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WFW 74 - Prom Night!

by Wong Fu Productions • 582,386 views

Wong Fu Weekends Season 5 is brought to you by Watch the Full Short: In this episode of Wong Fu Weekends we show you a behind the scenes look of the...

Phil acting like Ki Hong's dad :")
I remember my senior prom, it did not play a slow song and I was disappointed
Phil's acting like Ki Hong's dad. How adorable :)
OMG!! Exactly what I thought!
Phil: the best father xD And omg Wes's joke, he is so cute
Why Ki Hong didn't get to go to prom?
May I know the girl's name? hahaha She's so beautiful, attractive, hahaha
Probably Victoria Park
Ki Hong!!!! He is so cute :) 
That girl is the main character in Wong Fu's most recent video, right? After Us?
i like this intro song for wong fu weekends 
"No kissing. No hand holding." "Don't even look at him." XD
If only he could've been my prom date 3 years ago! Ki Hong is SOOOOO cute!!
He plays in the maze running!!!!
hey WongFu, I know that this is an old video, but as an aspiring short films maker, I'd like to know, what kind of lighting panel did you guys use for this video? also, where would you get one like it? thanks for the help!
I like Wes's hairstyle in this video and wondering what it calls.
omg if kihonglee was my prom date... xDD EEKK
This is probably kind of sad but can someone explain the joke at the end to me?
because the actress Ki hong was acting as was named Victoria, hence victoria's Secret the store
Oh lol, thanks :)
i remember during my prom like my mom was the one who put the flower on my date's suit cos I can't get it right and i was confused on how i'm supposed to put it. and i was like laughing the whole time cos it looked like it's gonna be the both of them attending prom and not me and my date HAHAHAHAHA but the night was awesome and really really special. :)
victoria looks beautiful(even with the dress)
Wes is terrible at jokes lol.
I didn't think tuxedos were that complicated but like damn. I'm only 13 its gonna be so difficult in future events
Man if I were a Vietnamese girl I'd wear an ao dai
I love how Phil likes to over pronounce buttons and other words.... adorkable :)
who's the camera man? Make me so dizzy ! God
I did not get the joke
Victoria's Secret
I always though that tuxedos had bow ties...
3:35 dont even look at him LOL
"No kissing" said Phil... But in the actual video she kissed the guy =))))
lol i just noticed ted's coat when he acted as a hobo muaahhaha.its there
The lad forgot his cummerbund! (Love that word.)
Haha, "I noticed that you're driving her. You didn't pitch in for a limo?" - "Uh..It's a recession." :D So funny!
phil will be so a lovely and strong dad xD
Took me a while to actually get wes's joke.......i feel ashamed
Ohhh wes and his corny jokes ♥
Wes (i think) : "Slow down. it looks like sirens." lol xP
the prom guy is so. cute. who is he? he's even more adorable in away we happened! (:
christine: dont even look at him.
phil would be the funniest dad ever
lol ki hong's face from 9:24-9:29
i want that dress for grad :)
i thought that Victoria was Jean from FrmHeadtoToe.
"Look how big my flowers are" x)
proms are too expensive! that's what CFO nights and Binhi Formal's are for! #INCFOLIFE!!!
Lol Wes. "Victoria, rnt u gonna tell me?.... U no...., ur secret?" lolz victoria secret
the boy was in away we happened he looks so young here.
ohhhh.... gosh, i had to look at yall's explanations for wes' joke... i'm a girl and i don't even shop there!
let Jeremy date jane but then she realize is the oth guy
"Why didn't you get a limo?" "Well there's a recession..."
Do you even know what auto tune is? There is a difference between that and just normal editing.
I'm SO glad I didn't have to wear a tux! So confusing. o.O
i like this intro better than phil's singing
i was actually able to help my prom date put on his cuff links because i watched this video 2 months before prom hahaha
I like the music of starting this video
"Take off the tux...that's rented." ...Really now? Lol
YAY, the prom guys left handed Left hands forthewin :D
love the way they sang the beggining!!!!!:)
Yeah but dudes literally always wear a suit
i didn't know a tux can be soooooo complicated..
i'm a girl, but for some reason, i can put on a suit easier than my brother can /)_-
They don't even have to choose what they want to wear
Phil acts like a father in this video LOL
Yeahh Phil would make a perfect dad slash strict dad..also.. But I will Marry someone like Phil.. Or Phil himself.. >,<
Finger tips at the most must remember that
my prom is this Friday, I'm so excited!!! :D
LOL. They would make awesome parents.
The guy that is getting dressed by Phil reminds me of Ryan Higa a bit.
I wish i had chinkier eyes like him.
it works with a younger kid listening, or a parent. and usually you say "hey, i'm gonna tell you a dirty secret" but you take it half literal. that's what Wes' joke meant :P
dont even look at him! .. lol
lol this is hilarious when they said it... thx for bringing it back xP
Phil's so funny! I could definitely see him as a strict father. xD
Oh, man, Phil would be an amazing dad. <3
White orchid flowers I believe...and depending on the flower; the center can come in green, yellow, pink, and violet. Usually costs much more expensive than other flowers. You can google "white orchid corsage" in the image tab and you'll see something similar to the video. Hope that helps.
Is anyone able to tell what kind of flower they used for the corsage/boutonniere?
Going to prom in like 20 min! Thank you, Phil, for teaching me the basics of the tux
BAWAHAHAHA AT WES' JOKE!!!! love his humor!!
Phil's too funny I could definitely see him as a strict father. hahaha
2 words I see almost in every episode of WFW in the comments: Wes and Cute
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