beats in the intro and end of the videos. Free flow commentary and just having fun getting the vibe goin. Now with his 2k15 and madden videos it seems like he just forces everything and yells the same catch phrase all the time sad that all these good youtube channel are just going downhill...:(
Ugh I miss these days
STILL LISTENING IN 2014! humm humm  hummmm
Old But Gold :) its 2015 feb. already and still watching :)
Finally found it again. These were Smooves best COD days
He should make vids like this again
2015 and still not old
Saw it when Smoove first uploaded this, watching it again in 2014!
I hate that rocket launcher guy who made the song stop lol
Miss these days :( love you man
This is da best song ever humvee humvee
Back when Chris was his real self and not just a catchphrase spraying maniac.
damn, the good old times smoove !!
CANIBUS Noooooooooooooo
2 years ago the memories
He shod put  this song on a trak humv
Almost June 2014 and he still didn't do that house tour
This video was the reason I subscribed and it was the smoovest move I've ever made!!!
Amen miss the mw3 era of smoove
I miss these videos
What is up my name is Jay-Jay smolts
do u play video games 24/7? and good at every thing you touch?!
This song sound like a boss with the wireless beats by dre i got on
Still my fav vid of yours to this day. Because of the song
Dude u have to make a whole song & put it to where we can download it. It's freakin hilarious. & the beat is sick. Lol
Hahaha, you had me when you said: "Did you see, how I defended B" Hahaha
First blood cheese. Enough said!
Honestly im still here for the song.
This video was 7 days away from my birthday
That beginning song be put on the radio lol
Chris Smoove playing Minecraft... I thought that was impossible xD
Thumbs up if Your Still Jammin !
this video goes hard i like the songit was cold
chris you should be humby raper
Ladies and Gentlemen, now presenting the last Chris Smoove video with top comments.
Add Me I'm A Great Competitive Player And Clan Is Recruiting Add: FRoZeN_TRiiiCkZx on PS3 Add: sLaY xSwAg on XBOX
Add me Babyboy413PR Iplay black ops an mw3
Let me 1v1 u brysi. Plz Xbox gamertag is Mute NeXus
You play the sims 3? Hey i play that game and i am addicted!!!
I come back every now and then just for the song
when my sister watcht your video she asked me how big is your d_ck :) LOL
I love this song..Where can I download it
did this or "did u see what came from his booty" come first?
i turn this on everyday just to listen to that song
Like If You Know The Whole Song
chris smoove is the best call of duty player
add me on ps3 i have mw3 mw2 black ops cod 4 mine craft and nba2k 11 so please add me on ps3 i am beast at zombies ans mw2 and mw3
Hey chris yhu should do a commentary about this years election. and do a shout out to me ! #ShoutOut
It's sad but I think it's safe to say I watched this video over 20 times for the song lol
Chris ADD ME ON PS3 IM kidkiller2611
Did you see how I defended B? Stickyyy to the Humvee! Lol!!! Over a year later and this is still one of my favorite Chris Smoove videos.
Jammin this shit through my beatsbydre and people like: wtf is he doing. Is this a fake video?
Hahaha dat intro :D Love your old videos!
My Camo not having 1,000,000+ views is a Noob Move!! c'mon youtubers!!
This song is relaxing....Smoove u r a boss...HAHA
Chris smoove killed it last summer! you made that summer smoove lol. You do it again this summer
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