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by TheFineBros • 12,634,618 views

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fpsrussia is a badass
That girl that likes 'peace' you know that without war we won't have any of those good advancements in the world.       And war even tho kills it can save humanity as a whole
"If you wanna see guns and weapons you justgot to walk to the hoood" Best comment. xD
pulling a trigger makes you a badass?
Its sad how many anti gun teens there are
"Society is getting dumber and dumber"   ooh im sorry i didn't realise i wasn't allowed to watch some stuff get blown up for entertainment after a day at college.... 
yeah she really needs to chill
even, those kids do really stupid comments in this video.
if guns wer outlawed we would probly invaded inwith the year the law was made.
It's Funny Because He's Not RUSSIAN
+Beat Radic his names kyle myers 
Ok you need Teens react to COD advance warfare , i wanna see Madison rekt some 12 year olds ..
Russians are awesome. Not just because I'm russian, but this video is awesome.
I'm russian. Does that make me awesome? No? Ok...
Мы в России так шашлык готовим
Outlaw guns that's hilarious have you heard of the 2nd amendment (The Right To Bear Arms) yeah that's not going anywhere
That Amendment is based on the militia system. Are you a member of the militia? Technically speaking you are. That means you (and all the other able-bodied men in your neighbourhood) have to respond to accidents and school shootings and robberies. The right to bear arms isn't just a right to bear arms. It's necessary for the militia system to work. All members of the militia have to own a gun. Are you responding to any and all threats to your neirghbourhood, internal and external? If not, you don't have a right to bear arms.
I can spot the liberals, can you?
+Mathaius833 ah no prob man. Happens to all of us.
He is so awesome! Ugh, I need to meet him and we can blow things up together.
FPS is awesome! If you don't agree..... hug a tree!
liberal teens get on my nerves
+claremoreokie is blaming an online encyclopedia with stringent rules for editing which make it practically one of the most unbiased sources of information available, or in other words, factual information on reality. While our psychopathic friend +Ryan Adams expresses the desire to skewer teenage girls, use a flamethrower on them and presumably eat them.  As inarticulate and inexperienced those "liberal" teenagers are, I would prefer them over you nutjobs any day. 
I am a girl, and I like guns because they protect me and my family. Not because I want to be one of the guys. 
I know i meant the explosions were michael bay esq
I always thought fps stood for feet per second.. wait, it does.
It is now a fact: Russians can fly.
Из России их реакция смотрится очень забавно. Сижу я такая, ногти крашу и смотрю про то, какие русские агрессивные засранцы.
С марта не смотрю новости. С Украиной в новостях всё ясно: русские бедные и несчастные, но благородные, а украинцы - чудовища и уроды. Всегда веселят стереотипы.
+NeZluchka Не то слово) что в ваших что в наших новостях врут так задолбало но иногда весело на это посмотреть
oh society is getting dumber and dumber? that must be why your there :)
"Russians are so Badass"  Yeah they are great with there poverty and poverty and riots and imperialism and poverty
I actually like knives and blunt/sharp objects more than I do guns. They are less likely to lock up
half the girls in this really bugged me
The fps russian is not actually from Russia he actually lives in Texas.
"society is slowly getting dumber and dumber i swear after 1996 that was it" - 3:08 i dissagreeee our brainss are way mor gooder than thurs in the 90s rite? XD
Russia is awesome when they don't start wars.
Мы бы и рады хоть 50 лет прожить без войны,да вот только постоянно кому то ,что то не нравиться,кто то выёбывается.... 
Interestingly they didn't tell them that FPSRussia isn't even Russian to begin with, he's AMERICAN. So all this "Russians are badasses" isn't even accurate because this guy is just an everyday American. Oh but Russians are supposedly badasses, eh? Yeah, whatever you gotta tell yourself . . .
Well he got an nice accent
Hickok45 or Demolition Ranch 
There is nothing more repulsive than a self righteous liberal bird like the one in this video
Michael Bay edition starring this guy
Okay, FPS Russia, you are my go to guide for a Zombie Apocalypse. That's it, I'm gonna do a tag in my next video. :D
1:03 The moment she realizes she has no idea what she's talking about.
So they laughing about it oh okay
Teens react to exploding tnt
FPS is "feat per second"... smh.
Teens react to CrazyRussianHacker
"If you wanna see guns and weapons you just got to walk to the hood" Well said, bruh! :D
bro u can walk to the hood and get ur head bashed in 
I have to say that the two white brunette girls are cuntnuggets👍
this guy has TONS of permits for the guns and he has lots of friends that supply him the weapons (leagall)
"Society is getting dumber and dumber" Horrible word choice to condemn society 
never mind whats with guns and youtube, whats with guns and russians??!?
я поржал) С русского по лайку) 
Teens react to FPS Russia...and plot communism. That pig looked tasty though!
Teens react to Dan Bilzerian!
SPOILER ALERT he's not russian, he's a downhome good ol boy from georgia named Kyle Marten, Watch Painkiller Already to see him in his natural habitat. FPSRussia played by FPSKyle
gun enthusiasts in general really 
"Our society is just getting dumber and dumber?" Right, of course.
I would love if the fine bros made a teens react to markiplier
Freedom isn't free. America had to fight to become a free nation, and still has to fight to stay free
Teens react to cod advanced warfare
adam should do gaming videos on youtube
React to Tyler the creator
I love the taste of napalm
i heard that fps RUSSIA died :(
Soneone that workt at fps russia died
Teens react to hitman: agent 47 trailer!!!!
Teens react to Vanossgameing
за россию-матушку отпизжу любого америкоса
Амерекосы сами то тупые как бараны со свойм тупым нигером призедентом еще что то про россию говорят
Русский язык не позорь, умник, твою душу.
4:49 i love her i want to date her 
по любому из  Челябинска :)
и это незаконно тогда...
Teens react to the tv show Supernatural
The actual intended meaning is feet per second, like how a 45 shoots at about 1150 fps(or feet per second)
Я всегда рядом
He is American he's putting on an accent
And? Who cares no matter who he is he still shoots shut like a badass
Понятия не имею что сдесь говорят про Россию но надеюсь что то хорошое)
Export these gals and guys to Iraq
1:11 Think we found the pyromaniac of the reactors! XD
FPS = Future pig haha FPS= Frames Per Second
FPS Russia? No he is still making videos, their was a issue with a friend of his who helped him make the videos died.
Make them react to hardwell ft Mitch crown spaceman
Hay I am 10 and I am smart
hey you're a mart one aren't you?
"Guns duh I am a dude" So sorry didnt realize that all guys had to love guns.
I love madison and rachel
Society is just getting dumber and dumber.. Seriously -.- (don't argue with me)
How? How is it getting dumber? 
React to danger dolan any kids teens old?
-If you want to see guns and weapons you can just walk to the hood.
seriously, i was looking for that comment...
+Jelle van de Kerk I was too but nobody did it so it was my chance 
How did that guy get access to a military - grade flamethrower?
Clearly it's manufactured, and no company would sell flamethrowers to anyone
Elders react to assassins creed
Hes not russian.... He has a russian acent so obisly hes russian
He's from Georgia fool
+Nate Smith He's apparently an American born actor named Kyle Myers.
badass level is...OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FPS: Future Pig Slayer
я русский 
It's funny how in videogames the flamethowers have the same range as bunny farts. Please: Teens react to YMS.
Russians can fly?!!!!
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