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Skyrim Mods: Week #26: GTX 670 Superb ENB, Jasmin ENB, Sharpshooters Extreme Graphics ENB on Ultra

by MMOxReview • 577,647 views

Skyrim mods featured in this episode of Skyrim Mods Weekly: Subscribe to Skyrim Mods: Skyrim on Ultra w/ GTX 670 and i5 Ivy Bridge...

I'm glad I'm systematicly going through all your vids, since even this far back I'm finding mods I find interesting, or to be "must have" mods.
8:39 after the third shout, one should have a gaping hole in one's pants :D
But remember kids that one does not simply fart on others balls
And now in 2014 that computer is a piece of shit.
stick with sharp shooters
I perfer jasmine enb, looks more natural.
wow he sounded really, like, depressed in his old videos
wow those scythes are great. they look like Darksiders meets Oblivion
I have the GTX 650 and my framerates are gone when I use any ENB
Open the console and enter "tcl". :)
+★Hige-San you i got that now! thx anyway!!! (toggle colisions)
I'm laughing about the farting shout probably more than I should. XD
Sharpshooters for sure
GTX 770 works like a charm
Bleak ENB is awsome
8:37 now that's the shout from South Park Stick of Truth! lol
So, question, how would an intel i7 at 4700 and an NVIDIA GTX 860M 4GB Hold up?
What's the difference between ENB and just a realistic lighting mod?
ENB also adds depth of field sometimes sunglare very detailed shadows ssao and more but it has a very big hit on the performance
Any tips for building a gaming pc? With some budget in place. Maybe 500 to 1000 the most. Thanks!
Superb, but I'm using sharpshooters
Sorry, not bragging, im just wondering. first Windows PC and all that
why is the dragon called behemoth and not uftviingdovah (feather wing dragon)
What's a good computer for skyrim modding
I know it's probably annoying to see questions like this but I'd really have to ask someone to recommend me some ENB (besides sharpshooters, gonna try that one out later) for good contrast. Seriously my whole game seems too gray. Also Light shafts. I looked everywhere and still have no idea what mod includes light shafts. Also one more thing the blur behind stuff when you're looking at something (cannot believe I forgot the technical term) what mod includes that?
RealVision imo only looks amazing in sunny days try a enb called NLA Natural lightning astnohericps for ENB It is a killer on the fps so i sugest you take off ambient occlusuion and DOF i got 40 fps max by doing that and min is 30 fps so give it a try it looks amazing at every weather
7:06  wow  such pet much companionship bark bark wow
The fart shouting is totally my fetish. No shame :3
Realvision..... My opinion...
My personal favorite enb is somber but in this video Jasmin is the top
LMFAO !!!!! The ending ...
What else were you using witht he sharpshooters.  I seem to not be able to get it looking like that.
There are no Dragons in Skyrim. They're actually Wyverns. That having been said, the feathered model replacement looks amazing. Great job!
wintertide enb for me but if i would vot in this video i would put my vote in sharpshooter
Jasmin Defenitely not !!!
Project ENB realistic.
Did you seriously upgrade from 660 to 670?
Real Vision is by far the best..
"I like the more vibrant and saturated colors..,but i also want your input." My input...You Pot Head.
As I can get that blurry background or blur? ty
Aha, that last mod XD
Now i can't wait to get a better graphics card just for the sharpshooter emb oh and awesome videos mxr
sharpshooters looks best :)
real vision nuff said
i have the same pc :D
how do you have a 670??! i have a 780 and im getting complete shit fps :((( and a 4770k
I'd love to use the Superb ENB, but it's been hidden on the nexus :(
Sharpshooter is best
i have the same processor but a gtx 650. but its still runs sharpshooters at 60
I have modden mi game but the game shuts down , can somebody help
yes i found the bad mod :), the game is good now thx
you should post a vid showing console users how to get the time and space mod on a ps3, i'd be sweet
Your comment... is pretty stupid
this guy got looks, a kick ass computer and a damn high IQ to boot. you make me feel so pathetic :(
does anyone think that the alienware x51 is good enough to play modded skyrim on medium settings?
Btw are these mods available for xbox 360? If so, how would i use them?
Well the 660 ti is kind of expensive for some people and you're right, a 660 ti cannot beat a 670. Sorry for my misunderstanding but nonetheless, the GTX 660 ti is a great budget graphics card from Nvidia!
lol that last mod made it all worth it
Nintendogs & Cats meet Skyrim....
SharpShooters is the best I think but I also like Jasmin. It's kind of funny because my name is Jasmine.
LOL: why did ya have to slice up that kid again?
I actually unknowingly farted right before the Shout came up, so I got the segment in smello-vision...
i would use sharpshooter as the enb
Fus roh farting is now a thing. Huh.
Definetly go for a GTX 660 ti if you're going for a budget pc build. It may be expensive, but at a certain point it can beat a GTX 670 while still getting the best bang for your buck
*looks at related videos *Sees "Episode 78: Schlongs of Skyrim Do I dare click?
It's probably your CPU (processor) that cause the lag
Although i have a 680 4gb, and i doubt the 670 can run things like K enb , but sharpshooters should be OK, it even ran on my old 570.
I have a 650ti 2gb and I could run it at most places at 40 fps. Too low for me so i removed it. I wouldn't recommend it for you either.
your 660ti power edition is better than a regular 670, but their are better 670's and your 660ti is probably oc'ed.. i have a 670 power edition stock oc'ed and im pretty sure it runs better than your card.
"I mean I spawned him, and he just started fucking shit up" best quote ever
lol animated shout farting couldn't stop laughing :P
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