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NBA: Grading LeBron's performance against Bulls

by ESPN Player • 48,716 views

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless have two very different opinions on LeBron James' performance in the Heat win over the Bulls. Watch more videos like this at

I would so like to see LBJ vs Skip..... Blood bath coming....
This dude had 35 pts and these mans are being critical.. give me a break
+James Duffy you're on my comment telling me to get outta here! getting angry!!!! please stop crying!
+James Duffy Oh yeah you've been spouting "facts", that are irrelevant to this video and my comment! lmfao! dude doesn't know between fact and opinion. keep crying over another man's opinion though, you talk like a retard too, barely understood your last comment. hold this L and keep cryin over my opinion boy! blocked your dumbass so, i "win". :) Hope that infuriates you, idiot.
Skip is such a hater!! a fucking C? WTF LMAO!!! 35pts 11 reb 5ast
Skip still has Jordans dick in his mouth. Lebron could win 10 championships and he still would be inferior to MJ.
+Jack J personally i think MJ is better then lebron but i think lebron is the MJ of his Generation minus the rings of course 
Staggers me that "Skip Cluelass" isn't laughed off the show with his ignorance, lol.
I only say he's not as great as he claims to be because you have to win to be the greatest, if he wins this year, then i can finnally shut up about his lack of winning and enjoy his greatness. Dude has a chance to be the greatest to ever play the game, just needs to pick up that killer instinct that the greats have.
yeah i bet they would have lost to the bulls who DESTROYED the heat WITHOUT ROSE. The celtics couldnt even finish the heat...On top of the fact that majority of them were injured. And thats where LeBrons cheap ass shortcut comes in. He got a ring playing half a season, With the bulls injured, and with the celtics injured.
Do you know the story behind that? I'm guessing you don't. The year before when he was in a basketball camp which was one of the greatest coaches camp (forgot which coach, there is a video on YT where he explains what happened) he won MVP. The video is: 'Skip Bayless vs Jalen Rose - heated debate - and Stephen A Smith.' It's unfortunate how his basketball career ended, terrible coach to put him in that position.
And your trying to compare popularity of a 4th year player to ppl who have 9 years and 16 years experience, not sure how that works.
Now your just making excuses....actually you know what...i would even bet that LeBron even before his first NBA game, was way more popular than Rose...
Brian Scalibrine: YO, dont forget about me.
I guess that only one player can even get a C+ since only one player can really "close".
So ultimately what your saying is they had to put a 6'9 250 pound SF who can guard Bigs, on a PG to guard him, That alone says Rose is good. Contradict yourself much? LOL Thats like putting Michael Jordan on John Stockton lets be serious... That clearly shows your team is SCARED. Where were all the bulls fans before Michael Jordan got drafted to them? Lets not go there please. Your stupid
umm...iverson brought his team single handedly to the finals in 2001 and there are many other players also...BTW OBVIOUSLY HE DIDNT CLOSE THE GAMES ENOUGH IF HE STILL DOESNT HAVE A FUCKING RING SMART ASS...GET YUR FACTS STRAIGHT AND TALK TO ME WHEN HE GETS SOME JEWELRY
when will Stephen finally fight Skip ???
this guys a joke C for lebron?
Swept? LOL. Funniest thing i've heard on Youtube yet. You don't know Basketball there is no reason to continue this. Heat wouldn't have even made it to the Finals if the Bulls met them in the ECF they could barely beat the old ass Celtics. Hell they couldn't even beat the Bulls WITHOUT DRose this season. They got a free pass, everyone knows it.
yea that's the problem Lebron can't take it all the way.
ok then i guess he'll be the greatest talented player in the NBA...but wont be in the top 5 or even 10 greatest players to ever play the game....EVENTHOUGH WHAT REALLY MATTERS IS THE FUCKIN RING...NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT MVP'S THERE JUST A STUPID AWARD...WHAT GOOD IS IT UNLESS YOU CLOSE THE DEAL AND WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP ...AND A RING DOES DEFINE A CAREER STUPID...STATS DONT MATTER..PERIOD
101 pts 56 rebs 31 ast Skip: I'll be nice, and say this game was D-, but that's extremely nice.
I like how when Skip says "objectivity" he smiles @ 4:29 which is a non-verbal sign that he's lying.... another reason of why i thin Skip's persona s all an act.... anyone who believes him is a sheep
r u stupid? did u not see the Boston series? KG was playing like he was 25..rondo was being the best pg in the nba at the time by putting up crazy numbers. The Bulls would have gotten beat even if they faced the way that Bulls team with a healthy Rose could of given the Heat more trouble than the Thunder or that Boston team
u said rose is a choker?????????? srdkbhnpisjbirsnkgvnsilrengpeoingr stop watching basketball im fucking done DONE I TELL YOU
Destroy? DRose outscored and out assisted him in the series bro just so you know. Bosh was playing unreal in that series, and the Boozer sucks, that's why the Heat won.
he's not in the top 5 well how come karl malone is the best power forward to ever play the game without a this conversation is over cause your lack of NBA knowledge is asinine
stats dont matter if u cant close a game and get the W, which he didnt do in finals last year
No he's great, i know he's great, he has a chance to be the greatest to ever play. He just needs to learn how to win. I'm just saying i think he's arrogant as fuck if he's gonna call himself the King when he hasn't even got a ring and completely dissappears both times he gets to the Finals. And everyone always brings up the oh you jealous cause he makes more money then you, no i could give 2 shits less. Just giving my opinion.
In their careers on "clutch shots"(shots taken with less than 24 seconds&your team up/down by 1 or 2 points)Lebron is 23-69(33.3%)&Rose is 8-32(25%)You wana explain how You think 8 is more than 23?If you wana back up ur boy,dont make shit up and look like a moron,I will call you out on it.Thats something Kobe fans do. Westbrook is a better slashing PG,best person that can change directions in mid air? That dont make sense.Last time he was in mid air he tore his ACL,settle down,ur overhyping him
LMFAO you bulls fan. Youre a bust, you guys never was, 2 seasons top seed and couldnt get to the Finals. Remember 2011 losing 4-1 after sweeping the Heat in the season? Yea Heat wouldve beat the crap outta Bulls again. But Bulls aint going no where and never will. B-U-S-T Celtics are Heat's rivals not the overrated Chicago Bulls. Heat are going to win next year too so get use to it
Skip is shit, One biased ass man
Lol that's why his jersey sells more then LBJ and Kobe's because he's only a star... great logic bro. He's just as popular as both them dudes what are you talking about, he may not be as good but he is definetely just as popular.
he gets a C he didnt close n he missed last minute freethrows...skip right ya jst on the lebron balls like nba 2k12 smh
I can't understand how you can even rip on D Rose.. the dude is a fucking machine night in and night out the way he drives and puts his body on the line for the Bulls. On top of the that he's the most humble superstar i've ever seen in any sport.
Im sorry your pea sized brain didnt understand what i was saying....hes the only sports person i know that has referred to/called himself a superstar. And hes wrong hes no superstar...your a superstar when people outside of the sport you play in know you. Lebron and Kobe people who dont watch any basketball know them but you mention Rose and they will say, "Who?!"
he was on a championship team and his coach hated him and scared him. he was still very good
wth! skip bayless penalise lebron more than he should cause he expected alot more from him. 3 or 4 bad shots and he got a C??? he obviously forgot about that 35 pt and 11 reb . lebron is playing good fourth quarter this season and skip will most probably shut up if lebron is able to take it all the way
If you're saying that Rose is more clutch than Lebron, then you prove you know nothing about basketball. Lebron himself put up one of the most clutch playoff performances against the Bulls, in Game 5 of the 2011 ECF. Rose meanwhile was missing freethrows and choked worse than Lisa Ann. I believe Rose is OVERRATED and Westbrook is better than him. But of course you're just reply back yelling and crying about how Rose is the best...... Actually, you're wrong too. Rose tore his ACL when he landed.
35 pts 11 reb. 5 ass? how is that not good? what else do u want?
Dude wins MVP, then he gets injured and his team wins the #1 seed EASILY. Valid facts? Have you been watching the 2012 NBA playoffs? Game 4 vsIndiana, game 6 and 7 vs boston, games 2,3,4 vs OKC...Like you said, clutch isn't just defined by the last seconds. Derrick Rose chokes under pressure. Everyone knows that. It's the only thing I ever agree on with Skip Bayless.
Did u listen to Skip's story? During his senior year in high school,his coach refrained him from shooting,and ordered him to pass the ball to the low post. He said it himself,that he was a three point shooter before the three point line was even there. Also,his coach brought his own son to the team as the point guard so Skip eventually did not get too much playing time. I for one think thats why he criticize Russell Westbrook.
lmfao @ skip and jay laughing at stephen about being sick
@ luuhoangduc1 jst shut up there all analysts...n this comes on in the morning u jackasss.. what nba game comes on at 10 am ??
Coming from the guy who thinks Tebow is absolutely freaking amazing...
@ImYourHeroBro Kobe's not MJ, that's biologically impossible, therefore your comment is stupid.
haha i meant skip is hating james because he can't finish a ball game.
Just as popular? Get serious...LeBron is known world wide and same for Kobe. Lebron was on Forbes top 20 influential people and kobe top 30. Rose is just known in the United States to only basketball fans! People who dont watch sports u ask them if u know Rose and they will say ask them kobe or lebron and they will say yeah i heard of them or know them.
Different teams different years man, this Bulls team was better
did you say bosh and wade did more then lebron?? bosh put in the work and lebron carried that team past the bulls hes the one who made us go to the finals the way he closed on the bulls in the final 2 minutes was amazing. we clearly beat them last year we probably would have swept them this year
he suffered a torn acl in his junior year and barely recovered from that during his senior year..he wasnt skip bayless...he was "crip bayless" and thats why the coaches didnt play him lol
HAHAHHAHAHHAHHAH this guy sucks himself and goes hating on a superstar like Lbj
First of all you lost that bet. secondly until Rose gets a ring like LeBron James, you don't dare compare him to LeBron James. Last but not least, Derek Rose is the ringless clown, not LeBron ..
So I guess Dan Marino being a huge star an not winning anything makes him not great? Also you do realize that people put that name on him, and when you become a brand you stick to a brand, so being called king james must be stupid to you since he is making more money in a lifetime then you will, Also what makes you think lebron doesnt feel the same way about winning or stats, show me that prove you have, just because rose said it doesnt mean lebron doesnt have that mindset
a guess lebron has to score 50-20-20 to get A- for skip.
he always destroys him no matter how gd lebron performs. fucking irritating
skip hates lebron even when he gets triple doubles lol
NBA players with atleast 375 clutch shot attempts. Rose is 168-401(41.9%) No matter how you look at it Lebron is more clutch than Rose is. People wana hate on him for what happend vs DAL but fail to remember hes been a damn good clutch player over his career. During clutch time he also shoots a better 3 point % and has 79 assists compared to Roses' 23 assists. I hope that clarified any arguement you had saying Rose was better during the clutch. Sit down fanboy.
Did i say that once in that entire paragraph? No. Can you read?
Oh & by the way, it does matter if he's known world wide because that's the definition of a super star jackass. If he's not known world wide then it simply means he's just a local. there's a reason why LeBron had fame since high school. Because he was that damn good even in his high school days. I rest my case ..
I seriously can't believe this dude is still working for ESPN...Who else can be this pathetic and still collect a check.
If he does that in an NBA finals game 7 and botches the final shot and lose another opportunity, I'd say thats a fair assessment.
yea so what???...THATS HIS JOB AS AN NBA DEBATOR.....ESPN pays him to argue and share his opinions with us. Stephen A smith never wasnt at anybodys level either and he still criticizes players all the time and he GETS PAYED TO DO SO LIKE ALL THE OTHER ESPN ANALYSTS (Magic Johnson, Chris brousard, John barry, Mike Wilbon, etc) its there JOB...if u dont like their opinions then dont watch them...CASE CLOSED
Lebron can get all the stats he wants, but he's not even top 5 right now, or top 10 all-time until he gets a championship.
Lebron can score as much as he want and he still would be a all time loser of the game !!!
skip bayless can talk shit but he has no right to talk about these kind of things, he didn't play in the NBA, he didnt play in NFL so what does he think he doing? sum1 must give him a fucking slap in the face twice, once for being him, twice for being gay...
finally somebody feels how i feel about the bulls and their fans
ummm....i know. stats can matter to the game of basketball while a lot of other factors are involved. me saying basketball is more than stats isnt discounting stats, but people think that since lebron gets better stats than kobe, it means he's better. that's called being narrow minded.
Actually I don't get it. But that's probably because I'm speaking English, and you're not.
yeeah because lebron didnt destroy a perfectly healty derrick rose last year right?
What it is Skip cannot handle with anyone being in contention to being compared to Michael Jordan. Kobe is at the end of his career now and we see he isn't better than Jordan. Wade with all his injuries won't be considered better than Jordan either. However, LeBron has the talent to surpass MJ if he can raise his mental toughness. Rose has the potential to give Bulls fans what only MJ has given them: multiple rings. Skip is just a die-hard MJ fan and doesn't want any player to come close to him.
Skip's boyfriend gave him a C- in the bedroom.
Destroyed the Heat? In a regular season game....Your argument just collapsed. LeBron's cheap ass shortcut? He carried the Heat to the Finals. The Bulls would not get past the Celtics or Heat in my opinion. They're done as a team. They've lost a ton of depth in the offseason, and Rose might not return till January. I don't see them making the Finals next year. Celtics and Heat are the only real contenders.
when someones scores 35 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists then the grading needs to be higher then a C!!!
with all the criticism skip gives lebron, lebron hasnt responded to any of it because he knows the show is fixed. People call skip funny, they dont call him an analyst. they call him funny. if i was skip i would take being called funny an insult, because people are clearly saying you lack the knowledge
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