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Floyd Mayweather Career Tribute (Chapter 1) - GP

by gorillaproductions03 • 654,175 views

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter:!/GPboxing Part One of Floyd Mayweather's career tribute, covering his entire super featherweight career....

feel so fucking bad for pac lol people who don't know boxing don't know lol
the young man has skills to pay his bills.. sure a nice gift to the sport of boxing
Nc video... Now fight Pacquiao...
no way does pacroid have a more impressive highlight of a career!
+Darrell Nepia so barrera morales bradley cotto and hatton ar Were all dehydrated??smh
Are u ever going to make a part two
Manny Pacquiyao will kick his ass!Its obviously that Floyd Mayweather afraids him and always tries to hide.What can be against of this fight as said  Muhhamed Ali? There is no fact(event) when one fighter ran from another one for a long time
+Ulugbek-r Raimberdiev if Mayweather mopped the floor with JMM I don't even wanna see what he would do to Pacquiao juice up ass and you Spelled his name wrong. 
Manny Pacquiyao will kick his ass!Its obviously that Floyd Mayweather afraids him and always tries to hide.What can be against of this fight as said  Muhhamed Ali? There is no fact(event) when one fighter ran from another one for a long time
Rayshawn Jones Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Where is chapter Two ? :((( This is so well made !
Respect for Floyd, the best of this era, no doubt ;)
everyone fucked floyd before he was a household name, no one wnted to behumilated and hit air all night long and get counterd like a bitch and made to be floyds bitch, FLOYDS THE MOST SKILLFULL FIGHTER THERE HAS EVER BEEN PERIOD 
Guys remember to leave a like , ohhhhh only 3 likes ... sad
+McHighCommand * go fuck your dead grandma u fucking cunt 
This is snoopy right snoooop go ahead(texas accent) Gorilla productions you make awesome highlights!
+tyrique brown u said 90s and under and they were not given to floyd u fucking little bum go watch some brawlers u pactard 
+Danny D whatever floats your boat floyd cocksucker
Just amazing work on the video!
name of first soong ???????
People saying Floyd is scared of Manny are just simply haters that want to see Floyd fall, because he talks shit and backs it up with interest Looll.... how is he a coward if he fights Canelo but doesn't fight manny? have you seen the size difference between Manny and Canelo? If pacquiao fought Canelo he would lose and get knocked out, Marquez is better then Pacquiao and Floyd made Marquez look like an amateur.. embarrassed him badly... they just have to accept that floyd jr is the best of this time .. mainly because of his father but he's the fighter so give him his credit 
Gorilla, what's the song @ 5:51
+Justin Ponce  MUSIC USED: - Andare (Ludovico Einaudi) - Diamond (Snatch OST) - Burial On The Presidio Banks (This Will Destroy You) - Apollo 3-1-5 (Gym Class Heroes)
when are you guys doing part 2? great vid though
[now] There is only 1 thing I would have liked to have seen --- CHAPTER TWO !!!! Great Work, GorillaProductions03. Thanks   :-) ps; Is there Any Way you can Silence Larry Merchant's voice in this clip?? -- [irritating]
this is too good... part two please
I bet if Canelo challenged pacquiao, manny would only fight him at 147 lool 
floyd is a coward. keeps on coming up with pathetic excuses to a oid manny. he's just too scared of manny. even his fans know that he's scared. they just don't want to face that fact. i think floyd "all talk pussy" gayweather just wants to date manny. ;-)
I'm a pacman fan , and I disapproves  that, floyd is a great boxer, he got skills, he have the best defense in the current era and he's not coward for the simple reason of his fight against Canelo, it was sure a REALLY REALLY big bet for him and he took it, he beated the shit out of canelo and proved that he's still the champ. 
Chapter 2 is long overdue friend, if you need a donation then send me the info. So many fights have happened since then. BTW.. The Rios vid looks and sounds " money "
man he aint ducking nobody how can he fight a man thats still asleep since december
Did you see the fight? I bet you did. No do to your words as you do to Mayweathers jizz and eat them.
You mean like when Mosley turned him down in 1999? And again in 2006 because he had a "toothache"? LOL. Or do you mean when he agreed to all three of Pacquiao's demands in late 2009 (18 foot ring, 8 ounce Reyes gloves, and a $1 million per pound penalty) AND offered a 50/50 split of all revenue, but Pac said no because of Floyd's ONE demand that they be drug tested? Or when Bob Arum said Mayweather was totally out of the question for Cotto in 2005? Inform yourself before commenting.
Most haters that know what they're talking about won't say that Mayweather only fights bums. Mayweather fights bums and "superstars" the problem is that he avoids fighting these superstars when they're in their prime. Mayweather avoids them like a plague all in the name of his 0. When was the last time Mayweather went up against a superstar in his prime? Yeah, I can't remember either.
nope.... but undefeated and great aint a bad combo ;)
Best fighter ever!Hate him or love him ;)
He said one athlete right now as in when he made that statement making your whole paragraph irrelevant.
Have you not watched Pacquiao's last THREE FIGHTS IN A ROW? Lol. Best fighter in the world eh? Good one.
Pac finally agreed to the blood testing, then May wanted to take a ridiculous 60% of the payout even though Pac was just as big a superstar as he was at the time. Pac might have agreed to that and then May wanted to make it at a weight that was a complete disadvantage to Pac. I might have mixed the chronological order of the occurrences but the point is that Mayweather has shown to just make excuse after excuse to avoid a major risk of his 0. Keep riding his big black dick faggot. 2
Of course you can't lose, cause you've been dodging and weaving and running.
Stupid ass motherfucker, Floyd haters always make me chuckle. 1: Blood testing from USADA is no handicap when BOTH fighters go through the same test, so nor Manny or Floyd would have been effected differently. 2: Canelo will soon be moving up to MW as he is becoming bigger and stronger so Mayweather made the fight asap. 3: Canelo is a seasoned fighter that has never lost with 43 pro fights, so you can not say he is not a man yet when hes been fucking guys up since he was 15. stop with the excues
i agree,, the media hyped the fight up to generate revenue,, it would actually be a shit fight imo,, bring on alvarez i say
Why is it Floyd is still the best at 36 and Manny is washed up? Skill thats why like i said before, Floyds skill level and ability is second to non, no one in this era compares to him. And just letting you know its their*
To get to the top of the sport he had to fight the best in each division you absolute idiot! Why is it all these fights were made so easy? Why is it that Floyd offered Manny (guessing your referring to the Manny fight not happening) on May 5th at the MGM and the fight didnt happen? Floyd ducking? Idiot there is clearly problems with Bob Arum both fighters wanted to fight. And also realize that Floyds skill level and ability is second to non this era, not even Manny is good enough. Learn somethin
My guess is that he will fight Pacman in one of his next 2 fights I think he is going to win and if he does, it will definitely rank him as one of the greatest, if not the greatest boxer that has ever lived. Simply noone has done what he has and he deserves all the credit he can get.
you forget 1 major thing,,,,,DE LE HOYA OUTWEIGHT HIM BY ABOUT 20 POUNDS ON FIGHT NIGHT,,,,,no wonder it was close,,,,,that was mayweathers first fight at the 154 pound division and hes not even a big welterweight,,,,I PERSANLLY THINK HE BEATS SUGAR RAY LEANARD,,,,mayweather is the best boxer on earth
Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis were both great fighters who have been knocked out during their careers I guess it was because they "stopped taking roids" you fucking shit-for-brains, dumb-fuck.
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pacquiao backed out of the fight for not wanting to take a blood test. floyd may not have any knockout power at this weight (154), but he demolished the best out at 130-140. and even at 147-154 he has outclassed nearly everyone he's fought. it might've been different a few years ago, but pacquiao cannot be considered best p4p anymore. as much respect as i have for pacquiao, mayweather would win an easy decision, maybe even a late round stoppage over pacquiao right now
r u butt hurt that pac got raped by a 39 yr old grandad, btw pac is irrelavant as of right now, the dream fight is mayweather vs martinez
Does any 1 Knows The 1st Song Called ???
fighting floyd mayweather is a dose of cold reality 44-0 still the best
floyd mayweather thats boxing and entertainment
thats it brother,,,,,,people like us no what boxing is about,,,,these so called bandwagon fans dont no shit,,,,the beauty of a defensive fighter to me is just as exciting as a offensive fighter,,,,making a guy miss each shot and countering his ass all night using up very little energy is what boxing is all about,,
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That's exactly right. All these fighters study Floyd.
whats the 3rd and 4th song called please
It is official guys, Canelo Alvarez vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. on the 14 of september. Anyone else want to pay showtime to watch Alvarez get massacred?
Good Shi* GP: from the Fighting sequences, too the juicy intro commentary, to the variety of music mixes, to the spotless transitions. You should be working for ESPN or starting your own major production company. This is nice dawg.
This is what happens when culture gets involved in sports. People get too blind and stop watching the specific styles. Manny Pacquiao is a strong, vicious fighter. But he leaves himself exposed way too often, is very frequently off balance with his left cross, and from what I've seen, doesn't have much of a chin. Floyd Mayweather, although not extremely exciting offensively, has the best defense I've ever seen in the ring and would exploit the living shit out of Manny's carelessness.
The most technically-gifted boxer of all time.
The fighter with the highest punch connect rating in the history of the sport does nothing but run? How does one "run" whilst punching the shit out of an opponent? Please explain that to me.
Floyd was superb against Hernandez and Corrales though.and Corrales was undefeated and rolling people up back then.That's the Floyd Mayweather Jr I wish was still around,The Pretty Boy Jr before he became Mo Money Jr
when r u gonna make a chapter 2 n make that shit hard!
I agree that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the greatest Welterweight in the world right now. I just think he just needs to prove it. Sugar Ray Robinson sure didn't dodge any of his contenders over disputes. That made him the greatest, even at Middleweight, despite losing some and avenging some. Fighting Pacquiao is all he needs to do before retiring in order to surpass Ray Robinson. and then some. Let's just see it.
He doesn't fight the best?. Really?. Who else was he susspossed to fight! He fought De La hoya when oscar was at his best...and let Oscar call all the shots and he STILL beat oscar!, He fought a Undefeated prime ricky hatton and knocked him out stepping BACKWARDS, Next on the List was a impressive Marquez who not mention Floyd came back from a 2 year LAYOFF, Floyd Dominiates and Whoop's Marquez in a masterful performance! Who does that!?!? especially to Marquez!...The list goes on and On!.
Such childish arguements..Both Pacquiao & Mayweather gonna inspire millions from now on.They already have.There wont be another Pacquiao & Mayweather !
calzaghe not a big name ? please your not talking about the two weight world champion ? the guy that beat kessler, jones jr , hopkins and chris eubank ? you know shit about boxing
shit for brains..thats all you can come with; you reprobate pactard..
lol you do know Floyd has 20+ KO's on his resume right lol.....
SO you saying me that if you have 43-0 record beating little guys and his wife..that is greatt??...
After his next 6 fights in 30 months when he retires
i think Money should be inducted into the BHOF right now...very very talented guy P4P King!!!!!
Lol you do know about half of those Chavez wins came against taxi drivers in obscure arenas in Mexico, don't you? They were such nobodies that the fights weren't even deemed worthy to be TELEVISED lol. And fyi, Guerrero is the #3 welterweight in the world after only Mayweather and Marquez. He is also the MANDATORY challenger for Mayweather's WBC belt. Google is your friend!
pactard..hes still sleep..thats what happens when you stop taking roids..
please give it up he is a big name and he lost to hopkins ? , Has he got a zero by hes loses, and did he retire undefeated ? ,answer the question!, did he not beat everyone put in front of him ? , did he ranked 3rd in the p4p ranking by ring magazine ? , he was not a big draw in states yes , but he beat everyone infront of him hes not an exciting fighter no hes a boxer thats why he wins hes a big name, big ppv numbers dont mean anything ? its all about who you beat and if your a world champion
The greatest boxer of this generation!<3
I think Canelo will be the biggest challenge Floyd has had in awhile. He is young, hungry and strong, and Floyd gave up 5 lbs. I am rooting for Floyd but I think Canelo is a viable threat and if the odds are 4-1 in Floyd's favor I would be willing to bet on Canelo.
part 2 coming out when mayweather retire from his next 6 fight.
It's all about marketing, a ploy. Look at Andre Ward, he's on top of his game too, and has a nice guy personality but nobody talks about him and his ppv is lower than floyd's. people are drawn to people with floyds attitude believe it or not its what sells.
i myself also like to see part2
One reason hes the best is because almost every punch he throws LANDS
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still waiting for chapter 2...
So Canelo's not a risk? Mexisio22 it seems like you're dumb ass is already thinking that Canelo aint a threat
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Chavez fought ANYONE that was put in front of him. The point is that IGNORANT ASS, floyd mayweather, questions who has ever dominated the sport of boxing for 16 years straight without a loss? THAT IS CHAVEZ SENIOR... its funny how you mention fighting BUMS. Mayweather has always fought BUMS AND STILL IS! IT IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS! THERE IS A REASON FLOYD MAYWEATHER HAS SO MANY HATERS!
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