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KILL - Ein Astronaut & The Collaborations Club

by Ein Astronaut • 21,571 views

Become my patron: Wanna be part of the next one? Just send an email to: NEW ALBUM "GALAXY" OUT NOW ON TAPE, CD AND DVD! iTunes:...

I like this song, but the video just creeps me out.
Starting at 3:13, this video creeps me out.
Christopher Wice Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
This reminds me of a groove I heard from the back up for Bowie a few years back. Polyphonic Spree was the name. Well done thanks #EinAstronaut  
Hört sich noch mal viel besser an als die Solo version. :) Top Produktion und Respekt! Macht mehr! :D
Gaaah, I forgot to get my contribution in! You guys sound so amazing!
no it's not the original. the original is called "Kill" by "Ein Astronaut".
Awesome! Sehr schön geworden :)
What's the sequencer you're using for the drum machine?
Thanks Bailey and no worries - this was just a first try ;-)
Amazing!!! Invite us to the next ;) \o/
Thanks very much, Arno! Also for being a part of this!
Bass players always look bummed out.
Wow,eine dockville-bestätigung,Grossartig und Glückwunsch!:))
He may not be able to sing. But I bet his blog is better than everybody's in this video.
tụi bay bị điên hả cái này mà đăng làm lồz ji` đjs con mẹ tụj bay
So, So awesome. Thanks for the oppertunity, the video looks awesome, and I saw myself. xD!
Congratulations to you Ein Astronaut ... I finally found how to click on "I like that"... You are a real talented artist and the way your music and art is going ... is the way it should be in the future ! Cheers from Philippe
ah ah, I didn't know that you had planned to release this as a vS :) Very nice version... I love collabs!
I started feeling sick today but then I realized I HADN'T LISTENED TO THIS TODAY problem solved ^-^ much love! ~VT~
I've done some increasingly-difficult video editing, but I can't imagine the work that went into this. Excellent work
Wow, this will be stuck in my head for the next few weeks. Wonderful work!
Thank you! And thanks so much for being a part of this!
This was fantastic! Not to be negative, but Cody Weber kind of ruined it for me. Not an objective statement, people. MY opinion
LOVE this! :) You've got an email :)
yeah something's weird about youtube's sub boxes at the moment. the "old" one's gonna be finished soon, too!
Dude, This video is awsome!!! How program did you use to editing and rendering this video?
@einAstronaut "like all the other ones do" ;)
This is just me, but I feel that it should have ended at 3:50. It's a really great song though.
Amazing! I'd love to do this all over again!
:D It's up! That's it so cool, I'm so happy I got to be a part of it! I really love the song.
Awesome glockenspiel dude. We don't need more cowbells, we need more glockenspiel.
The 5 string Contrabass sounds good.
Fantastic collab, also sweet guest appearance by Cody.
woow I love it, I wish I could make a collab with you guys!!
Das zusammenzubringen war bestimmt nicht so einfach, Starker Song
It turned out wonderfully! Good job!
Thanks very much for your opinion! Always appreciated a lot!
I hope when you have grandkids you can reveal to them some Gran Torino-style stockpile of musical instruments.
Eh. I love Cody, but I feel like his delivery there was all wrong. It was just kinda...corny I guess. Everything else is fantastic though.
Well its sad that it didnt work out live. But at least you got a sweet video out of all of this. Great job Eike.
Love it ! Shared on Facebook ;)
The guy at 3:10 is too intense lol
very atmospheric and subtle. all the nuances are fantastic. your attention to detail is spectacular
You absolutely spread love around the planet, dude! Love ya!
Youtube should also add some Paint and Mysteryguitarman to this 'What you see is what you hear' playlist! It'd be awesome.. :D
Is this an original or who is the original artist?
I loved this so much! Really want to be part of the next one :)
yeah just send an email (link in the description)
One of your best songs to date... Everything else you've done is pale in comparison. Good work, keep it up!
Greatest song! Goes to my playlist. Gona buy it when the cash comes in credit card :D
Wie bekommst du hin, dass sich jedes Instrument so gut anhört...Das ist irre geil *-*
this is a magic moment, seeing you all, so many talents! I personally know half of you and for some reason it cheers me up awesome work, beautifull song
Sounds awesome! I love the choir outro and the cello parts. Danke nochmal :)
Who fucking cares about his blog? Im talking about this specific song.
das lied ist auf seine ganz eigene art und weise absolut perfekt. wirklich absolut perfekt. selbst die kleinen makel klingen absolut richtig. und es ist so schön, dass die motive so mit details verziert sind, als ob ihr das lied wirklich verstanden habt, mit allen symbiosen der frequenzen, unterbewussten dingen, zusammenspiel der motive usw. ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass man mit "traditionellem" mitteln musik so genau produzieren kann. danke für das lied :)
I am glad that I had the oppertunitie to join! Thank you so much! - Sarah
I'm just a white plumber from Alabama and I loved it
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