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[Funny, Horror] Amnesia: PewDiePies Nightmare - THAT P*NIS IS HUGE, I MEAN THAT STEPHANO IS HUGE

by PewDiePie • 3,295,604 views

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I'm watching this in 2015 and I'm looking at Pewds' facecam.... YOU SO HOT PEWDSSSSSSS (when he was making videos in 2011) YOU SO FREAKING HOTTTTTTTTTTT
I feel sooooo soo so so so scared just by watching the begininning
Who else is watching this in 2014
NO I AM WATCHING IT IN 1978 DUMB FUCK OF COURSE WE ARE BUT IT 2015 so shut the hell up
Argh... he ruined his channel with shitty games. Amnesia, Happy Wheels, things like that were the best. They were fun to watch and he put proper work into them - now it appears he just does stupid filler videos for the money.
He was so funny and entertaining back then.
Dat intro...dat cam quality...dat gritty mic! OH THE NOSTALIGA!!<3
I am watching it in 2015 BRRRRRROOOOOSSSSSSS and my friend met PewDiePie and show me him and pewdiepie! OH......MY.......GOSH!!!!!!!!!!
Who gives a single fuck
Omg staphano is so funny I can't stop laughing
This was the very first pewdiepie episode I have ever seen
Hey poods is perfect and more fab than all of u and u sayng that he is not funny any more means that u r jelous!!! HE IS 2 FAB 4 U
Pews is child freindly now I don't watch him anymore but i was subed back in these type of videos
+Nicholas Biscaglio i know but hes not exactly that funny to me anymore
+Ethan Dauncey I agree with you so much 😞😞
poods is better than jacksepticeye
How many subs did pwediepie had when he made this video? i remember when i watched it in 2011
How do you do the brofist in the comments?!?!?!
Pewdiepie did you know my middle name is stephano
you scream so loud i feel like my babysister is crying this is not suposed to be a mean comment sorry if you think it is mean forgive me i am your biggest fan all i do all day is watch you after school only if i dont go anywhere
I love u pewds, just wanted to let u know! Im here for YOU and only YOU!
Aww OMG that kawaiiiii accent!!! So thick
Staphano is gold I wished he was diamond Staphano
I'm watching this in 2015 and I miss Stephano soo much
I can't believe there's a giant stephano
Yayyyy stephano is freeeeeee
I literally have been watching your videos since I was 6. (I'm 10 now) anyway please do more amnesia? •u•
+TheJanet1969 ikr I love u tube never could part with it!!!
Don't trust those armour dudes
Lol jelush mutch staphono?
.......... ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( BROFIST ........... 
He should play amnesia again
He got sick of the textures, but lets hope like with Happy Wheels he will play Amnesia from time to time again. ♥ Or wait for the next Pewds does everything and spam him with: "Play Amnesia" XD just kidding.....kinda...♥
hey how do pewds have a servant on the amnesia main menu and a barrel?
I miss your old videos, you should play more amnesia.
because it is mad freakin scary !
Who else comes to these videos just to relive the glory days? I do >w<
PewDiePie can you please watch my new channel and comment on the videos
I am still a (female) bro since he had 0 subscribers. ;)
In the Bro army For ever
Ssssssooooooo scary AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nnnnooo nononononojo
Did he change the old intro!?
The knights picked up their head
That biggest stephano was crazy
Bro since Penumbra overture :)
Best intro and ending songs EVER!!! Hehe stephano~
He still is hottttttt
Plz play a late night drink its a really awesome amnesia custom story markiplier has played it
You relize this vid is 3 years old
what is the outro song? i love u pewds!!!!!
Pewds is so funny he makes me want to laugh to
Follow me on twiter name amid Alkebsi
i kinda like how is old mic sond it adds !
When that door opened at the end and the monster came out that scared me to peases
one of the best custom stories ever!
Compared to the other videos, this is kinda sad. I guess this is how he started his trail and error?
+Gabriel Molina he had a first channel also lol
same my bro introduced me to Pewds
Hey Pewdie i love ur videos I love u when ever I'm felling down I watch ur videos and it makes me smile if u could message me on Fb or snapchat please try and talk to me would be a dream come true twitch Jordon edwards Fb please add me please would be the best day ever
All I have to say about this video is LOL. 😂
I love you so much you always make my day when I'm sad so thanks. And keep doing what your doing
i like the small stephano :D
There's no Goin back when knights block it path
Lol I was just eating stephano's pizza super funny!!!!
been a bro sense pewdiepie started yotube when he had like 200 bros :3 to bad this is my other account ^M^
and why do you like stephano
has anyone hit there funny bone
Pewds i joined the bro army
I was a bro since 2006
He`s awesome and theres a link in the video to the 2`nd part
Where did this pewds go
He's still the same he will always be awesome or kawaiii
Like if ur whatching in 2014
I played this at the weekend. It rocked
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