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Fergie big girls don't cry lyrics

by tea and musings • 19,290,679 views

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i've never gotten bullied.....maybe because i keep throwing scissors.....
Hey, vris....maybe you should throw spiders..........
im going to audition for the voice kids soon and im going to sing this song
i will watch :3 good luck
A broken heart brought me here... :'(
Very cool song!!!!!😊😊
2007 feels like it was decades ago
I was in kindergarden at the time.. damn I miss 2007 for me where my homework was writing a letter or coloring something
As a little kid I always cried because my parents fought A LOT around me, they always told each other that they wanted to divorce, so I always went to my room and cried when no one was around. Now, for some reason I have a strong personality to where I don't cry at all anymore, unless I get seriously injured or something like that.
That's exactly like me:(
Me and my shipmates in boot camp, in full camo no less, sang this together 'cause a lot of us got dumped before we went into the navy. Reminding us that we joined for ourselves not our former significant others. we're very manly. 
Coast Guard!!!! The one branch that nobody believes is a branch...sobs angrily
They've nice boats I guess. Not ships mind you. Boats.
I just miss him so much... But no matter how much my heart breaks at the thought of him and the times we shared being over, he chose another over me. I just can't believe that even though I put so much into our relationship, only to have it ripped away from me. So much that I had to completely cut ties with him. I can't see him with his new lover. I need to be okay with myself. But it's so hard to learn how to be okay without him again. I still love you, Alex. I hate myself for loving you, seeing as you clearly don't love me. But I can't stop myself from loving you. So it's time for me to learn to be okay with that.
you'll find the right guy when the time comes
2007 was the best year of my life. Things seemed to be going always uphill. Young, new experiences from meeting new people, playing outside all the time, riding bikes, the first crush, ding dong ditch, the first school dances. Economical situation seemed fine, youtube was amazing in 2007, even Runescape lmao. Music was great (not realizing this till now unfortunately). Things changed dramatically so quickly. Part of why I think we enjoyed it was because we had no idea it would all disappear. To us, we were just living life and it seemed to be default that the world was such a nice place. At that time I was able to make friends with everyone. I was friends with people who I grew up to be complete opposites of and later end up hating but as kids we were all able to be friends because that's just how things were. Life was full of color and fresh as could be. God I miss those times and hope to give my children the amazing childhood I was lucky to have.
My "best friend" stabbed me in the back for like the 10th time and it hurt so bad I'm cutting the only one there for me is my other best friend and my boyfriend someone please help I'm always bullied at school and I've been there since pre-k and this is my last year but I don't know if I'll make it to the end someone PLEASE HELP🔪😭✂️🔪😭✂️
Omg!!!! STOOOOOOP Hurting yourself!!!! Everything's going to be fine!!! It's your last year and once your out you will be free of those losers!!
Well apparently I'm not a big girl, because I'm fucking sobbing.
3:20 I can't unhear that Skype message.
I was in pre-K at this time, i always sang this song, even though I was 4 i knew all the words, because it always came on the radio, and my mom listened to it, 
What a stupid song....  if people screw some stranger then sit around and mope about it;  what the hell were they doing it for anyway.  Because they are a "big girl" now.  Anyone who does this kind of thing is an idiot and certainly not a big, smart, girl!   She is a loser!
This is a joke right? Because if not then you are a complete idiot! That is not what this song is about!
bgswgv hbdbyucr jbedtfey emjbhemf urjhnfhmjeu\ kmrj ni
That's my parents but then they got divorced
This is the kind of majestic music you would hear in a dream like me at least three times!
This song brings back so many memories. When I was 5, I would be in the car listening to this song in the car radio. Man, all these years I have forgotten about this song, now that I heard it today I get to listen to it now. :)
Same for me. :) Im so glad i found it again.
fergie sucks......check out my music for real talent
are you my boss? nope!
this song is so beautiful, loved this song for a really long time
omg thats the best song eve!!!!!!
When I was young something terrible happened to me I cry every night and now I just don't cry I don't know why is that I just don't cry even if it hurts me so bad just can't mom tells me I'm so cold hearted but I think I already cry everything I had to
same...but instead of cold hearted its selfish.
Actually I liked her music before her music now I mean I like it but its not the same.
When I was little, like 5 or 6, I ran around singing this song xD
getting old sucks! lol
I love this song it was my cousins favorite song before her accident when she passed away
I love this song btw (by the way) I sang along
Laura Johnson Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Fergie big girls don't cry lyrics:
like the sound of your name ha ha sounds. like your donkey. le muel French for. the donkey lol ;-) only messing
This song has helped me throughout the world
We do cry espeshaly me with a violant bully in one hand and a crazy family in the other
I'm a big girl, but still I cry to this song 
I wanna tell you guys if u feel down A good thing to remember if you feel like there is something wrong with you or that you are weak for still being in love with yr ex, is that, in fact, makes you special becos you were strong enough to not fear that level of love entering into your heart unabashedly. Many people don't have this capacity...Don't give a FUCK! Stay Happy 😊
i would sing this to my little cousin when she cries
and I would just go like this its time to be a big girl now and big girls don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry then she stops and feels better i love my cousin
this song brings back so many memories :( 
Right I'm thinking about life right now
Good job.. I want to learn this.
Who else is here because of American Idol. #playingcatchup  
I really missed listening to this song, its been a while and one of my favorite relaxing songs :)
it says big girls dont cry,but when i hear this song it makes me wanna cry more lol :')
i had a bad breakup! so this is so me #mysong
"God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day." -Psalm 7:11
actually everyone cries, this message is bad. its normal human emotion .
This song helps me throw a break up with my ex boyfriend and I love this song
i cant sing but i love this song lol 
You guys do know that if you repress your emotions for many years like me, you could come physically unable to cry 
God this a lame song, makes me want to cry for how many people like this crap :(
Getting over anything is hard. I have to deal with my best friend turning into this complete and utter dick who lets his 13 year old brother be rude to me about not being able to have children, which was a big hope for me to start a family. In the past two to three days I've had two nervous break downs and had paramedics around my bed at one o'clock in the morning. I hope he realizes who his true friends are. If anybody has problems, the best thing to do is talk, because I am a nervous wreck now and its the worst mental pain ever.
...yet im crying while listening to it, this song still is relelvant to me ❤
Fergie -Big girls don't cry, absolutely spiffing record old boy, sorry still a bit worse for wear, I'm never drinking ever again. hic
Memories much? I still love this song, even after all these years.
Im 8 and i listen to this all the time it inspires me 😂
Randi Kinslow Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Fergie big girls don't cry lyrics:
Well, in 2k15.,,, not so much...
Nope big girls get the out a town
Shannon Salmon Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Fergie big girls don't cry lyrics:
very well done I really like it
Mary-Jo Williams Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Fergie big girls don't cry lyrics:
i dont think i have any tears left.
yes it is time to be a big girl
everybody cries i lost my love because i am an idiot And it's hard And i want her back  So much Because she wanted to marry me and i waited too much what can i do can somebody help me please
Tell her how you really feel tell she right even though she might be wrong then take her out
Loretta Freeman Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
43, and still not mature enough to deal.
My best friend might be moving. And even though he hasn't yet. I haven't stopped crying since he told me...
Barbara Laws Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
i'm 19 big girls do cry I cry!
Joanna Keelerr Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Fergie big girls don't cry lyrics:
This song reminds of this guy I like but won't date me even though we like each other. He just moved far away and it kills me...I don't know what's wrong with him cause he hardly talks to me anymore...
And I really need someone to talk to.
Kim Rivet Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Fergie big girls don't cry lyrics:
This song helps me when I cry
Big Girls don't cry... But women do.
i love tis song this got me thru my child hood XD
I use to not like this son so much, but now that I hear it it's not's so bad.
Mary-Jo Williams Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Fergie big girls don't cry lyrics:
when i get out of high school i'm going to audition for the voice
Eva Nikoghosyan Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
I love this song so much😄
LinSweet xiLyn Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
liket it, love your lyrics, love the song xoxox
Oh my gosh my mother use to play this in the car when I was little. I fell asleep to this song on many occasions. I've only just found it again! So many memories are flooding back, driving alone in the car on cold winter nights.
This was the song i would look out the window while driving in the rain and lip sing
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