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by MrCreepyPasta • 324,655 views

and here's the end of the Spooktacular. I'll go back to work tomorrow :( and back to my usual schedule of 2 - 3 videos a week from here. hope you all have fun and have/had a great spring break....

Never EVER mess with videos end with .avi and old computers. Is it really that hard, those things just fuck you up
+nightcore insanity well, when it's a mysterious file found on an old pc w/ a strange past, it shouldn't be touched but when it's something proven to be okay, (google, youtube, ect.), all is good ^_^
"Hey! I'm gonna follow a mysterious trail into the woods even though it's freaking me out!"  Yeah... go ahead and get killed, smart one :P
Horror movies be like...
hey you know what would be a good idea see a video that says stuff about skin then follow a wooden path out into the forest thinking it was a good idea. my god take a gun damn it where are people common sense
No I'm saying you need to WAKE UP.
+Shannon the Shark  forget it, i like sleeping better.....hmm nice fluffy pillow!
Finds the plywood next to the rails. Records it with his camera, camera cuts off, and he goes home to make the video. Decides to make it creepy and adds some random girl crying from the internet. Makes the video and saves it on his tower. Gets drunk in the Detriot looking city and accidentally breaks the tower somewhere. Finds it after a hangover. Watches the video and gets curious. Finds the place on the video with the same gear he used before. Records it, and it cuts off, he goes home. Remembers he did it already and he just forgot and makes a creepy story with add-ons about it. Yup, thats what this creepypastas about.
they actually sell animal tounges at my local supermarket, as if don't bite my OWN tounge enough already! wait, what were we talking about?
A hidden meaning: In the video woman was unhappy with her skin. The footage is probably meant to be a conversation with woman before plastic surgery. Surgery took place in that house in the middle of the woods. When author came in the bathroom he saw something in the bath. It was probably object with which blood was vashed. The women was skinned in the basement, and thats why it is the only door that have a lock on them. The woman probably jeard the author, and than it is when she screamed. A truly frighting meaning behind this tale......
I'm really happy there wasn't some boring cliché gore at the end. I actually like it, it's realistic and free to interpret - what I like most about creepypastas.
Funny thing is, windows media player does not read .avi
why the fuck would you go out in the middle of the fucking woods and go into and old house
+dominic burkes"Let's split up, gang!" - Common white proverb
Because that guy obiously never heard of creepypastas
I love the way you say fuck, because it's really sassy and makes it a bit funny
Find an old Windows XP computer Gatta search for porn first
i think barbie would be in the cellar, she removed all her skin and is eternally suffering, or atleast untill she dies.
AHA AHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAH THE IMAGE LMFAO ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Really? You clicked it?
I didn't have to click it 👆👎
0:46 "As I was taking a piss, I tip-toed to the window and looked out."
After thinking about it, my interpretation of the story is that the woman is unhappy with her body, her skin mostly. So, luring people to her house, she kidnaps them and skins them and somehow may replace her skin with theirs that she sees fit. Then she washes away all the furniture free of blood. Barbie dolls have perfect skin and that's what she wanted.
+Felony  I saw the originals, why was she complaining about her skin tho?! She needs to worry bout them teeth!! I'm just kiddin tho and your theory does make sense.
ohgod.... I have a windows XP ;n;
A confusing story that, might understand itself but won't fill us in. It's well written, and I like it's ideas but I give it a 6/10 because it leaves a touch too much out. Also the jumping out the window thing gave it a cartoon vibe. Did he turn into Daffy Duck there?
Love how you put silent hill music!
Guuuurl, you need some dentures!
Terrible selection of picture that doesn't do justice to the story.
FINALY  a logical person in a scary story they actualy get the fuck out of the scary house
Um either I missed it or the author of this story forgot why he was writing this story and just didnt finish it or something :I
Right? What happened to the bitch in the video? Df?
Am I the only one who thought this creepypasta was about a barbie doll?
Nu I did to xD pokes ur face :3
the fuck? this inst even interesting at all and the ending sucked
It's always an avi file ;b lol
For once I wish it was a .MOV or a .WebM, or even a .MKV
Is the background picture the Xenomorph second jaw?
What in this story relates to the image of Teeth...
What is an .avi. Cause I'm stupid
An avi. file is just a type of video. :)
i love the picture and the music, ooooh so dramatic
Ikr it's effing ridiculous
what nice teeth, he  must brush twice a day
This does not scare me whatsoever because I don't get it. Wtf does Skin and a Bathroom have to do with a house in the woods.
The house could've been the house from the video
Hey I want to watch why avi How do I get it
It wasn't even scary :T
I fell asleep while watching someone's creepy pasta playlist......... I woke up to this video on full screen...... SO WHO WAS PHONE?!
I love the narration of this story, however, it seems to have a lack of details and information to actually have a solid plot.
Let me get this straight: there's a picture of teeth, th woman hates her skin, a guy goes into a house, and it's called 'Barbie'
Sounds to me like the owner(s) of that computer found a woman willing to be their sacrifice, and they were recording her as a type of contract and interview showing that she hates her body and wants to die. They found an abandoned house in the woods, got the water running, fixed it up slightly with what they needed. Killed her over a tarp and had just rinsed it off. I wonder if this story is true. I love stuff like this!!! I wish Mr. CreepyPast would tell us in the description If this is true or not
how is that picture supposed to make sense???
Today is Saturday and very sunny
I thought the story was gonna be about an evil Barbie doll.
I have a friend named Ezra that's 6 '4...
them teeth are disgusting you need to brush your teeth.. cause that is how not to get a Boyfriend xD
This is one of the actually good creepypastas, NOT FRICKEN TELEPORTING TEDDIE BEARS!
curiosity killed the cat
Her boobs are plastic, it's not fantastic :[
yet there was a Barbie commercial before the video... wow
The old lady most likely was pleading for help. The part about skin most likely shows that she was going to be skinned alive. She knew she was going to be skinned and the video was going to be see by someone. The desk is where she was asked questions and the basement was mostly likely where she was skinned/left.
Well that was anticlimactic
i think there's something with your voice in this one.
Sure that's the first thing I search tuts and puss ._. Wonderful.
Cannibalism vampirism witch craft number of shit it could be
God what is that sound effect at 10:15? It's SO SCARY!
What is the name of that song from 7:13-8:12? I think it's by myuuji but I can't find it anywhere on his channel.
that looks like hamster teeth am i the only one that thinks that?
wait.. waait... i dont get it.. why would this be CREEPY in any sort of way..?? 
So, i get that she is very unhappy with what her skin looks like, but why is there this nasty picture of a mouth here??
yeah, i watch a whole lot of horror movies, and this looks sort of familiar +Dark Angel 
girlll.............. you need some dentures!  REALLY
Gahhhhh damn u .avi!!!!!!!! hahaha
damn this had so much potential... 
Barbey is fagt rest in pasta 420-69
Does the story continue?
that first song sounds like a piano version of the Silent Hill 2 - Laura song. Fits.
I actually don't get it.. <:s I'm probably just stupid but I don't get the connection with the videos and the house. Or even the big reveal that someone MIGHT be living in it? :s 
why did i click this again?
So, It turned out the lady in the original video has BIID (Body integrity identity disorder) aka Self Amputation :)
I read this last night, and now I'm watching this. I can't find it very scary. A little nerve-racked, but not scared.
I just noticed that the bottom of that person's chin looks like Jabba the Hutt
So I have a nose that looks like Justin bieber
The story had me wrapped in, but too many unanswered questions.
My guess is if this was real, the person in the house was probably a squatter. 
someone explain to me why this is scary
It's a very confusing pasta. But I'll try to explain what I think it was about. The woman in the video is talking to a quack about getting plastic surgery, which is why it's entitled barbie.avi. The modern door was likely where the fiasco was taking place. The tarp was likely cleaned of blood. The loud noise was likely the PC being thrown out.
How would the narrator have any real clue that the mystery ended with the last bit of footage? Maybe the person in the video kept walking after the camera was turned off. Maybe she caught a bus. Would anyone really go to the last suspected place a person was without knowing that anything weird had even happened to them? I would be more interested in finding a deaf person to lip-read the video.
I dont trust avi after normalpornfornormal people all in favor reply
.... what did i just listen too?
haha the guy reading is acting to mutch 
The woman was unhappy with her skin so they made her a barbie?
I've had sumthing that was very simaler that hapond to me
I couldn't sleep at night yesterday
Damnit self! listen to the story and stop reading comments!
Oh I get it. The Barbie thing was a reference to looking perfect and beautiful right? So the woman in the video wanted her skin to be perfect? There was probably some crazed plastic surgeon that made offers to give people plastic surgeries to make them rid them of their "imperfections" and maybe that was a video she sent to the surgeon asking if he could fix her body? As for the house, maybe the basement was where the surgeon would do the procedures? Does that make any sense?
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