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Minecraft: MONARCH OF MADNESS w/Nova & SSoHPKC Ep.1 - Enter The Madness

by UberHaxorNova • 669,039 views

Leave a like to show some love :) Map: Enter the...

This video introduced me to the creatures and youtube gaming as a whole :)
Same here. This introduced me to the great game "Minecraft" i had no idea what this game was but i loved it. This brought me to Tobuscus and more minecraft and Nova and all the great youtubers out there and made me a better gamer
Love seeing all the comments on these videos about nostalgia. I'm not the only creature fossil.
9:20 For them to actually start doing puzzles.
the nostalgia is building up
ah....the good memories..good memories,nova sounds so young in the past...i miss these videos :,]
I love Nova & Seamus :D #Jeamus  
All kneal to james!!!!!! I_I
they need to make more vids together 
This is some serious throwback. I miss this. :(
I miss: Nova and Seamus Minecraft co-op adventure maps Nova and Sp00n co-op playthroughs
Wow, Nova had 720p back then and Seamus didn't...
Wahahaa to many memorys ;'(
i love his old videos so much... DEM FEELS
I really miss these... :'[
the semus and nova adventuremaps always brang me joy too
I miss the old thumbnail pictures
10:10 that's like an action movie moment lol
I really do miss his old park-our with seamus.
i love this series so much
isnt nova from canada, shouldn't he know how to pronounce province
Nova: *Reading the sign* *Window Breaks* Nova: WHAT THE FUCK? Seamus: Oh Sorry, that was a slip of my hand! Nova: Why would you do that?
I hit a decorative button and blew up the explosive reef. and the rest of the floor...
I really wish Nova and Seamus would do some more minecraft maps
okay well that explains it I've never played any of the gears thanks :)
I got the come by and say hello instantly. YOU GONNA DIE, HE'S DEAD. YOU GONNA MEET IN THE AFTERLIFE.
╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ bitches make me a sandwich
look what i got... look what i got... look what i got... *walks away*
pictures always get the top comment....ಠ_ಠ confused one
This was the first series that introduced me to nova ,seamus and the rest of the creature
lets let seamus read next time =)
By the time you read this,I am dead :D
Ah, alright. Link me to those through a PM if you can! That'd be nice.
I really miss this stuff like this. I think that all of the creatures should get together again and do one really long episode of the origanal MINECRAFT series like the treehouse. And defininitely bring spoon back for some MINECRAFT
The trailers reveal quite a bit more than the screenshots, even though Nintendo's presentation was not superb. They look good - I can say that much.
are you fucking kidding me? dude, this was few months ago, and they need ot know this stuff for the map, what is your IQ? 30?
It was dark. I didn't see the TNT behind the button. *Hits button* *Hears fuse* OH CRAP! Love the south wall case =P
also, my name is dominic so this vid is very cool to me
BAHA. Seriously? That's just golden. I knew you could do that, but never thought anyone would be daring enough to try it. Well, that's one mystery solved. TNT blows shit up. Onto the next mystery!
It's pretty small, it's smaller then my pinkie.....
The music is so awkwardly romantic.
Use Trollemoticons :idkwtf::idkwtf::idkwtf::idkwtf:
u should go to a doctor to get that checked out then
go go power ragers! RAGE RAGE RAGE!!! )=O
there had better be some gay tonys in this series
there was a chest under the sewers
lmao the whole time ps try to watch and not laugh if you do thumbs up
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