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What's Wrong With SOPA?

by Stanford Center for Internet & Society • 6,387 views

A growing chorus of opposition has emerged around the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) now pending in the House, as well as its Senate counterpart, the PROTECT-IP Act. If enacted, SOPA would provide...

needs more views. those guys know what they talk about! (:
Why isn't this guy explaining stuff on the news?
What is right with sopa: nothing What is wrong they ar shuting down megaupload,facebook,piratebay and finely youtobe.
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If they pass sopa they have to kill anonymous first, theyll hack down the ip blocks and hack it so the gov has no control over the internet
Basically these entertainment douchebags just wanna make it so they can sue whoever they want for whatever they want so they can make more money cuz they greedy bitches... If u dont agree just look whose behind SOPA and PIPA... theyve all sued and made millions of dollars off of sueing people and even people from other countries... All they want it is more money and this is a way they can get that and if they say otherwise its a bunch of bullshit...
ya fuck ppl who invent/create things! they should just always give it away for free!
So, what are you guys doing about it Stanford?
Cant someone cut to the chase for me ??? :D
who are these people and how could we stop it
the internet is how I learned they cant take it away from me!!!
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its the big companies that make money off of sopa. the small guys get fucked. the irony is, its the small guys that fund the big ones. piracy costs us billions of dollars, right? how? its the small guys who take the time to steal stuff off the internet. its not even that this money is lost. its that it isn't spent there. the money that would be spent on video games, movies, etc. all gets spent on other things. the money isn't lost for anyone but the major industries that are being stolen from.
the title should be "Nothing is right in SOPA"
i am not saying it is okay to steal from the major corporations, what i am saying is that we must be careful not to go to far. we must recognize that some evil is always going to be present. what we must decide is how much of our own personal freedoms we are willing to sacrifice in order to combat these evils.
SOPA is terrifying to me. It benefits a miniscule part of the economy and impacts a much larger and growing sector in the internet, and it censors something that was never meant to be censored, the internet which is above national and party lines. Its an international avenue for information, and should never be limited.
o ya its just that easy. lets blame filmmakers and musicians who pour their blood and sweat into working on projects and revolving their lives around their passions and putting their time and money into making art. those fuckers
Omg SOPA kill it with pitchforks and fire(those who support SOPA are pure waste of brain matters and space)
Il show that white girl a thing or 2 about the Black person law in my bed :D 0:29 HEHE
haha kinda late but no not what i ment... yeah those artists and stuff have the right but im talking the people that own the title to their work... those are the people im talking about...
The speaker from the audience in the last few minutes should have been on the panel.
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