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Mac Miller - Smile Back

by TreeJTV • 35,881,955 views

Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records & TreeJTV Present... Mac Miller Smile Back prod. ID Labs 2nd Single off Mac's debut album, Blue Slide Park Directed & Edited by Ian Wolfson Produced by Noam Harary...

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dude thats awesome lmao
He isnt trying to be Eminem. Hell, he isnt trying to be anyone. Hes fucking mac Miller. If you came here just to comment about a COMPLETELY different about you go listen to that other rappers music. 
+Cameron Gillott You just did the same exact thing lol
he may not be Eminem but he's still pretty dope
the only reason people say hes like eminem is because hes white there rap style isnt comparable mac created his own aesthetic people just always want to pit two people against eachother mac is good and so is eminem for different reasons
+Nate Scarritt aesthetic is the "set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement" music is a form of art
+Ozzy McCarver I've never heard that but that could be based on different things like the sound or lyrics used  like the actual content of the music rather than appearance of the artist
It's funny how people don't know how pointless talking shit in the comment section of a youtube video is.
The fuck do you go on a Mac Miller video to talk about Eminem for? Mac's new music is better than anything than Em's put out in years. 
+Austin Aplin Eminem has more potential but he's not using it, that's the problem.  
and other artists are using all their potential and not getting half the attention 
every rapper that is white automatically gets put in to the wannabe eminem group. So annoying.
He can run for a smoker
notice he never went anywhere?  prob in front of a green screen lol or multiple takes
Doesn't matter how fast or slow it is, it just has to be real
I swear to god. Get off eminems dick. This is why i hate alot of his fans. Every rapper who is white is automatically a "wannabe". Stans get the fuck off this video
Eminem for ever ,, I don't like that shit ,, Yes baby I like the best Slim shady eminem,
3PAC got more chedda than mac miller son
OMG so back in 2011 when this came out, and when mac started to blow up from donald trump and a few songs, my eminem loving ass came on here and commented on every single music video he had out at the time and just said only enimem is a good white rapper and hated on mac and like a year later i found myself in love with macs music. lmao its just crazy how listening to a few more of his songs can change your prospective on a rapper/singer.
That's because you were a hater and a follower. Had you listened to his music objectively from the beginning instead of being prejudiced against your own people, you wouldn't have had to type that comment
new Eminem is shit btw guys... if Eminem sung this song you guys would have puddles of jizz on your keyboards....
The first verse is a Donald trump diss
Ima smell back laugh out loud, this brings back memories
Noah loves lil panda Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
one of my favs too
He's being himself from what I can tell. It's damn refreshing, because I'm sure all these niggas are out shooting your villains and having your babies. Seriously, huge difference between making music and actually being part of the music. I hope peeps finally realize this. I'll sure as fuck never read it again.
i really dig how mac doesn't try to be anyone but himself. respect
These Eminem comparisons are discouraging and really goes to show how narrow minded people are when it comes to music and hip hop. Honestly, while Eminem is one of my all time favorite MC's I wouldn't want him to be the only "white" rapper in the industry. Also since when has Mac Miller claimed to be the next Eminem? You people do realize you're allowed to enjoy more than one artist who has the same colored skin pigment as another right? Then again this is the Youtube comment section so maybe I should lower my expectations for finding cultured intelligent people...
Why does every white rapper have to be compared to Eminem? I'm fucking tired of ignorant idiots sucking Eminem's dick and mentioning him in every fucking rap video, when 90% of eminem fans don't have any kind of idea what rap is and can't comprehend on deep meaningful lyrics.
Neva heard of this crapper sorry a mean rapper slash mc or mcchicken burger
look i'm not trying to hate...but this guy is just a basic rapper.  I know 1,000 guys that sound just like him and have way more skills.  He must just be a hard worker.  He's pretty whack though...hip hop sucks now. 
The great white hope (hype). Fuck this new generation shit.
not average jewish boy
Black shoes with white socks, nice. Respect from Belarus.  
What's the site for Mac miller clothing? Cannot find it and I figured it would be in description but it ain't.
I would kick this little fuckers ass so hard!!!
how did i miss this first time round 
mac miller sounds the best when he doesnt speak
Mack is da shit love your music son keep on shineing
All his music sounds the same.
why is everybody talking about eminem? beatles are also good!
what does any of this have to do with eminem
I never liked this guy....hes wack... period.
This guy looks just like Alex Koehler!
its funny how everytime there is a white rapper, everyone compares them to Eminem lmao ik he's amazing but all the Eminem comments get annoying af
Nobody can replace rap god Eminem. But I ain't sayin Mac's songs are bad.
So is there really a blue slide at Blue Slide Park?
I dig your beats yo. But braggin about getting money and underage drinking doesn't make you "cooler than what coolest is". Nobody talking shit about you as a adhd kid popping addy, fuck being you. Be yourself, I probably a foot taller too. I'm broke and in college, that's some real shit son. Schoolboy Q fucks with you cause he's about getting fucked up. Dre never fuck with you yet. I'm smoking my bong secondhand off Curtis Young right now
mac miller!! when I listen to him! I just say DAAAMN!
nice rolex son, no hoots given son. 
I would pown you Mac Miller
This is exactly why rap blows, so bad.
Are you fucking dumb, this song was made 4 years ago. And this is fucking rap in its prime right here, if you think it isn't please walk outside your house, grab a brick out of a wall, and bash your own fucking head in with it
I'm tired of readin and hearin these dumb comparisons between eminem and mac miller just because they both are white doesn't mean a damn thing they have to completely different styles come on now and different flows so stfu that race and eminem and white rapper sht been got old and it ain't funny
hes dope as fuck, badass song
Judging from 80% of the comments you're not allowed to be a white rapper without copying Eminem.
i love mac and i always will
Mac I don't know how I can put this but you will never be Eminem you suck bro but the good news is shitty music makes good money this days.... that will be all  
He's nothing like Eminem. Eminem gets angry when he raps and raps about different things than Mac does. Macs last few albums and mixtapes are way better than Eminems. Emines is wack now.
I am not worried about how to put this. You are an idiot. - Between your grammar and assumptions. Mac doesn't claim to be Eminem, nor better than him. Those words have never left his mouth. He doesn't hype himself up more than he really is; like the numerous other rappers. As opposed to you and your fake title of 'Souljah' I don't believe in 'shitty' music, only that I do not enjoy some as much as other music. Doesn't mean it's shit. Personal preference. People like you are small minded.
if anything hes better then Eminem.
Clay Lutz Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
y sait pas rapper ye blanc
I find it interesting how some would compare him to eminem just because hes a whte rapper.
Look up my channel,I can rap,and subscribe
The fighting about is pointless what about that.
I like this song!!! better then Donald trump!!! whos with mii?!
How come a white rapper raps people bring up emenim
Any artist that needs a helping hand with the construction of lyrics, music or creativity… Come to The Mawtuary.
rollie on my wrist i aint rich but im still coppin shit thats hot right there
Aldo Vargas Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Why do people comment and compare all male rappers to Eminem??
dude 35 million views speaks for itself 
what in the blue fuck happened to rap? 100 lb white boys talking hard when my lil sister could kick there ass I don't understand this wana b hard ass bs.  ur not a gangster give it up.  growing up in the 90s listening to real rap n now there is this.  what happen to talent in the music industry. mac miller couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag.
I see where you're coming from with this, but honestly he just has fun and enjoys himself. Imo Old Yeezy is the best lyrically "but it ain't ralph tho". You can talk all day about how Yeezy is terrible, but honestly I relate to him, I've listened to Kanye West since I was in 3rd grade. Also, no one ever talks about how much charity Mr.West or his wifey do, or even Common for that matter.
i think he is pretty talented, and i know what talent it. he isnt trying to be hard he is just making money and people like to listen. calm the fuck down and listen to lil squeaky if you have issues.
he is so fucking hot i love u mac miller
This song has to be long more than 2.49. How sad.
Mac Miller is the shit hands down
He can run fast considering he smokes weed 😂
This video was shot in new orleans u can see the misspi bridge and the tags are the same by the docks near china walk
2k15, still my shit.
obv hacked the view count, there's not even 34,850,149 people in the world
the population of the world is 7 billion just to let you know
Alex Hallock Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
Beryl B Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
ANOTHER AWESOME TALENTED ARTIST.... SMILE BACK #BASS #prideandprejudice #dopeness  
Hes a god! Simple as that
Shadow Runner Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
going to make a parkour group and I hope you will enjoy it wont be uploaded until soon so have fun watching and don't forget to subscribe to my utube account and this will be one of our songs
God these new rappers are trash this is why I stopped listening to hip hop pure garbage now
just heard this song, sooo damn good
reminds me of lawrence welk
''Lil' Sly-Turn Up Green'' has shared stages with Future & more #Next ToBlow
How you feel about the AFC North?
Jason Bauer Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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