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Chilled and Ze go Skateboarding! (Tony Hawk: Project 8 Part 3)

by CriousGamers • 18,316 views

Ze...get your board. Things are about to get...Gnarly! Yeahhhhhh. If you want more Skateboard or Sports, let me know! Leave a rating or a comment! Thanks...

MOAR! some Skate too would be awesome!
chilled? suffolk county? Do you live in nassau??? if you do i will find you.. e.e
I want to see you guys make videos of your attempting to skateboard in real life. It would be awesome!
Chilled they still has dat Timmy turner show thing idk bout sponge on though
The best everything to make a complete (without tax) deck $75 trucks $60 wheels $35 bearings $120 hardware $5 griptape $7 but just a regular compleye is anywhere from $80 to $180
You can't get this on the PC, your only seeing the mouse cursor and the Fraps counter because of how chilled records from consoles.
Chilled....I've summed up the resources by eating baby carrots and i know stuff about you. Lets just've been warned....Anthony!
Hey chilled I hav suggestion for the gauntlet you vs smarty wwe 12
my board has the best shit possible, as of 2012, and it cost 383$
who knew they made a reffrence to patrick star pinhead and dirty dan in skate 3 :O
TIMEOUT chilled plays Tera and he says that WoW is better.... WTF... wow was good back in vanilla, and burning but after that it went to shit.
looks like you might have a new stalker on your hands.
no planetside/planetside2 are the best mmos
good sk8 bords cost like 250 dollers at the lest
Spongebob essentially reuses old plot lines, and it's still not funny
lol skateboard decks cost like 50$ and trucks lol 18$ a piece
If I can convince Ze to buy it, it's a date...uh, social thingy.
Chilled you're thinking of super Mario RPG.
Hey Chilled...World of warcraft sucks...wanna fight about it?
chilled is awesome at what he does.. please dont hate youtubers. Thank You
I'm 17 and a half, so I'm a toddler of the 90's. Television wise, It's kiiind of a good deal.
Spongebob went to shit because it isn't like just fun wacky adventures its all about saving the environment now...
Can You Play Skate 3 Next Please.
South Park never get old because they always make fun of recent events. They never run out off content.
Paper mario was going to be called super mario RPG 2
chilled you live on Long Island? woot woot!
I got a zero skateboard with brand name trunks and wheels for around 500 dollars but that was a while back.
Its completely wrong. But people can have their opinions.
Anyone else see the mouse cursor on the screen at around 1:00?
Runescape = G.O.A.T umadchilled
I thought they were playing on 360 but no it is on PC :O
My board was $50 for the deck $50 for the trucks $30 for the wheels $25 for the bearings, add that up and that's the price of a decent board
I liked the 3D Pac-Man games like: Pac-Man World 2
chilled you should definetly see disturbia it was a great movie and shia lebouef was acualty pretty good actor...well was before transformers mind you lol
chilled a new complete board which includes pro board,wheels,bearings,hardware,trucks and grip costs 150 max of course once you buy all that the only thing you usually replace after awhile is the board which costs 30-60 bucks
You watch Dexter? I love you chilled.
The Walmart boards are like 20 - 50 dollars.Proffesional boards are like 100 - 200 dollars
why does he always mess up the last part of the slow motion moves?
Im from England :D but buying a £20 skateboard that has already been put together is a piece of shit. Its gonna break in a month max. Never buy board from toy stores e.g argos/toys r us. They arnt made properly, go online of go to most shops that sell skate shoes (converses/ nike SD) and buy a REAL board
My board was about $150 for deck trucks wheels and grip tape all separate.
Chilled most pro boards cost 150-250. Lol Nowhere near a couple grand
My board costed me $90 for the deck (girl eric koston) $30 for the trucks (independent) $30 for the wheels (spitfire) and and $10 for my barrenings ( bones ) :)
im not accually americaian mate and you must of bout a pretty bad brand then sorry
got the deck for 5$ which cost 500$ on ebay, god i love having contacts
Pac man 2 is an point and click adventure game. Super mario rpg was an rpg. An rpg is anything with level ups and stuff like that
Seinfeild never got bad. It ended right at its high point. And Spongebob really IS bad now... I've seen it man...
fiesta was my first mmo and by god i hate it!
its pc in the first video you see his mouse cursour and I think i spelled that wrong
And you said suffolk was a different county from yours and theres only two countys on long island so where in nassau do you live?
most mario games like that were turn base by the one i think you might be thinking of is paper mario the first one it was an rpg though if a game has a leveling system and a free to some what free roam world it is most likely and rpg.
chill skateboard completes are 100 dollards at most lol
a reason america is better is because we kicked the brits ass in the revolutionary war
seriously, play skate 3 or any of the ea skate franchise.. tony hawk games are so unrealistic
why is there a mouse on the video
Final fantasy fucking rocks!!!!! :D
David Morse is the guy from Disturbia
I know that, but I'm saying that, I watched 6 minutes and 58 seconds into the video and he is at the same number of points? I would've guessed that he would've gotten at least one point more
for me first was World of warcraft, second rune scape, third maple story, and last EVERY THING ELSE! ;3
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