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Shoot to thrill - AC/DC (Lyrics)

by bf2jay88 • 5,359,767 views

song : shoot to thrill by AC/DC with lyrics

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your an idiot fix the sound dumbass
As I told someone else, this appears to be the work of a Content ID Match placed on this video by Youtube.
the song is shot... or is my speakers blown??? or is this video terrorized by the youtube copyright bot???
acdc dont dive a damn, its these nazi bots that ruin it...
You'd be surprised then.
Piri Steffi Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
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Matia Pivirotto Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Rock 'N Roll \m/
Luca Di Tomaso Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
hola soy luca di tomaso y esta es mi primer publicación en mi blog ami me gusta mucho la música sobretodo el rock nacional y heavy metal y mi banda favorita es acdc les voy a poner una cancion de esa banda.
Sacro Niente Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Marco Antonio Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Pense que era un video de Espinoza Paz disfrazado de Ac Dc  XD
294 people were drunk while they watched this video
How about we stop killing other people's buzzes and enjoy the music?
I think I'm in love with you... (joking) but I would consider Iron Man as #1 even if he had to be rebooted by erasing years of his memory.
2 bad. i was hoping i could get the time to rid my smoke and sip my beer then rock the world :/
Sorr guys, Copyrights just kicked in my whole channel and most of the videos are out of sound as you can see... sad thing.
In response to lolasaurus1, explain Batman, Ironman, Hawkeye, Blackwidow, Captain America, or even the Incredible Hulk(over exposure to radiation from gamma rays).
this is a story that still better than Twilight! (just joking) xD
I've been told that it doesn't work and that youtube doesn't give two shit about these ''I do not owe any of the content in the video etc etc etc'' but, honestly, I've never tried. They left me alone for over 5...(Five fucking years ?!), well yes, I've posted the video back in 2008 and never had any troubles since 2 weeks ago. I can't tell why it happened now though.
Those Iron Man comments <3
Then may I ask what this "copyright" message was about just before the video came back public then? Sounds like a line-o-shit to me.
how about oHHHH long way to the top music video :3
you have a big gin u not THE BIG GUN
The beginning would sound so awesome with some COWBELL IN THE BEGINNING BEFORE THE LYRICS!! from Mississippi queen!
Iron Man's theme song in all its glory.
Dear AC/DC, Where the fuck were you during Iron Man 3? From a pissed off superhero and AC/DC fan.
what's wrong with the sound? it just turnes on and off
"Im coming for you Ricky Bobby"
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May I ask how stupid you are? Anyway, this VERY video was working before copyright BS got to it.
i already knew for this song before iron man 2
And you just made yourself an enemy of the whole internet... Powers do not define a superhero, it's the stories told about him who does. And, if you ask me, Batman has some of the best stories in the history of comic books. He also has some of the best villains ever (he's got the freakin Joker for Pete's sake!).
Dirty copyright kikes are at it again. Great.
my friend just made me listen to lady gaga bad romance, boy am i glad to be here with AC/DC
so powers dont make you a superhero now? O.o i don't understand the second bit you put >.< "its the stories told about him who does" so.....when i look up the defenition of superhero and it says "A superhero is a type of stock character possessing "extraordinary or superhuman powers" ....
yeah, I thought I should point it out once a guy told me he threw away his headphones because of one of my videos that had no sound oops
It's tough at first, getting your hand to be dexterous enough to switch chords quickly and stuff, but seriously AC/DC is like the best way to learn the basic chords. If you want to learn, don't let inhibitions stop you, (for lack of a better phrase, and I hate to use this but...YOLO) haha :P
la megor cancion junto a crack adict de limp bizkit
Make your move, Reindeer Games... Iron Man= BEST QUOTES EVERRRR!!!!!
This song is great to play with while your playing a FPS like Call of Duty or Halo....but its great on it own!!!! AC/DC!!!!
You asked: Thumbs ups if Iron Man 2 brought you here ^_^
oh, i thought it was my speakers, i was looking to find out if they fell out or something lol. and that sucks
First of all. The uploader of the video just posted a comment telling you that it was copyright, and 2, I would have to be pretty fucking stupid for you to be smarter then me. 3 for no fucking reason, guess what, MINEisLONGERthanURS!
It plays the song for one sec then self mutes
Hardly, if I was trolling I would be spamming everyone in the comments. 2 I stated: "I would have to be pretty fucking stupid for you to be smarter then me.", that was hardly name calling. Oh yes, what part of "this video was working for about 4 years" do you not understand? A video does not just fuck up during its life here on YT.
and? whats so bad? its pretty good I mean your lucky you didnt have to listen to faggot beiber
Shoot to Thrill, Yeah thats definately Starks Motto
Fuck copyright laws. Don't people have the right to let others listen to music without a contract a mile long?
Just delete it be because you can't even hear it
AC/DC sucks more cock than justin bieber.
For the bagging he gets being compared to Bon, Johnson friggin nails this
Oh, I see where you were heading with that ''upload'' thing...I guess you're right, I've seen people doing it too and it worked for a time...(by that, I mean re-uploading the video in a different way whatsoever)...sorry for the misunderstanding.
Me too, but I love it all. Hard rockin' from start to finish!!!
Iron Man would most definitely be worthy of being one of the 5 best superheroes of all time but #1? I think that spot would be more fitting for either Batman or Superman because Bats is just a man in a costume, with no powers trying to protect his city from a bunch of maniacs while trying to resist becoming one of them. As far as good ol' Supes goes, well, he IS the one who started it all.
I hate when people say they came here because of iron man 2. Most probably came here because like me, I grew up listening to AC/DC and all the other great bands! \m/ 0.0 \m/
"By most definitions, characters do not strictly require actual superhuman powers to be deemed superheroes" The rest of the definition ^^ Another example of "powerless superheroes" are the Watchmen. True, they are a bit...different from the rest but they still are superheroes without powers (except Dr Manhattan). Yet another example, Wizard magazine (a magazine about comic books) ranked Batman as second greatest superhero of all time and Rorschach from Watchmen as #7.
Hey dumbass. He was saying that he listened to AC/DC before the movie Iron Man had an AC/DC song, or before COD featured it. YOU FUCKING MORON.
well fuck ._. and I'm to lazy to putt in my back in black cd D:
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