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Perfect Car for a Perfect Road - /LIVE AND LET DRIVE

by /DRIVE • 43,368 views

In this last episode of Season 1 of Live and Let Drive, Alex gives us a little heart to heart on what it's like to drive alone. After losing another co-pilot mid trip, Alex forgoes JF's company to...

The guys would ride with you if you had big boobs and a vagina.
I would go on a road trip with Alex, seems like a cool dude.
Thanks for the correction on the engine. However the reason Audi don't handle all that well is they have a front weight bias due in part to where they mount the engine, forward of the front axle and the added weight up front from the AWD system. It creates a lot of understeer. Not something you want to feel on a road like the PCH. I wasn't on a track for the test drive, I was on the road and the feel of the car while turning (turn in, road feel, balance, and exit) is much better in the BMW's.
interesting. i've never been in a 6 series so i can't say i know how it handles, but the a5 3.2 i leased definitely didn't have such bad understeer even at higher cornering speeds.
I love that drive...Big Sur is awesome. You have been in my neighborhood twice now this season...take me next time.
agreed... that road is magical. and poignant enough, first trip w/ the fiancee was a road trip up the PCH
interesting end to the series. looking forward to a new season of LALD
Great video as always guys, I hope i can head out there and experience it myself one day. Sad that the season is over but ill look forward to watching season 2!
What the hell is going on? You have a 100k+ car. Smile you fuck!
They should get Chris Harris to do Gumball 3000 :3
Two guys in a romantic location, hmmm.. where are you taking this?
"pull over and wait for us please" ^^
97 people don't get Alex humor ;] Live and let drive quickly became my favorite part of the drive channel together with TUNED. Cant wait for the next season!
I'd enjoy going on a roadtrip with him. It would be a grand time!
7:56 .... that's what she said...
Neither would I be travelling with a close-minded anti-social wreck like you. I'd rather crash the car right through the guarding rails into the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean, just to help you end your sad life.
I'm 21 and Canadian. Not tellign you to cometo Canada, not atall. But if you want a good road to drive. Do the drive from Guadalajara Mexico to Puerta Vallarta. Great Road, sorry to say a lot nicer then PCH.
Alex Roy,you`re not a philisopher,atleast not a very good one.And people tuning in to car videos rarely want to see some guy in a silly hat go ON AND ON about bullshit like...well......bullshit.AND take 15 second breaks after every other sentence to sound more interesting.Trust me,it does NOT make you sound smarter and more interesting.It makes you sound like abit of a cunt to be honest.You`re making a show about cars,not a show about Alex Roy.Aren`t you?
I've had my share of critiquing Alex, mainly for his hipster/geek/dweeb chic glasses, but to be fair I realized that he is a poet/artist of sort, misunderstood in his own time, being scoffed at by us philistines. After watching these segments, I rethought about it and would love to copilot these expeditions with Alex. Just exploring the open road with a good buddy, chasing women, talking cars ... what more can we ask for? The best things in life are shared. Sucks I got school now. xP
I'm not really sure why, but every time I watch one of your videos it makes me feel a lot better about myself, my life, and who I am.
Yes. Technically a 4.9 32 valve V8, but close enough.
wow that looks like an awesome road, i want to take a firebird down that road
this show just lays flat compared to all the other shows that "DRIVE" offers. its a kids finger painting among a gallery world class artist. sorry to say but i think drive should drop this show...just my opinion.
Alex please go try to buy an abandoned ferrari in dubai.
There's so many bad things I can say about Alex ( not personally ) just stick to what ur good at books and cross country racing!!! Atleast leo P, Chris Harris and that cool dude derrick D make up for Matt Farrah and mr Roy !! Let Leo do tuned please next yr !! And cut ur weak link with this Alex Roy malarky!!!
I have got to come out and visit California someday, beautiful.
I wasn't particularly impressed with some of the things Alex was saying and he seemed to not finish his thoughts a few times, but it was honest, it provided a different perspective and gave us a glimpse into the emotions and psyche of Alex. Overall, I ended up liking it.
Great job Alex! I really enjoyed it.
Shit balls, i'd go. I have nothing else to do, and i love them CANYONSSS
this guy is always trying too hard...and no offense 2 videos with a crap 6 series. but this "is the best car i've ever done it with" the new 6 series is for your golf bags and your brandy. should be a M6 at least....weak video
Nice vid, looks like a trip aboslutly worth taking in a good/sports car. -Now on my to-do list! Thanks:)
they're cancelling this show and replacing it with that dude from the epi with the charger
Coriolis effect! I learned about that today in geography! lmao
Very laid back video. The views don't seem to be wide enough, but other than that, great filming.
Who the FUCK picks Alex`s clothes?!?!
What do I need to do to go on a road trip with Alex?
It's the arrogant tone in his voice, the way he speaks with some matter-of-fact attitude. He has an air of ignorance and lack of awareness.
Im glad you're leaving drive. You are a terrible host. You're subjective and annoying, talking over the other hosts and invalidating other peoples great points because they don't agree with your own.
i'd go on a road trip with you in a heartbeat.
To all the haters out there, you should check out Alex doin work at gumball 3000.. you will learn of what he's really capable of and have much more respect of him.
why did i think of predator at 5:15 ?
Reminded me of my trip to the US West Coast last september. Great stuff. Probably a good car for the specific road, but I wouldn't have one. If I had that kind of money I'd buy something else.
Hey Alex take a drive from Atlanta and pick me up ill drive with ya buddy
Can Drive Please please please also upload videos to another video site... your content is the main thing I come to youtube to, and it's so frustrating when the video keeps buffering. I would rather take my custom elsewhere.
you are easily the best Alex. silly is for intelligent people. I'd ride with you but only if we do area51 the right way, in a green autobahn police car gunning it over the forbidden line : )
I'm pretty sure i would rather spend time with JF than Alex.
lol i dont think so, can't he just remove flak instead of flagging? Also doesn't he believe any attention is good attention even if its a negative comment? Seems to fit his anal retentive egotism.
before Drive I was never really a fan of Alex in the FLD days. but since the launch of Drive, it has shown a different side of Alex and I have warmed up to him and have become a fan of his.
2nd part? I mean, obviously the trip was longer!
hes very emotional, i like it, fucking haters keep hating.
Alex ... You are the freaking MAN !! I am bald just like you but more handsome. Jk ... = - )
Road trips with a companion can be fun, but scenic road trips down the PCH can be more introspective and give a deeper appreciation for the drive. If you're driving with someone and you need constant conversation otherwise it gets awkward, it spoils the drive. Conversation may be good, but the drive is forgotten.
I'm doing this drive in 2 weeks!
Yes once & awhile one needs to drive alone on a long stretch...the so-called getting one with nature, one with the car type thing......I get it. Your choice of car...I don't get....these are bought by the little old ladies....driving to the mall for the hair 'treatments'.....beige color?...Gag! What's with all the clothes? Was it 45 *F outside??? I noted the side windows were up....practical, as the windblast gets old fast. Way too comfy a ride for me.....leather, driving a sofa.
this is what we get for the last episode of the season? where are the explosions
Drive inspired me to take my first sports car down the pacific coast highway.Took my C6 weeks after I bought it from Santa Cruz to Malibu, an experience I will never forget and will hopefully repeat in a progressively better car. Thank you Alex and thank you Drive, great content.
nice car, video boring ass hell
I love that road. Seeing this makes me want to drive it again and again.
Great road, been on it twice, once in a horrible town car, second time in a horible seabring. But it was fun nonetheless!
It is the most beautiful drive in America.
I plan on doing this drive in the summer, looks pretty exciting!
I'm going to miss this show... As for all of you who keep watching something you clearly don't like, you need your heads banging together.
God damn... I know exactly what Alex is describing when he talks about driving a beautiful road alone in an awesome car. One of my episodes right here... Damn, I wish I was driving 101 right this moment.
Love the feel of this show. Alex, you're hilarious, and easy to listen to. But man, why do you shuffle the steering wheel in your hands?
Alex, this is a beautiful tribute to the PCH. As a Canadian, I'm very lucky to have driven this road 4 times (in crappy rental cars) from LA to SF and will hopefully have plenty of opportunities to do so in the future. Next time, I will definitely splurge on something with more performance.
I here the road has a low speed limit
hey man thank you for this. its just plain simple amazing and you can capture it in the right words. life is a highway
I do not dislike Alex but honestly that seemed kinda gay
Alex, I will gladly have a road trip with you if I didn't live so far away..
I'm here because of Kev. nice vid, very high quality.
Alex Roy @ 4:42 " I much rather be doing it with a women" Next shoot - A cow in a field That's some priceless editing :D
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